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Escape to Margaritaville

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This new musical comedy getaway features both original songs and beloved Jimmy Buffett classics, including “Come Monday,” “Volcano,” “Cheeseburger in Paradise,” and many more. More…

Plan your escape to the new musical about the choices we make—and the people we become—once we’ve had a change in latitude. Imagine a place where the sun is hot, the water’s warm, and the drinks are as cold as they are plentiful. Welcome to Margaritaville, the island paradise where city folk get away from it all, and the locals get into the kind of trouble you can almost always sweet talk your way out of. Take a break from your troubles, make some new friends at the bar, and kick back to the soothing sounds of the kettledrum. It doesn’t get much better than this. All you need now is a ticket. More than a musical. It’s a way of life. Directed by Tony Award winner Christopher Ashley ("Come From Away," "Memphis").

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Entertaining, Funny, Great singing, Delightful, Fluffy
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Cliched, Fluffy, Raunchy, Entertaining, Well sung

See it if Talented cast working very hard in the name of "easy living" Amiable leads (esp Petersen) & energetic ensemble distract from banal storyline

Don't see it if Classic jukebox format of cliched plot surrounding & propelling hit songs Tolerance level of this factor is proportional to enjoyment

Clever, Delightful, Entertaining, Great singing, Great staging

See it if see also

Don't see it if see also

Also Margaritaville is just a fun night at the theater. Do not go expecting... Read more Read less

Fluffy, Entertaining, Disappointing

See it if Thin plot fitted to tropical getaway Jimmy Buffet jukebox musical. Enthusiastic lead engages devoted audience in familiar vacation tunes.

Don't see it if Buffet's appropriated calypso brand makes stamp on Broadway as obvious attempt to fill theatre's in his casino properties. One-hit jukebox?

Banal, Cliched, Fluffy, Insipid, Entertaining

See it if You’re a Buffet fan or just want to have a mindlessly fun night. If you go in with low expectations and have a few drinks, it’s pretty fun.

Don't see it if You’re going to hate it from the get-go & won’t even consider that maybe the creators weren’t trying to make a great show — just a fun one.

Entertaining, Great singing, Great staging

See it if you like a musical with a very light plot using Buffet's songs very skillfully. A very fun show and very lighthearted. Great staging.

Don't see it if you like a musical with a deep plot or you do not like Buffet's music.

Also Just go and enjoy yourself. Wonderful use of set and the lighting was ... Read more Read less

Trite. broadway style

See it if You’re a Jimmy Buffet fan.

Don't see it if You want a musical with good story.

Entertaining, Banal, Great singing, Mindless, Slick

See it if you are a Jimmy Buffett fan or want to vicariously enjoy a Caribbean vacation. The cast is very appealing.

Don't see it if you are looking for depth, nuance or sophistication.

Great singing, Great choreography, Fun

See it if you liked Mama Mia or Jersey Boys. It's bright and shiny and fun. Nothing profound. Ending is predictable within 10 minutes, but it's fun.

Don't see it if you want a musical that has something to say.This is all froth and fun, no substance.Not really my cup of tea, but I'm not sorry I saw it.

Excellent cast., Banal story with few surprises, Expected fluffiness, Uninspired dancing

See it if The title and marketing appeal to you. It is what you get. No false promises. No need to think or work hard. You are on vacation!

Don't see it if You have any doubt its for you--if you doubt? you are right--stay home.

Also The first act was at times hard to attend. I have minimal connection t... Read more Read less

Fun, Great music, Entertaining

See it if You like high energy fun musicals and do not require particularly stong story lines.

Don't see it if You prefer a well developed story and characters and do not particularly like energetic music.

Entertaining, Funny, Great staging, Fluffy, Cliched

See it if you like the cast, the music, or just a mindless good time. This is fun, plus Paul Alexander Nolan is in almost every scene, so thumbs up!

Don't see it if you want depth/resonance in storytelling or chemistry between the romantic leads. This is a fun mindless diversion, much like a beach vacay.

Cliched, Great singing, Fluffy, Indulgent, Slow

See it if you're a big Buffett fan; want to drink & sing with the cast from time to time; must come with a positive attitude towards loud audience

Don't see it if you are looking for a meaningful, refreshing, or resonate story; beware of poorly behaved audience members - lots of singing

Predictable, cheesy fare, Mindless entertainment, Tourist-friendly, Not suitable for young children, Buffett's work is forced into this vehicle to showcase it

See it if you've no pretensions about this show being high-brow, meaningful, or more than mere mindless (forgettable) fun rooted in Buffett's lyrics.

Don't see it if not a fan of Buffett’s music, want an original and thoughtful musical, expecting this to be “family friendly” fare (it can get raunchy).

