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Pretty Woman: The Musical (NYC)

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One of the most beloved romantic comedies of all time comes to Broadway in this world premiere musical, with an original score co-written by Grammy winner Bryan Adams ('Summer of ’69,' 'Everything I Do'). More…

Vivian and Edward are unlikely soulmates who overcome all odds to find each other and themselves. Experience the moments you love from the movie — and get to know these iconic characters in a whole new way — in this theatrical take on a love story for the ages. 'Pretty Woman: The Musical' features direction and choreography by two-time Tony Award winner Jerry Mitchell ('Kinky Boots,' 'Legally Blonde,' 'Hairspray'), and a book by the movie’s legendary director Garry Marshall and screenwriter J.F. Lawton.

2h 35m | Ends Aug 18 | Nederlander Theatre (Midtown W)

Member Reviews (742)


Entertaining, Great singing, Delightful, Romantic, Funny
Avg Score

Delightful, Funny, Great acting, Great singing, Must see

See it if you loved the movie. This is very much like it right down to the outfits. Sheer delight!

Don't see it if you hated the movie

Fluffy, Delightful, Romantic, Great singing, Entertaining

See it if You want to see some truly great singing and a capable adaptation of the source material.

Don't see it if You are looking for an adaptation that tries to transcend its source material and try to make something new.

Also "I want the fairy tale." -Vivian... Read more Read less

Ambitious, Banal, Entertaining, Disappointing, Dated

See it if Leads and support (Barks, Karl, Orfeh, Anderson) are individually spectacular; essentially a must-see for zealous fans of the movie

Don't see it if Script with zero surprises; Bryan Adams fans will recognize songwriting hooks which are hit or miss; audience seemed at most amused

Banal, Cliched, Dated, Insipid

See it if you want a regressive musical with an inscrutable plot directed in a very workmanlike, movie-aping manner

Don't see it if you look for originality, consistent themes, good scores, or good American accents

Tries hard, Fluffy, Faithful to movie, Great singing

See it if You loved the movie and would appreciate seeing a new ingenue in a Star-making turn like Julia R did in the movie. You like feel-good fluff

Don't see it if You prefer that Broadway musicals NOT sound like 80’s pop soundtracks, you want to be astonished or deeply moved. This is all surface.

Delightful, Entertaining, Enchanting

See it if You want to see a fun musical with good lively music and dancing.

Don't see it if You are a serious critical person.

Entertaining, Great singing, Disappointing, Great staging, Fluffy

See it if You loved the movie. It’s the movie with some music added. Lots of talking, so they could hit all the points from the movie. Good performers

Don't see it if You want more. Waste of talent. Love Andy Karl and Sam Barks, but they had nothing to do and zero chemistry. He’s channeling Bryan Adams.

Also This was not bad—it was just lazy. The songs were mediocre, and both l... Read more Read less

Indulgent, Excruciating, Dated

See it if There is no reason for this show to exist in 2019. The plot is sexist and trite. The songs are boring. The hooker with a heart of gold trope

Don't see it if is tired. The staging is uninspired. The cast does its best with woefully uninteresting material. But it's time to let shows like this die.

Delightful, Entertaining, Great singing, Sweet, Engaging

See it if you want to see the movie come to life on stage with two wonderful main characters, excellent supporting cast, great singing and dancing

Don't see it if you don't think it could be good without Julia Roberts (it can)

Cliched, Fluffy, Slow

See it if See it for the cast. Samantha Barks is great and they are all having fun. If you like the movie, I suspect you'll like this.

Don't see it if you want to see something unique. This is just blah overall. It felt like a jukebox musical but with songs you don't know.

Also I just found the writing cliche. I know it's based on the movie, but I... Read more Read less

Entertaining, Great staging, Romantic

See it if If you liked the movie you will like this musical.

Don't see it if You want to hear a great score, I was dissapointed with it.

Dated, Banal, Indulgent

See it if Your a fan of the film and the two leads will add a lot to you enjoyment.

Don't see it if Not a good set to keep watching all night and Orfeh needs to tone it down a bit, my ears were ringing. The lead is pretty but comes on like

Also a real low life at times, which is hard to take. Give me Sweet Charity... Read more Read less

Great staging, Fluffy, Entertaining, Great production values

See it if you want to see a simple yet fun musical. Samantha Barks as the "Pretty Woman" did an amazing job.

Don't see it if you want to see a challenging and emotional engaging musical. The show may not be appropriate for younger children due to the prostitution

Entertaining, Romantic, Fluffy, Great singing, Great acting

See it if you want a relatively light-hearted entertaining evening. This show is no work of art but it is fun. Good singing, dancing, costumes, sets.

