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To Kill a Mockingbird (Broadway)

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About the show

Jeff Daniels stars as Atticus Finch in Aaron Sorkin’s Broadway adaptation of Harper Lee's Pulitzer Prize-winning novel for Lincoln Center. Directed by Tony winner Bartlett Sher ('Fiddler on the Roof.') More…

Based on an event that occurred in Alabama in the 1930s, Harper Lee’s enduring story of racial injustice and the destruction of childhood innocence centers on one of the most beloved and admired characters in American literature, the small-town lawyer Atticus Finch.

New York Stage Review

"Concerns about whether the script by Sorkin supports or subverts the novelist’s intentions are instantly allayed, with the audience held in rapt attention throughout. This stage Mockingbird is majestically triumphant...The soul and conscience of the 1960 novel virtually leap across the footlights...The Broadway 'Mockingbird' will likely leave a throb in your heart and a well of tears in your eyes." Full Review

JK's Theatre Scene

“There is so much to admire in this beautiful production, from the source material to the adaptation, from the design to the direction, from the ensemble to the supporting cast. But 'To Kill a Mockingbird' simply would not work without a perfect Atticus Finch. Daniels is just that. This is a quiet, humble, profoundly intense tour de force performance...A performance that people will talk about for years to come...A play people will talk about for years to come. Don't miss this one.” Full Review


"It has been well publicized that the Harper Lee estate filed a lawsuit in February 2018 alleging that the play deviated too much from the novel. They should not have worried. As directed by Bartlett Sher, Sorkin's astutely scripted 'To Kill a Mockingbird' with Jeff Daniels as Atticus Finch is a magnificent and moving theatrical experience that treats the novel with respect and dignity. The additions and changes from the novel only make the material more stage worthy." Full Review

The Clyde Fitch Report

"Outstanding. That’s if 'outstanding' isn’t too mild an adjective to describe Sorkin’s accomplishment...He retains most of Lee’s important plot twists while introducing discreet, pointed alternative moments...As directed with immaculate care by Sher, Lee’s characters are well served on stage, first and foremost by Daniels...This is an astounding star turn...With all the first-rate work on display in this remarkable take on Lee’s masterpiece, patrons have much to mull as they exit the theater." Full Review

New York Stage Review

"The casting is better than perfect; it’s revelatory, with each actor serving both the novel’s humane vision and the nuances...It would be hard to imagine a more ideal Scout than the ageless Celia Keenan-Bolger, who imbues the precocious tomboy with all the intensity and wonder you’d expect...'Mockingbird’s' lessons may seem obvious, but like so many on offer at this moment, they also come across as depressingly timely and necessary." Full Review

City Cabaret

“Peck was admirable as the character in the book and film, but Sorkin's country lawyer with a moral backbone that evolves. Daniels understands and communicates the layers of Atticus in this Broadway production. The sharp large cast is on target and brilliantly directed by Bartlett Sher...It is an uplifting, beautifully delivered production of American values at a time we could use it.” Full Review

Philadelphia Inquirer

"A great work of American theater...The cast is powerfully, convincingly, alive, both in Scout’s memory as she narrates and for us as these actors fully inhabit their roles...Daniels is splendid. He has added a trace of weakness and a whiff of shame to the lovable, admirable character...Sorkin’s script is deft as well as fine." Full Review


“The plethora of humor throughout the evening masks the pain and displeasure behind what the nexus of the play is about and it helps the two hours and 45 minutes move along smoothly...As far as the acting goes, they are all sensational but the night belonged to Keenan-Bolger...Sorkin gives us a great book and does not overtly accentuate the deep, depressing story line...Instead, he chooses humor and just the right amount of despair and desperation.” Full Review

Rolling Stone

"It’s a tricky, balancing act and Sorkin — in tandem with dynamic director Sher and a flawless acting ensemble — never loses sight of making Lee’s tale thrillingly alive on stage. Brimming with humor, generous heart and gritty provocation, 'To Kill a Mockingbird' is as timely as it is timeless...There’s genuine daring in this production...Sorkin lunges headlong into the fray. And, under Sher’s urgent direction, the experience is electrifying...Unmissable and unforgettable." Full Review


