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What We Cannot Forgive

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Members say: Relevant, Great acting, Absorbing, Disappointing, Ambitious

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This new play explores three generations dancing with the effects of addiction. Dr. Harold Wise stops drinking after over 25 years and discovers the past is not easy to forgive. More…

Dr. Wise's son still recalls every smack, unkind remark, and bad feeling his parent's addiction created. Can he learn to forgive his father?

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Relevant, Great acting, Absorbing, Disappointing, Ambitious
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Somewhat banal and cliched, Slow, Quirky, Disappointing, Relevant

See it if you are up for the horrible affect of drug and alcohol abuse on a family - good, young actor in first role, good points on rights/tolerance.

Don't see it if you want a flawless production - acting is uneven, set and prop problems, script is long and lumpy, pauses interrupt flow. Long first act.

Personal storytelling, Devastating disease, Addiction and alcoholism

See it if Jumping from house to house and year to year in a multigenerational addict alcoholic family.

Don't see it if You’d rather not see the devastation caused by drugs and alcohol acted out on stage.

Long, Disappointing, Cliched, Sophomoric writing, Confusing

See it if you are a friend of the cast. The cast tried their best with this confusing, sophomoric book, which feels written by a teenager.

Don't see it if you want a coherent, intelligent story about alcoholism and physical abuse. This is NOT it.

Also I'm a fan of 13 St Rep and they put on good quality productions, but t... Read more Read less

Relevant, Great acting, Banal

See it if Effects of addition on a family

Don't see it if sad endings.

Just ok everything

See it if You don’t mind spotty acting and writing. Sometimes good sometimes not so good

Don't see it if You Require Consistent acting and writing.

Also Needs work both writing and acting.

Great acting, Confusing, Relevant

See it if You are interested in the effects of addiction on intergenerational family life

Don't see it if You do not like non linear plays. You prefer totally happy endings

Also Some of the acting was a little uneven but the actors were given a ver... Read more Read less

Great acting, Banal, Ambitious, Absorbing

See it if You like plays that deal with family situations and problems. Also if you enjoy a no frills type of show with great acting.

Don't see it if You would rather see a play with a lighter subject matter. Also if you are not comfortable seeing a show that deals with addiction issues.

Intense, Clever, Absorbing

See it if The cast as alcoholics were spot on. The son did an excellent job. Smart set design. Reminiscent of most alcoholic genes. I enjoyed it.

Don't see it if You dont like addiction portrayals or small venues. There were many pauses with actors off stage.

Relevant, Disappointing, Ambitious

See it if You like non-linear plays that deal with addiction's pain downstream, inter-generationally.

Don't see it if You don't like non-linear plays. You want something light and fluffy. You enjoy good dialogue.

Also I wanted to like this play, as I thought the topic was interesting, bu... Read more Read less

Relevant, Intense, Excruciating, Great acting

See it if You want To learn about addiction

Don't see it if If you are in early recovery or are depressed

Topical, Edgy, Absorbing

See it if you like family dramas and if the subject of addition and how it effects the lives of family members, especially children, is of interest.

Don't see it if You are not interested in the subject of addition or you prefer lighter theater experiences.

Thought-provoking, Relevant

See it if You don’t mind a play that shows how addiction destroys the dynamics of family.

Don't see it if If you can’t handle in your face the reality of what addiction can do to your family and your life.

Cliched, Dizzying, Dated

See it if If you want to listen to yelling and Terrible dialog

Don't see it if If you find terrible scripts unbearable

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