Don't see it if you don't like the "hooker with a heart of gold" cliche. The characters' meeting doesn't really work, nor does the initial relationship.

Delightful, Funny, Great singing, Fluffy, Romantic

See it if If you want a musicalized version of a beloved love story, that captures all the whimsy and charm of its source material.

Don't see it if If you're a big ol' stick-in-the-mud with no funny bone or heart. Shame on you!

Also My Gosh!!!!!! What a fun night! Andy Karl (Edward), Samantha Barks (Vi... Read more Read less

Entertaining, Cliched, Disappointing

See it if you like the movie/aren't looking for a new take; enjoyable talent; some marvelous singing; this is entertaining (not a must see)

Don't see it if you prefer to leave the theatre humming the tunes or to be wowed by choreo - not much memorable here

Great acting, Entertaining, Enchanting

See it if You want a wonderfully acted and terrifically fun show!

Don't see it if You're looking for a memorable score.

Great singing, As expected

See it if you loved the movie. Doesn't deviate. Karl seems lackluster so fans prepare for disappointment. Orfeh is magnificent.

Don't see it if you're a feminist or want new twist on the old hooker-with-a-heart trope. Barks is wonderful but still Manic Pixie Dream Girl. Ugh.

Dated, Good singing, Cheap set, Nostalgic, Cheesy

See it if you feel nostalgic about the romantic comedies of the 80s. The songs are melodic and the singing is good.

Don't see it if the acting is expectedly cheesy in this outdated romantic classic. The set and the overall feel are lacking any creativity or innovation.

Great singing, Fluffy, Disappointing, Cute, Bland

See it if You really like the movie (since it is almost an exact imitation of the movie), or love shows with great singing and pleasant songs.

Don't see it if You want original theater, or need songs that you will remember when you leave the theater.

Banal, Cliched, Disappointing, Romantic, Dated

See it if Another uninspired 2nd rate screen to stage musical made tolerable by two terrific leads and a happy ending.

Don't see it if There are better light & fluffy romantic musicals out there - this isn’t one of them. Jerry Mitchel really dropped the ball on this one!

Also The highlight of the show was sitting directly behind Hugh Jackman and... Read more Read less

Entertaining, Romantic, Fluffy, Cliched

See it if you are an Andy Karl fan. As usual he is much better than material. If you loved the movie, you will probably like the musical.

Don't see it if you want a traditional Broadway score. Every song sounds similar and they sound like a Spotify shuffle of 80's light rock.

Cliched, Disappointing, Fluffy, Middling, Overrated

See it if you are a huge fan of the movie & want a shot-for-shot replication. There are some standout performers, but not enough to lift this show.

Don't see it if you don't want something so incredibly average, that it becomes bad. The score, staging, dancing, & plot are unbelievably bland.

Ambitious, Cliched, Dated, Disappointing, Good singing

See it if you are a fan of the cast or expect to see a light and fluffy musical.

Don't see it if you expect a great entertainment with memorable songs.

Entertaining, Funny, Great singing

See it if You want to see the movie transported directly on stage. Samantha Barks is a phenomenal singer. It's flashy, colorful, and fun dancing.

Don't see it if You're offended by some slight vulgarity. It's much toned down, but still the topic isn't great for super young kids.

August 16th, 2018
"Ms. Barks is clearly a talented singer and actress...she has been given no chance to banish stardust memories of the woman who created her part. Directed and choreographed as if on automatic pilot by Jerry Mitchell. Its creators have hewed suffocatingly close to the film’s story, gags, and dialo...
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August 16th, 2018
"Mostly just a dutiful replica of the movie...Not only does this approach miss an opportunity to rethink the story’s sugar-daddy fantasy in a deeper way, it also gets stale fast; this ain’t our first time on Rodeo Drive...Adams and Vallance’s music does its job, but has a Broadway show ever had l...
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August 16th, 2018
"'Pretty Woman: The Musical' has plenty of problems outside of its politics...It’s the kind of lifeless clunker that makes your heart go out to its actors...It’s more concerned with checking the boxes of all the movie’s most famous moments than it is with telling us anything new about these chara...
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August 16th, 2018
"Reports that the creators...were 'reshaping' the story for the #MeToo era have been greatly exaggerated...But Lawton and the film’s director, the late Garry Marshall, who co-wrote the book, have clearly taken a 'don’t mess with success' approach...Samantha Barks is agreeable as Vivian, and Andy ...
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