"Kudos belong, as well, to Kimberly Grigsby and Allan Tedder, who sit on the sides of Miriam Buether's spare yet evocative set, playing era-appropriate music by Tony Award winner Adam Guettel. But it's Sorkin's and Lee's words that make the sweetest music onstage, reminding us of the challenges of doing the right thing even in the toughest of circumstances. To do otherwise, like killing a mockingbird, would be a sin. As would be missing this sublime show." Full Review

The Hollywood Reporter

"It's to Sorkin's credit that he lets the contemporary parallels emerge naturally, without hitting us over the head, in a transfixing act of theatrical storytelling graced by exceptional ensemble acting. Perhaps the most notable achievement of this thoughtful adaptation and makes us hang on every word as if experiencing the story for the first time...Even the riskiest choices pay off...This is theatrical storytelling so assured and involving it's hard to imagine anyone not being mesmerized." Full Review


"Far from killing the essence of the great work, this excellent company achieved the unimaginable: they enhanced it. It’s a big production with 24 actors and yet it feels wholly intimate. Director Bartlett Sher staged the play with an eloquent simplicity...What makes the adaptation so successful is the masterful finesse that turned the 60-year-old literary classic into a most poignant drama, still of its time, but also now very much of our time as well." Full Review

The New York Times

"Mr. Sher has made sure that every movement, every perfectly cast face, every stage picture and costume tells the story so precisely that it would do so even without words...Very effective; Mr. Sorkin apparently trusted that the actors, working with Mr. Sher, would fill in the blanks, and they do...It’s what happens in the gap between the old and new storytelling styles, as Mr. Sorkin tries to kill two mockingbirds with one stone, that gives me pause." Full Review


"The ever-likable Daniels, whose casting was genius, gives a strong and searching performance as Atticus Finch...The rest of the large and very fine cast perform their parts with all their hearts, under Sher’s impeccably fine-tuned direction...More faithful than not to its source...The designers have done a beautiful job of conjuring that era without smothering the narrative...This play belongs to Atticus Finch. He holds the stage and he wins our love." Full Review


"Any new dramatization of the iconic Lee novel calls for some drastic diddling with text.. Sorkin has managed to do so dynamically, without any disrespect to either the novel or the movie...Probably this production's most drastic, and to my surprise and delight, most effective change from previous dramatizations is the casting of adult actors to play the Finch children...Sher also draws terrific performances from other members of the large cast." Full Review

Gotham Playgoer

"While Sorkin’s script hews closely to the film in most respects, the changes he makes are mostly improvements...The level of the acting is superb; even small roles have been cast with fine actors...Although Atticus is still very much at the center, the play works more as an ensemble piece than a character study. Bartlett Sher directs the large cast with consummate skill. All in all, I was pleasantly surprised how well this stage version turned out." Full Review

Wolf Entertainment Guide

"I had trouble adjusting at first to the southern accents, and also, the staging by Bartlett Sher seemed awfully busy flitting back and forth between the courtroom and other venues. But eventually I adjusted to that too. Putting Harper Lee’s long popular novel on stage was a challenge to Sorkin, given the narrative and character demands. But I am happy to report that his writing has succeeded admirably in capturing the essence of Lee’s work with strong dramatic impact." Full Review

Chicago Tribune

"Genuinely radical and thoroughly gripping...Sorkin has written a 'Mockingbird' that fits this riven American moment. And the director, Bartlett Sher, has felt little need to assuage with sentimentality...Sher did not need to turn the character Bob Ewell into so broad a villain. But Sorkin did have to add agency to the African-American characters whom Lee gave little voice...This new version pulses with relevancy...It has the capacity to change how America sees this story for good." Full Review

New York Magazine / Vulture

"Sorkin has written a new play, and it’s characteristically taut and nimble, fluid and funny, with plenty to meditate on and argue about. Its goal is to speak audibly about 2018 and—sometimes poignantly, sometimes more heavy-handedly—it succeeds...Sher and his designers have created a shifting, breathing, gorgeously orchestrated world, and while the top-billed Daniels is indeed lighting up the stage as the story’s iconic lawyer, every member of the ensemble shines alongside him." Full Review

