The Legends of Them
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The Legends of Them

The Legends of Them London Reviews and Tickets

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About the Show

The world premiere of Sutara Gayle's drama following a woman confronting her past.

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Critic Reviews (3)

The Stage (UK)
September 20th, 2023

“This is theatre so agonisingly true that it takes your heart and twists it.”
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All That Dazzles (UK)
September 21st, 2023

“It might be challenging for someone like me, who has limited reggae music and DJ exposure, limited connection to Brixton or Jamaica, and no meaningful self-identified connection to spirituality, to identify with a lot of the themes explored by Satara Gayle and her co-creator, Nina Lyndon, in 'The Legends of Them.' It is testament to both artists that they have created a piece of art which is not only effective in its portrayal of one person’s incredible life, but that it is fully accessible. More than that – it encourages its audience to open their minds and perhaps even ignite their own musical or spiritual awakening.”
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Everything Theatre (UK)
September 22nd, 2023

“In essence The Legends of Them is a one-woman autobiographical depiction, but that doesn’t quite encapsulate the experience of the show...Much like Sutara’s journey, this production lends itself to be ever-evolving, which is quite exciting.”
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