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This world premiere comedy offers an up-close, creepily absurd behind-the-scenes look into Trump's daily life. Never before seen outtakes invented from a sad overblown life.

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Imagine flipping wildly through the channels of Trump's life as if it were a crazy reality show. One minute he's putting Barron to bed, reading him from his favorite book 'The Art of the Deal.' Next, we get a behind the scenes look as Trump makes love to Melania while getting ready to perform his HBO special, 'Without Precedent.' Flip again and you have an impromptu meeting with Steve Bannon in the men's room; or a seder with Ivanka and Jared at Mar-a-Lago; not to mention a touching reunion with his dead dad in full KKK regalia. The invented scenarios are simultaneously sad, comic, and absurd, but most of all, surprisingly relatable. By filtering out the political noise and static, 'Transparent Falsehood' aims to distill Trump to some distinct essence, something that can be better understood if not contained.

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