The Washington Post

"It’s useful to have an actor of a certain gold-plated integrity like Daniels when you take on a piece as deeply embedded in the American consciousness as 'To Kill a Mockingbird'...To build a play in 2018 on these notions requires a writer like Sorkin who can toggle between the radically different mind-set of 1934, when the story takes place; 1960, when the novel was published; and today...Director Bartlett Sher has assembled a terrific cast." Full Review

The Telegraph (UK)

"A gripping, deeply moving piece of theatre...The play begins with the trial...Dramatically, this gives the play a terrific sense of drive...This gracefully directed production has several neat conceits, one of which is to cast adults in the children’s roles...It could be confusing, but the performances are winning enough to carry it through...Sorkin’s vigorous version, arriving at a time when the US is at its most ethnically divided in decades, fully demonstrates why it is still a necessary ... Full Review


"I estimate that about 40% of the dialogue is Sorkin’s alone – and nearly 100% of it is riveting...Sorkin has occasionally replaced but more often has augmented what Lee and Foote had written...Sorkin’s adaptation, which doesn’t just cannibalize what his previous authors had written. Sorkin has occasionally replaced but more often has augmented what Lee and Foote had written. All those adapting should take Sorkin as their inspiration." Full Review


"The set-up is a Sorkin masterstroke, perfectly executed by director Bartlett Sher, a dreamy gambit that justifies every liberty this simultaneously revisionist and faithful 'Mockingbird' will take over the next two hours-plus...To my mind, only Frederick Weller’s evil Bob Ewell tosses the pitch too wide, and Sorkin deserves much of the blame there." Full Review

Showbiz 411

"Sorkin’s 'Mockingbird' is the most comprehensive study of the birds of Alabama — Finches, mockingbirds, all of them — you could hope to find. He’s picked new supporting characters from the novel to highlight, and even combined a couple...The pace is languid, for Sorkin. The old rat-tat-tat is missing, a good thing. He gets their cadences, and director Bartlett Sher lets everyone take their time telling the stories of Atticus, his kids, Tom Robinson and Boo Radley." Full Review

Entertainment Weekly

"While Lee’s vivid snapshot of the Great Depression-era Deep South is its own valuable time capsule, the shifting sands of race and justice in America is well served by at least some new perspective...Even with all its added Sorkinisms, there’s still something firmly classic about 'Mockingbird;' it’s essentially a white-savior story where the savior fails, as nobly as he can... A time-honored tale, skillfully told." Full Review

Great staging, Great acting, Absorbing

See it if Wonderful acting, intelligent script, excellent staging

Don't see it if If you do not like any changes from the classic film

Masterful, Great writing, Great staging, Great acting, Absorbing

See it if Want to experience a classic that is as timely as when it was originally presented

Don't see it if Do not enjoy drama's or being challenged in the theater

Ambitious, Clever, Great acting, Edgy, Absorbing

See it if Captivating and intriguing performances based on the book with original spin of character interpretation

Don't see it if Offended by old racial bias and too sensitive to watch it

Masterful, Great staging, Thought-provoking, Exquisite, Great writing

See it if you enjoy witty dialogue & well-written scripts that can capture the breadth of heavy issues (especially if you're a fan of Aaron Sorkin,

Don't see it if you're not interested in a historical play that focuses on racism and how that intersects with gender.

Also Though I'm sure that this has been in the works for a while, I find it... Read more Read less

Intelligent, Great writing, Great staging, Great acting, Absorbing

See it if Forget the book and the film. Enjoy the outstanding performances, the moving script and staging.

Don't see it if You want light entertainment or provacative drama.

Relevant, Great staging, Great acting, Absorbing, Clever

See it if You want to be wowed by great performances with interesting set design and an absorbing relevant story.

Don't see it if You don’t like plays. (But even that is not a good enough reason not to see it.)

Profound, Great writing, Great staging, Great acting, Absorbing

See it if you want a first rate play, perfectly updated by A Sorkin, with an amazing cast led by Jeff Daniels. This is the spoken work at its best.

Don't see it if you are a racist , can't sit for three hours, and are not interested in serious American drama.

Also This play was absolutely wonderful. A. Sorkin's update totally added t... Read more Read less

Masterful, Intelligent, Great writing, Great staging, Epic

See it if You want to experience a modern Shakespeare adapt America’s Best Loved Novel (according to PBS)

Don't see it if If you support Trump You’re racist You’re a white supremacist

Intelligent, Great writing, Great acting, Exquisite, Absorbing

See it if You enjoy first rate acting, great staging and a terrific re-work for a Broadway audience

Don't see it if If you're a committed racist.

