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Zamboni Godot

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Theater of the Apes presents a raucous midlife meditation on the comedy of existence, the hell of long-term relationships, and Samuel Beckett's tragicomedy 'Waiting for Godot.' More…

Didi (neé Denise) and Gogo bide their time in 21 infernal landscapes ranging from the DMV to the ER, surrounded by equally isolated middle-aged women, yearning for a message from Godot to give them a sense of purpose. Will he ever reach out, or is he merely a convenient excuse that keeps them together while holding them back? Running in repertory with 'Lunchtime.'

1h 20m | Already closed | The Brick (Brooklyn)

Theater In The Now

“The author’s experience as a New York Neo-Futurist shines through in the snappy dialogue...64 years after the premiere of Beckett’s play, life is full of time-saving devices. Yet, 'Zamboni Godot' shows that more and more often, with globalization and interconnectedness, waiting is the entire narrative...Congratulations to this fine show and to the Zamboner chorus…I found the whole show to be as entertaining as it was compassionate.” Full Review

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