Where Did We Sit on the Bus
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Where Did We Sit on the Bus

Where Did We Sit on the Bus NYC Reviews and Tickets

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Relevant, Absorbing, Entertaining, Funny, Clever

About the Show

Ensemble Studio Theatre and The Radio Drama Network present Brian Quijada's autobiographical solo show about what it means to be Latino through the eyes of a child, turned teenager, turned adult.

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131 Reviews | 33 Followers
Absorbing, Great acting, Intelligent, Intense, Original

See it if you are capable of opening your mind to a new kind of performance style. Beautifully executed storytelling!

Don't see it if you do not enjoy storytelling or autobiographical pieces. But if you don't - you are missing out.

131 Reviews | 45 Followers
Delightful, Entertaining, Funny, Resonant, Thought-provoking

See it if / Quijada is charming as all get-out; this coming-of-age and identity play ultimately about immigration and hope is extremely satisfying.

Don't see it if you don't like solo shows, or might be in the mood for something flashy and "big."

68 Reviews | 16 Followers
Clever, Absorbing, Thought-provoking, Great writing, Refreshing

See it if you enjoy theater that makes you think...you love when experimental theater goes right.

Don't see it if you need more than one person on stage to understand a story...yeah that's about it. It's amazing!

297 Reviews | 77 Followers
Great writing, Intelligent, Relevant, Resonant, Must see

See it if you're ok w/one-man shows. B Quijada is amazing. Non-stop monologue singing dancing rapping. We were drained (happily), & we wanted more!

Don't see it if the NYC latino experience is of zero interest to you. The show MUST come back & deserves a larger house. NO INTERMISSION, but I got over it.

126 Reviews | 36 Followers
Thought-provoking, Relevant, Original, Entertaining, Great music & dance

See it if In a dazzling one-man show, young multi-talented Brian Quijada comes to terms with the multi-cultural forces that forged his identity.

Don't see it if ... you like diatribes against the status quo. This is about discovering possibility in America's volatile cultural cross-currents.

118 Reviews | 27 Followers
Masterful, Entertaining, Delightful, Clever, Great singing/dancing/acting/looping

See it if you're a fan of expertly executed autobiographical shows; if you want to see a major rising talent; if you're interested in latinx drama

Don't see it if you can't with solo shows, no matter how charismatic, compelling, relevant and beautifully executed

735 Reviews | 162 Followers
Absorbing, Clever, Intelligent, Relevant, Funny

See it if you like one person shows, loud hip hop music and a deeply personal story about growing up Latino in a culture in which you felt different

Don't see it if Personal stories don't entertain you, you expect more drama and travail in a one person play, cultural differences don't interest you Read more

688 Reviews | 115 Followers
Great acting, Funny, Relevant, Disappointing

See it if Not bothered by solo shows; terrifically talented Quijada constantly engages our emotions but misses many thoughtful analyses

Don't see it if Expecting an overt political statement; have problems with autobiographical and at times sentimental material

Critic Reviews (13)

The New York Times
September 20th, 2016

"Engaging and obliging...Though the show begins as an exploration of his place as a kid of 'brown persuasion/a product of U.S.-bound migration,' it morphs into Mr. Quijada’s efforts to sell his folks on a career in the arts...Mr. Quijada seems half desperate to please his audience. His face, an appealing mix of handsome and goofy, is always ready to split into a smile, and his feet are quick to dance...Ultimately, the show doesn't offer much drama or conflict."
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Time Out New York
September 20th, 2016

"It's clear that the young Quijada is something special. He's just playing it too safe...Aside from the title query, the performer eschews uncomfortable questions...These subjects come up...But they're not explored in any depth. Quijada quickly moves on to the next beat, not wanting to ruin the rhythm of our good time. And it is a good time that spotlights his many skills...I'd definitely hear his song again, I just hope next time it will be less familiar."
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September 19th, 2016

"While issues of race and identity run throughout the play, they are only a small part of a muddled whole. Quijada clearly has an expansive range of interests (dance, music, ethnicity, family), but none of them quite feel like the crux of the show. Luckily, Quijada compensates for this lack of focus with his unique intensity as a performer...While the title may be a bit misleading, there is still much to enjoy in this artfully crafted memoir from an undeniably gifted storyteller."
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Lighting & Sound America
September 29th, 2016

"What starts out to be a breezily amusing, if derivative, evening quickly acquires a distinctive voice of its own, as Quijada -an appealing presence with crack comic timing- skillfully mines his early years for laughs...Under the direction of Chay Yew, human talent and modern technology combine to singular effect...This new offering only confirms that Quijada is a bright talent, both as a writer and actor, with a distinctive view of this immigrant country of ours."
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The Huffington Post
October 4th, 2016

"The piece is brilliant. Drawing on his many skills, Quijada begins with prenatal silent happiness in the womb...and then fills in just about everything he did as he grew up to deny his father's wishes and became the accomplished playwright-actor he ineluctably proves to be...Perhaps Quijada's most compelling element is his humanity...Anyone reaching the denouement without feeling an emotional tug might want to do some serious psychic introspection."
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Times Square Chronicles
September 20th, 2016

"This remarkably talented 27-year-old writer-actor-dancer-musician-sound master is sure to become a star...This is one dynamic bundle of energy...Mr Quijada dazzles in his 90-minute work, which incorporates Latin rhythms, hip-hop, spoken word, theater, identity, immigration, beat boxing and so much more...Chay Yew’s direction is perfect for this hyperkinetic performer, who is sure to win several awards and become as big as Miranda and Leguizamo."
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Theater In The Now
October 12th, 2016

"Quijada was engaging, shining brightest through his musicianship. He possesses a skill that many have: actually being a multi-faceted performer. Unfortunately, his skill set didn’t translate into the writing. Quijada’s text lacks bearing...Despite an OK script, 'Where Did We Sit On the Bus?' is a great production...For a solo show, the technical advancements were mesmerizing. Director Chay Yew tightly choreographed the piece, moving Quijada fluidly through the space and the stories."
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September 24th, 2016

"Quijada is a vivacious talent…But the show is called, ‘Where Did We Sit on the Bus?’…Before the civil rights movement, black people sat in the back of the bus…But where were Latinos?...A show exploring that question is something I'd really like to see. Quijada doesn't do that, focusing on autobiography…It seems a particularly tone-deaf dispatch in our current, racially-charged political moment. And surprisingly shallow for a performer who clearly has sparkling depths."
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