Open run Then She Fell 196 reviews
90 Overall Score

An immersive theater experience that involves a hospital ward, the writings of Lewis Carroll, and just 15 audience members per show out in Brooklyn. Ages 21 and over only.

Ends Sep 23 Say Something Bunny! 69 reviews
88 Overall Score

UnionDocs presents Alison S.M. Kobayashi's multi-media solo piece inspired by an amateur audio recording made over 60 years ago.

Open run The Infinite Wrench 46 reviews
83 Overall Score

The New York Neo-Futurists present an ever-changing lineup of short plays, each written by a performer, honed by the ensemble, and randomly collaged with high-energy audience participation.

Ends Aug 19 In & Of Itself 181 reviews
83 Overall Score

The Daryl Roth Theatre presents the New York premiere of this performance piece by magician Derek DelGaudio, directed by Emmy winner Frank Oz.

Ends Sep 02 Symphonie Fantastique 43 reviews
82 Overall Score
Renowned puppet artist Basil Twist returns to HERE with a revival of his 1998 boundary-breaking response to Berlioz’s 1830 'Symphonie Fantastique,' which takes place in the most unlikely of places - a 1,000-gallon water…
Open run That Physics Show 115 reviews
80 Overall Score

Longtime professional physics demonstrator David Maiullo shares his amazing "magic tricks" from the world of science.

Ends Jun 30 Everyone's Fine with Virginia ... 72 reviews
68 Overall Score

Elevator Repair Service presents a sharp-witted parody of Edward Albee’s classic drama 'Who's Afraid of Virgina Woolf?", both as a loving homage and fierce feminist take-down. 

In Previews: Opens Jul 16 Fire in Dreamland 12 reviews
66 Overall Score

Set in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, the Public Theater's new drama breaks the boundaries of time and narrative to explore the astonishing things we create in the face of devastation.

Ends Jul 01 Behind The City 1 reviews
85 Overall Score

Third Rail Projects – the immersive theater-makers behind 'Then She Fell' and 'Ghost Light' presents their newest and most intimate work to date, which is designed for just two people at a time.

Ends Jun 24 Waiting On A Second Act 1 reviews
78 Overall Score

In this new solo work, a husband and father is forced to confront the state of his own life and all the choices he made to get there. 

Ends Jul 01 Red Hills 7 reviews
71 Overall Score

Inside 20,000 square feet of vacant downtown office space, the pioneering site-specific company En Garde Arts presents a transportive new work asking: who has the right to tell a story and why?

Ends Jun 24 All Roads Lead to the Kurski S... 1 reviews
45 Overall Score

Based loosely on the Russian novel 'Moscow Circles,' this new drama follows a poet-drunkard called Vienya as he traverses Soviet Moscow in an attempt to catch a train to visit his beloved in the distant suburb of…

Ends Jun 30 American Weather 5 reviews
44 Overall Score

From HERE's Dream Music Puppetry program comes this bittersweet work of material performance, inspired by daily life in America.

Ends Jun 30 The Art of Luv (Part 6): Aweso... 0 reviews
- Overall Score

Abrons Art Center presents an immersive video and sound installation built around the painstaking recreation of a now-lost shopping haul video that was posted to YouTube on Labor Day 2013.

Previews start Jul 04 MUMMENSCHANZ: you & me 0 reviews
- Overall Score

The renowned Swiss mask theater troupe conjures a magical world, full of possibilities, without uttering a word. Featuring some of Mummenschanz's most popular sketches, as well as new creations.

Previews start Jul 27 The Beyonce 0 reviews
- Overall Score

Nodding to Queen Bey but based on the Anton Chekhov story 'The Fiancée,' 'The Beyoncé' is a sharp and deeply personal coming-of-age conundrum produced by Adjusted Realists.

Opens Jul 11 4 $tages/Arabella 0 reviews
- Overall Score

A double bill of dramas which includes an abstract, movement-based social issues piece and an environmentally-focused one-act play. Part of the 2018 Planet Connections Festivity.

Opens Jul 20 Girl Inside the Mirror/Pregnan... 0 reviews
- Overall Score

A double bill comprised of a short Latin-themed, Surrealist movement piece and a solo show about an actress who has to decide between her pregnancy and her career. Part of the 2018 Planet Connections Festivity.

Opens Jul 17 Shinka 0 reviews
- Overall Score

By using Japanese Butoh, contemporary dance, and other theatrical elements, this piece explores and expresses life itself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Part of the 2018 Planet Connections Festivity.

Opens Jul 12 When I Recall Her 0 reviews
- Overall Score

This dance theatre piece explores the power of recollection, feelings of longing, rejections of homesickness. Part of the 2018 Planet Connections Festivity.