Also Only a few times in my life have I left a theater literally unable (or... Read more Read less

Relevant, Must see, Masterful, Great acting, Absorbing

See it if You are a human being, know who Aaron Sorkin is, or generally wants to be blown away by exceptional theatre. This is Am theatre at

Don't see it if No earthly reason not to.

Also The shortest 2 hours and 35 minutes of your life. The writing, staging... Read more Read less

Great writing, Great acting, Absorbing

See it if loved it

Don't see it if a little hard to see on the side

Epic, Relevant, Must see, Profound, Absorbing

See it if You have read the book, seen the iconic film, or just want to sit for 3 hours with these characters.

Don't see it if You are not a fan of traditional theater

Also The first home run of the season. Perfect cast. The pacing of Act 2 wa... Read more Read less

Must see, Profound, Intelligent, Great acting

See it if You are a fan of the book or the film, as it strays from them but adds another dimension. Also, if you are a fan of Aaron Sorkin's writing,

Don't see it if You don't want to know about racial issues in the past and have no desire to know about it. If you have trouble with people talking fast.

Must see, Great writing, Great acting, Exquisite, Absorbing

See it if You are a human. Everyone should go see this show, it is excellent. The new adaptation is beautiful. An incredible piece of art.

Don't see it if I can't think of any reason not to see this show.

Must see, Masterful, Intelligent, Great acting, Absorbing

See it if you loved the book and movie and want a truly amazing night at the theater. It is riveting Jeff Daniels must win the Tony

Don't see it if didn't like the movie or bool

Intelligent, Great writing, Great staging, Great acting, Absorbing

See it if You're a fan of the book and/or film but don't mind the idea of adding some elements to the overall story. You enjoy Jeff Daniels.

Don't see it if You are a purist for the original book and/or film and don't want to see ANYTHING about it changed or amended.

Also The acting in this is absolutely outstanding. Enough can't be said abo... Read more Read less

Must see, Stirring, Exquisite, Great acting, Absorbing

See it if Mockingbird encompassed a great night at the theatre: great acting, writing, set design, and timely topics

Don't see it if If you are looking for a light evening out, this is not the show for you!

Great writing, Great staging, Great acting, Entertaining, Absorbing

See it if you like great theater. This show is just about perfect. The script, the staging, and the acting are all exceptional.

Don't see it if if you don't want to sit through a 2.5 hour play no matter how wonderful it is.

Also I just loved everything about this new script and production. The acti... Read more Read less

Must see, Great writing, Great staging, Great acting, Absorbing

See it if you'd love a wonderful evening at the theater with a superbly acted, beautifully written play based on a beloved classic.

Don't see it if you hate southern accents, depictions of racism or plays that make you laugh and cry and think.

Thought-provoking, Great writing, Great staging, Great acting, Funny

See it if you love great theater. All the actors are terrific. The language of the play is beautiful. You will be in tears at the end.

Don't see it if you did not like the book or the movie.

Also I wish I did not know the story. If I didn't, I think parts of the pla... Read more Read less

Great writing, Great acting, Exquisite, Delightful, Absorbing

See it if If you want to see exquisite writing and exquisite performances.

Don't see it if if you want to miss out.

Great staging, Great acting, Brilliant, The best play i have seen in years

See it if You appreciate the brilliance of the spoken word and can give yourself up to the story we all know told in a different way.

Don't see it if you are not a fan of Jeff Daniels or Aaron Sorkin.

Great writing, Great staging, Great acting, Absorbing

See it if you loved the novel, or if you never read the novel!

Don't see it if you expect it to be exactly like the novel. There are some clever interjections.

Resonant, Thought-provoking, Profound, Absorbing, Great acting

See it if Aaron Sorkin managed to update a classic without killing its spirit. Casting Scout and Jem with young adult actors was very affecting.

Don't see it if You are a purist who insists on strictly faithful adaptations.

Thought-provoking, Must see, Intelligent, Masterful, Great acting

See it if A thought-provoking classic story with intense acting suits your fancy.

Don't see it if If a plot surrounding racism and morality is not your cup of tea.

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