Open run Then She Fell 192 reviews
90 Overall Score

An immersive theater experience that involves a hospital ward, the writings of Lewis Carroll, and just 15 audience members per show out in Brooklyn. Ages 21 and over only.

Ends Sep 23 Say Something Bunny! 56 reviews
88 Overall Score

UnionDocs presents Alison S.M. Kobayashi's multi-media solo piece inspired by an amateur audio recording made over 60 years ago.

Open run The Infinite Wrench 46 reviews
83 Overall Score

The New York Neo-Futurists present an ever-changing lineup of short plays, each written by a performer, honed by the ensemble, and randomly collaged with high-energy audience participation.

Ends Aug 19 In & Of Itself 156 reviews
83 Overall Score

The Daryl Roth Theatre presents the New York premiere of this performance piece by magician Derek DelGaudio, directed by Emmy winner Frank Oz.

Ends Jun 17 Symphonie Fantastique 29 reviews
82 Overall Score
Renowned puppet artist Basil Twist returns to HERE with a revival of his 1998 boundary-breaking response to Berlioz’s 1830 'Symphonie Fantastique,' which takes place in the most unlikely of places - a 1,000-gallon water…
Ends Jun 03 Cinderella (Company XIV) 60 reviews
81 Overall Score

Company XIV presents a Baroque-Burlesque creation based on the classic fairy tale 'Cinderella,' using theatre, dance, live music, circus, opera and erotic design. For ages 21 and over.

Open run That Physics Show 112 reviews
80 Overall Score

Longtime professional physics demonstrator David Maiullo shares his amazing "magic tricks" from the world of science.

Opens Apr 27 Whales 19 reviews
79 Overall Score

Hit the Lights! Theater Co. presents a puppet-theater piece, which draws inspiration from punk rock, game shows, and documentaries to tell the story of Melville's masterpiece 'Moby-Dick.'

Ends May 06 Bobbie Clearly 72 reviews
78 Overall Score

The Roundabout Underground presents this New York premiere, a comedy-about-a-tragedy set in small town Kansas.

Ends May 05 Seagullmachine 1 reviews
90 Overall Score

In the Assembly's new devised piece, an ensemble takes refuge in an abandoned theater, caught in the struggle between action and distraction.

Ends Apr 28 Letters In The Dirt 8 reviews
86 Overall Score

Immersive and surreal, this new drama places its audience face-to-face with  Aiyana Jones — a seven-year-old girl killed by police in a botched raid in 2010 in Detroit, now a symbol in the Movement for Black Lives.

Ends May 12 Wind-Up Variations 4 reviews
62 Overall Score

In this new play from the New York Neo-Futurists, a band of tiny adventurers, four wind-up creatures–a monkey, a robot, a dinosaur, and a unicorn—embark on a fantastic journey.

Previews start Apr 24 Assembled Identity 0 reviews
- Overall Score

What makes a human authentic? Is it their genome sequence? Their life experience? Twin sisters discover they are clones and embark on an unexpected journey, confronting their own authenticity.

Opens May 10 This Is What You Shall Do 0 reviews
- Overall Score

Queer-identified interdisciplinary collective I am a Boys Choir presents a real live history show performed by intergenerational performers. A spectacle of pageantry that opens up a queer past hundreds of centuries old.

Ends May 06 Martyrs 0 reviews
- Overall Score

Developed by an all female and non-binary femme team, this new work is a fall down the rabbit hole of shame, femininity, and food in a world where the body is a battleground and sisterhood offers shelter.

Opens May 11 Old Names for Wildflowers 0 reviews
- Overall Score

In Corbin Went's new drama, the Civil War is over, but the scabs it left still itch.

Previews start May 16 Link Link Circus 0 reviews
- Overall Score

Baryshnikov Arts Center presents the U.S. premiere of this solo show from Golden Globe-nominated actress Isabella Rossellini about the latest scientific discoveries about animal minds, intelligence, and emotions.

Previews start Apr 27 Danger Signals 0 reviews
- Overall Score

New Ohio Theatre and Built For Collapse present a searing exploration of traumatic brain injuries, the medical history of lobotomies, and western culture’s insatiable desire to control and colonize.

Previews start Apr 28 A Pink Chair (In Place of a Fa... 0 reviews
- Overall Score

The Wooster Group takes on one of the greatest figures in 20th century avant-garde theater: the iconic Polish stage director Tadeusz Kantor (1915-1990).

Opens May 05 Sheep #1 0 reviews
- Overall Score

A long dream-like adventure of a sheep who left home to find his way back home after encountering hardship, solitude, and a friend.