Also Pure island escapism/spring-break fare, Escape to Margaritaville is a ... Read more Read less

Banal, Cliched, Dizzying, Fluffy, Indulgent

See it if Saw it at the La Jolla Playhouse before it’s NY opening. See it if you like the music, Margaritas and a total absence of substance or plot!

Don't see it if If you a a serious therater lover.

Uplifting / entertaining, Ok book / quirky & humorous, Great ensemble & musicians, Cute / somewhat enchanting / delightful, Very clever jukebox musical

See it if you are able to just let it all hang out. Grab a drink (or 2), enjoy the music, dancers, cute story & audience participation. WELL worth it.

Don't see it if you're a sourpuss. Crowd came dressed for the part, was well-imbibed by 3:15, had another @ intermission, & knew EVERY musical riff & run.

Also YES: I got a beachball!... Read more Read less

Delightful, Entertaining, Funny, Great singing, Great staging

See it if You can avoid negative reviews and go to enjoy a night of fun and delight. Escape from daily stress

Don't see it if You want to see a serious musical. This one is a visit to an Island. Kinda like Club Med.

Entertaining, Fluffy, Great singing, Funny, Cliched

See it if Light,fluffy musical that reminds me of the classic Elvis movies{Blue Hawaii,etc} Score of Buffett songs sung beautifully by talented leads

Don't see it if You are not a fan of Buffett's songs,slim plot,cheesy sets.

Excruciating, Quirky, Romantic, Fluffy, Indulgent

See it if You LOVE jimmy buffet and with no story line.

Don't see it if You want to see a musical with a STORY LINE!

Insipid, Fluffy, Confusing, Insulting, Raunchy

See it if you have to see it.

Don't see it if you need jokes based on more than setting up a lyric.

Unbelievable, Entertaining, Indulgent, Bewildering, Fun

See it if you know or like any Jimmy Buffett songs; want an easy evening of spectacle or to see Buffett taken seriously on a big budget stage.

Don't see it if You don't want to see Buffett taken seriously, or don't know his work. Except primo content or full songs. Don't like frozen margaritas.

Also I can't believe this show got produced. This show probably should NOT ... Read more Read less

Entertaining, Cliched, Fluffy, Indulgent

See it if you want a fun, mindless time at the theater. But follow the advice of the Times: DRINK FIRST.

Don't see it if you want a show with substance or that is well written.

Also Yes, this is a bad show. I don't think anyone will argue with that. Bu... Read more Read less

Banal, Cliched, Disappointing, Excruciating, Sophmoric

See it if Buffett fans WILL ENJOY so they should seek out this and subsequent productions; everyone has good intentions despite product

Don't see it if Take a catalog of Buffett songs and fashion an obvious story with ludicrous puns to allocate for lyrics; ranges from humorous to idiotic

Funny, Great acting, Great singing, Great staging, Entertaining

See it if you want a fun show. I liked the first half more than the 2nd, but still was a good show to put you in a good mood. Sad this is closing.

Don't see it if you don't like musicals. I knew a few of the songs, but still really enjoyed this production. The story is a bit far fetched.

Also Overall the show was really good, had a little bit of everything. Grea... Read more Read less

Entertaining, Great singing, Delightful

See it if You like lively, uplifting music with good singing.

Don't see it if You don’t like loud lively music and prefer dramas.

Entertaining, Fluffy, Romantic, Lot of energy, Funny

See it if You are a Parrot Head or a Jimmy Buffet fan.

Don't see it if You are looking for a story that makes sense. Many times, the story seemed to be just so a certain song could be sung.

Also I enjoyed the music. The cast had a lot of energy and were fun to watc... Read more Read less

March 15th, 2018
"Awfully lowbrow…Dopey fun is one thing, but ‘Escape to Margaritaville,’ a paean to the pleasures of zipless debauchery, is pitched so low it will temporarily extinguish your IQ...A coherent aesthetic experience, in that laziness is not just its method but its message...The score is beautifully s...
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March 15th, 2018
"Hokey and sometimes pokey. But I’ll level with you: I had fun…The show doesn’t shoehorn Buffett’s songs into a story so much as cobble a story around them, extrapolating characters and situations from details in the lyrics, which is more successful in small ways than in large ones…Performed by a...
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March 15th, 2018
“‘Escape to Margaritaville’ is about as much fun as buying a dud hermit crab as a pet. It seems like it’ll be exotic, or at least cute, but it’s really kind of sad, and definitely a rip-off, and, at the end of the day, actually just an empty shell…‘Margaritaville’s’ best moments happen when direc...
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March 15th, 2018
“Even those unfamiliar with Buffett's songwriting oeuvre should find the proceedings relaxedly enjoyable…It's only when the writers attempt to provide literalism to the lyrics...that the show feels hopelessly strained…Nonetheless, the overall silliness goes down fairly easily, and even easier if ...
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