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Mamma Mia!

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This lively pop musical, featuring the songs of '70s Swedish super-group ABBA, will close in September following more than a decade of nightly standing ovations. More…

Inspired by the story-telling magic of ABBA's timeless songs, 'Mamma Mia!' is a sunny, funny tale of family and friendship unfolding on a tiny Greek island. On the eve of her wedding, a daughter's quest to discover the identity of her father brings three men from her mother's past back to the island they had last visited 20 years ago. Songs including "Dancing Queen," "The Winner Takes It All," "Money, Money, Money" and "Take a Chance on Me" are featured in this feel-good musical.

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Entertaining, Delightful, Funny, Great singing, Romantic
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Fun!!, Delightful, Refreshing, Romantic, Great music

See it if The original jukebox musical. Amazing music, fun plot and costumes.

Don't see it if you don't like ABBA

Feel good, Entertaining, Great music, Fun, Romantic

See it if You love Abba music and fun light musicals

Don't see it if You dislike Abba music

Disappointing, Fluffy, Insipid, Overrated, Quirky

See it if you're a fan of ABBA and don't mind an entirely contrived story.

Don't see it if you're looking for something with any kind of depth or aren't a fan of ABBA's music.

Cliched, Entertaining, Delightful, Indulgent, Insipid

See it if You don't mind mindless fluff so long as it's fun.

Don't see it if You can't stand ABBA.

Entertaining, Fluffy, Fun

See it if you love ABBA songs. There are many to be found here. I LOVE ABBA SONGS. So this, I like.

Don't see it if you want a story that offers anything profound.

Fun, Fluffy, Classic, Romantic

See it if you've never seen it and want to see what all the hype is about. This is a fun night out show that doesn't make you think too much.

Don't see it if you don't like jukebox musicals or mindless fun.

Cute, Quirky, Ambitious, Entertaining, Uplifting

See it if ABBA music still rocks your world & you enjoy juke-box musicals. Tries hard to be traditional theater. Toe-tapping/head-bopping enjoyable.

Don't see it if silly/slightly slap-stick musicals trying hard to be "serious theater" don't work for you; although the music's STILL solid & holds its own.

Fluffy, Fun, Light, Story is a stretch but i didn't care

See it if you enjoy the music of ABBA and want to just have a fun time at the theatre.

Don't see it if you are looking for something deep. This is pure fluff, but I loved it!

Also Despite its 14-year run, I didn't see this show until its closing was ... Read more Read less

Must see, Original, Great writing, Delightful, Enchanting

See it if you have never saw it.

Don't see it if you don't like abba.

Delightful, Entertaining, Great acting, Must see, Refreshing

See it if You are a fan of Abba and want to relax and just have an entertaining theater experience. You will walk out singing.

Don't see it if It would upset you to have people standing, singing along, and cheering during the entire production.

Cliched, Excruciating, Insipid

See it if you want me to hate you (literally my least favorite show of all time.

Don't see it if you have taste.

Delightful, Entertaining, Great singing, Must see, Refreshing

See it if you enjoy the music of Abba, or just enjoy lively music & a good happy story

Don't see it if you're not an ABBA fan, don't want to be caught dancing in the aisles

Also This is a great show with a nice storyyline and excellent music. It ha... Read more Read less

Entertaining, Cliched, Fluffy

See it if you love those great Abba songs, and want an evening of light-hearted fluffy fun

Don't see it if you need a realistic story with full-fleshed characters, or only enjoy musicals with original scores

Delightful, Entertaining, Great singing

See it if you like ABBA

Don't see it if you don't like ABBA and really loved the movie version

Delightful, Enchanting, Entertaining, Abbalicious

See it if You love the Abba catalog.. Seriously it's all about their music.. The story is nothing more than a framework to fit in hit after hit song.

Don't see it if Disco makes you cringe or are looking for anything more than a juke-box musical

Geniale, Classic, Great singing, Great dancing

See it if you love Abba's music and you want to see a better version than the film.

Don't see it if you find Abba boring.

Also "Mamma Mia!" is a funny play, It is unique because most of the audienc... Read more Read less

Fun, Corny, Great music, Banal, Entertaining

See it if you're an ABBA fan & don't mind a corny, cliched plot; you want a stupid, mindless show that you can kick back & enjoy for 2,5 hours.

Don't see it if you're looking for something highbrow, or if you don't like ABBA for some bizarre reason.

Broadway - ny original cast, Delightful, Entertaining, Louise pitre was "donna sheridan", Winter garden theater (2001-2013)

See it if If U have a Mom, then U have to take her to MAMMA MIA provided she can go w/ the idea of a wild wknd w/ 3 guys & the search for the right 1!

Don't see it if If U don't like the Music of ABBA this could be a tough nite, skip it, or if the history of the Donna character seems too morally "loose."

Entertaining, Fluffy, Romantic

See it if you want to see fluff. A bit touristy.

Don't see it if you won't, it closed.

Cliched, Dated, Funny, Entertaining

See it if You love Abba's music and want a nice entertaining night at the theatre.

Don't see it if You want a more thought-provoking night at the theatre.


See it if enjoy Abba music and the novelty of the musical. It's a feel great show! You'll leave smiling.

Don't see it if you're looking for an original story.

Clever, Entertaining, Must see, Disappointing

See it if has some of the best songs on broadway. something is missing

Don't see it if i liked the movie much better.

Romantic, Insipid, Fluffy, Entertaining

See it if You like a stupid musical that's fun to watch. This show was blah but a fun time. Horrible story

Don't see it if You want a quality story. Bad jukebox musical that was fun

Delightful, Entertaining, Hilarious, Fun, Great singing

See it if you want a have an energetic and fun filled night with silly stories and engaging songs.

Don't see it if you are allergic to the cheese-factor in musicals and want to see something more serious.

Entertaining, Cute, Sing along, Cheery, Infectious

See it if if you're an ABBA fan and love a cute love story.

Don't see it if You're looking for something heady to watch.

October 19th, 2001
"The choreography is mostly stuff you could try, accident-free, in your own backyard. And the score consists entirely of songs made famous in the disco era by Abba, music that people seldom admit to having danced to, much less sung in their showers. Yet these elements have been combined, with alc...
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August 18th, 2014
"They’re not dancing in the aisles at Mamma Mia! anymore. Shows do fade. The taverna looks flimsy and cramped on the Broadhurst stage. But its real appeal, beyond those songs, has always been its innate sweetness, and that’s a joy."
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October 19th, 2011
"Almost two dozen hits by ABBA form the spine of this worldwide smash, which book writer Catherine Johnson has feebly fleshed out into a mother-daughter comedy-drama. As theater, Mamma Mia! is forgettable. As a delivery system for pop-culture nostalgia, it’s ruthless."
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October 29th, 2001
"I found the score neither unbearable nor something I'd miss if I never heard it again...I would not discourage anyone interested from attending Mamma Mia!. But I wouldn't encourage the doubtful, either."
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