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Wood Calls Out to Wood

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The Tank presents this experimental adaptation of Hieronymus Bosch's 15th century triptych 'The Garden of Earthly Delights,' a painting presented as a play, a landscape turned into a soundscape. More…

Written in language that is both precise and deeply silly, the play experiments with the possibilities of combination--of single syllables combining to make words and single people combining to make couples. At first, the audience encounters it as they would a picture hanging on a distant wall, in large swaths of color and pattern. When taking a closer look, however, strange Boschian beings begin to emerge: Two horses in a neigh-scent relationship, a vacant treehouse in need of a tenant, and a human with a grape for a head.

0h 50m | Already closed | The Tank (Midtown W)

Stage Buddy

“The script has a breathing pattern that is remarkably chill and thoughtful, easy to follow yet constantly reinventing...Donly’s language, imagery, and ideas are far more sophisticated than whatever summary I could ever approach...Hughes' sensitive production of them just hits every note right...It is so wonderful how this piece can live so peacefully yet have such charged dimensions...It is a script of wonder, so wonder with it...A production of detail, empathy, and intelligence." Full Review

Theatre is Easy

"'Wood' is an ode to the earth, for it imitates our bizarre and incredible spinning world in every way: its capacity to make sense out of every impossible phenomenon, its habit of simultaneously disrupting and mending, and most importantly, its apparent imperfection...The play is at ease with its imperfection. It’s not cut out to be a single narrative, but rather a springboard for each audience member to discover their own interpretation." Full Review

Carole Di Tosti

"The often poetic dialogue and nonsensical ramblings of the characters inspired by a few figures in Bosch’s work kept one interested by its sheer dense ridiculousness...'Wood Calling Out to Wood' exists as an exercise. It is an exercise in the fun, lively, innovative, experimental, weird, often incompletely executed extrapolation of the three panels because that is what it is attempting. In the attempt it becomes the esoteric for esoteric’s sake." Full Review

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