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The Shelter presents Meghan E. Jones' new play which explores the concept of "female hysteria" through traditional theatrics and devised movement work.

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Theater In The Now
November 16th, 2015

"'Trapper' is an interesting story of morality, image and the way society treats people via words on social media. Jones’ play is an important story. But important doesn't always translate to perfect. While it leans a bit closer to the positive overall, the negative does weigh it down...'Trapper' is a play that in a few drafts from now can be extremely significant."
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November 10th, 2015

"'Trapper' is not the sort of play we get to see on stage very often. And that's a shame, because Jones' delightfully witty dialogue and engaging cast of characters serve as the perfect backdrop for discussing some of the most difficult issues of contemporary culture...A gripping, contemporary story with a diverse cast of intriguing characters, Jones' play is as entertaining as it is genuinely discomfiting to anyone who struggles to keep it all under control in an unsatisfying job or relationship."
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