To Kill a Mockingbird (Broadway)
Closed 2h 35m
To Kill a Mockingbird (Broadway)

To Kill a Mockingbird (Broadway) NYC Reviews and Tickets

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Great acting, Absorbing, Intelligent, Relevant, Great staging

Academy Award® nominee Greg Kinnear stars as Atticus Finch in Aaron Sorkin’s adaptation of Harper Lee's classic novel.

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965 Reviews | 339 Followers
Absorbing, Intelligent, Strong ensemble, Well staged, Ambitious

See it if you love old-fashioned theater w an intelligent script, a strong cast, and solid staging. No bells & whistles needed. Lots of great moments.

Don't see it if you want a lavish Brwy show. No elaborate costumes/set. If you loved the movie, you may not like changes. Still, I really enjoyed TKAM. Read more

952 Reviews | 387 Followers
Absorbing, Great acting, Riveting, Intelligent, Relevant

See it if You’re a fan of seeing great books/movies adapted to the stage-not transferred-adapted...big difference. Superb acting, writing, direction!

Don't see it if If you’re a To Kill A Mockingbird purist you may have a problem with the way some of the story has been adapted for the stage. I loved it! Read more

706 Reviews | 214 Followers
Inspiring, Relevant, Masterful, Great writing, Great acting

See it if Powerful message vibrates through the theater with every word & gesture. Large multi-generational cast clicks impeccably.

Don't see it if You don’t enjoy melodrama. Sight lines from front orchestra left are blocked by a table and the backs of seated actors.

746 Reviews | 124 Followers
Absorbing, Entertaining, Great acting, Great staging, Thought-provoking

See it if you love the book or have never read it. The production captures the feel of the period and the essence of the plot. A wonderful evening.

Don't see it if you dislike the book or the themes, adults playing children or symbolic sets.

692 Reviews | 152 Followers
Absorbing, Ambitious, Great acting, Riveting, Entertaining

See it if you're a fan of Lee's novel or the film, enjoy trial stories, fan of great acting, esp. by Daniels, Keenan-Bolger & Jackson,

Don't see it if you're not happy with idea of Lee's novel adapted by Sorkin, don't like plays that jump around in chronology, don't believe in racism Read more

677 Reviews | 187 Followers
Absorbing, Great acting, Relevant (sadly), Great staging, Provocative

See it if to see a 1st-rate cast sink their teeth into Sorkin's glib dialogue & reworked plot in Sher's elegant staging of Lee's classic work.

Don't see it if you are a Mockingbird purist (book or film); you prefer Lee/Foote's nuance, subtlety & tension to Sorkin's liberal flag-waving & sermonizing Read more

687 Reviews | 114 Followers
Thought-provoking, Relevant, Great acting, Absorbing, Ambitious

See it if Outstanding ensemble valiantly led by Daniels & Keenan-Bolger ignites Sorkin's "enhancement" of Lee's American masterpiece Moving & profound

Don't see it if Sorkin's subtle arc from the Depression south to a 'modern' #BlackLivesMatter is both potent & slightly redundant yet never feels injurious

513 Reviews | 129 Followers
Absorbing, Great acting, Great staging, Intelligent, Ambitious

See it if you like great acting, staging, the Mockingbird story,taking a chance on bringing a beloved book to Broadway with modest alterations.

Don't see it if you want a by-the-book, literal transcription of the book & movie. Constant movement of sets can be distracting but sets are well designed. Read more

Critic Reviews (50)

The New York Times
December 13th, 2018
For a previous production

"Mr. Sher has made sure that every movement, every perfectly cast face, every stage picture and costume tells the story so precisely that it would do so even without words...Very effective; Mr. Sorkin apparently trusted that the actors, working with Mr. Sher, would fill in the blanks, and they do...It’s what happens in the gap between the old and new storytelling styles, as Mr. Sorkin tries to kill two mockingbirds with one stone, that gives me pause."
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Time Out New York
December 13th, 2018
For a previous production

"The play’s ambivalent approach to Atticus is satisfying but also sometimes glib...And despite Sorkin’s best efforts every righteous decision engenders new potential critiques...Yet the effort is commendable, and the execution is exemplary. The elegant production is stately but not stodgy...If Sorkin’s adaptation lacks the subtlety and plain-spokenness of Lee’s novel, it has moments of old-fashioned power and others of surprising tenderness."
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New York Magazine / Vulture
December 13th, 2018
For a previous production

"Sorkin has written a new play, and it’s characteristically taut and nimble, fluid and funny, with plenty to meditate on and argue about. Its goal is to speak audibly about 2018 and—sometimes poignantly, sometimes more heavy-handedly—it succeeds...Sher and his designers have created a shifting, breathing, gorgeously orchestrated world, and while the top-billed Daniels is indeed lighting up the stage as the story’s iconic lawyer, every member of the ensemble shines alongside him."
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New Yorker
December 18th, 2018
For a previous production

"The drama has been reworked so that the court case against Robinson is the frame for the whole play...The wrinkle is that Sorkin is very obviously worried about Trump, and about what the current political dispensation means for white folks of all political and ethical stripes...’To Kill a Mockingbird’ is a showcase for the competing liberal views of the races, depicting them in a kind of tortured but ever-improving dance.”
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The Hollywood Reporter
December 13th, 2018
For a previous production

"It's to Sorkin's credit that he lets the contemporary parallels emerge naturally, without hitting us over the head, in a transfixing act of theatrical storytelling graced by exceptional ensemble acting. Perhaps the most notable achievement of this thoughtful adaptation and makes us hang on every word as if experiencing the story for the first time...Even the riskiest choices pay off...This is theatrical storytelling so assured and involving it's hard to imagine anyone not being mesmerized."
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Entertainment Weekly
December 13th, 2018
For a previous production

"While Lee’s vivid snapshot of the Great Depression-era Deep South is its own valuable time capsule, the shifting sands of race and justice in America is well served by at least some new perspective...Even with all its added Sorkinisms, there’s still something firmly classic about 'Mockingbird;' it’s essentially a white-savior story where the savior fails, as nobly as he can... A time-honored tale, skillfully told."
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December 13th, 2018
For a previous production

"The ever-likable Daniels, whose casting was genius, gives a strong and searching performance as Atticus Finch...The rest of the large and very fine cast perform their parts with all their hearts, under Sher’s impeccably fine-tuned direction...More faithful than not to its source...The designers have done a beautiful job of conjuring that era without smothering the narrative...This play belongs to Atticus Finch. He holds the stage and he wins our love."
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The Wall Street Journal
December 13th, 2018
For a previous production

"A grotesque caricature of Lee’s novel, one at which anyone who loved 'To Kill a Mockingbird' as a child will take offense—as well they should...Mr. Sorkin has taken Atticus Finch and turned him into a naïve fool...In addition to perverting its spirit, Mr. Sorkin has done an inept job of putting it on the stage...Save for Adam Guettel’s homespun incidental music and a handful of strong performances, nothing about this 'Mockingbird' is any good at all."
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