Experimental (21)

Open run Then She Fell 178 reviews
90 Overall Score

An immersive theater experience that involves a hospital ward, the writings of Lewis Carroll, and just 15 audience members per show out in Brooklyn. Ages 21 and over only.

Ends Jan 28 Say Something Bunny! 23 reviews
90 Overall Score

UnionDocs presents Alison S.M. Kobayashi's multi-media solo piece inspired by an amateur audio recording made over 60 years ago.

Ends Dec 09 Animal Wisdom 13 reviews
86 Overall Score

The Bushwick Starr and West Yorkshire Playhouse present the world premiere of this music-theater piece: a lo-fi, idiosyncratic, folk-blues requiem written from theoretical or actual (you decide) conversations with the…

Ends Dec 30 Accomplice The Village 25 reviews
85 Overall Score

Accomplice presents an 'adventure theater' experience, an interactive show that plunges you into events that take place in the real world.

Ends Jan 14 Nutcracker Rouge 107 reviews
84 Overall Score

Company XIV brings back its modern riff on the classic holiday tale that's a hedonistic fusion of nightlife and theater.

Ends Nov 26 Accomplice New York 34 reviews
83 Overall Score

Accomplice presents an 'adventure theater' experience, an interactive show that plunges you into events that take place in the real world.

Open run The Infinite Wrench 44 reviews
82 Overall Score

The New York Neo-Futurists present an ever-changing lineup of short plays, each written by a performer, honed by the ensemble, and randomly collaged with high-energy audience participation.

Ends May 06 In & Of Itself 101 reviews
82 Overall Score

The Daryl Roth Theatre presents the New York premiere of this performance piece by magician Derek DelGaudio, directed by Emmy winner Frank Oz.

Ends Dec 31 That Physics Show 102 reviews
80 Overall Score

Longtime professional physics demonstrator David Maiullo shares his amazing "magic tricks" from the world of science.

Opens Dec 07 Early Shaker Spirituals 13 reviews
79 Overall Score

The Wooster Group revives its musical inspired by the 1976 LP recorded by the Sisters of the Shaker Community, giving a new live performance of their songs.

Open run This Is Real 6 reviews
79 Overall Score

In Psycho Clan's new interactive horror experience, you are entrenched in your very own horror story as an abductee trying to figure out how to escape.

Opens Dec 04 Hundred Days 90 reviews
78 Overall Score

New York Theatre Workshop presents a musical about how Abigail and Shaun of the folk-rock duo the Bengsons met and fell in love, and how that unleashed their fear of mortality. Previously seen at the Under the Radar.

Open run Paradiso: Chapter 1 28 reviews
71 Overall Score

Immersive theater pioneer Michael Counts created this unique experience, which marries escape-room entertainment with interactive theater.

Ends Mar 24 Jamaica 18 reviews
62 Overall Score

Harlem Repertory Theatre presents a revival of this 1957 Calypso musical by Yip Harburg and Harold Arlen ('The Wizard of Oz') which was a hit for Lena Horne.

Ends Nov 26 Toys: A Dark Fairy Tale 40 reviews
56 Overall Score

59E59 presents this dark fairy tale that explores the lives that were torn apart by war, and asks what it truly means to belong.

Opens Jan 29 [PORTO] 11 reviews
80 Overall Score

After a hit run at The Bushwick Starr, Kate Benson's surreal play about the patrons of a local bar in a gentrifying neighborhood transfers to the WP Theater.

Opens Dec 05 Kanata 0 reviews
- Overall Score

Le Théâtre du Soleil and Ex Machina present director Robert Lepage's epic examination of the treatment of the indigenous people of Canada.

Opens Dec 07 Gemini Stars/Scorpio Stars 0 reviews
- Overall Score

Devised by Pioneers Go East Collective, this experimental piece uses live video, vlog content, monologues, and music to rereflect on what the LGBTQ and feminist community has achieved (or not) using social media.

Previews start Nov 30 TreePop 0 reviews
- Overall Score

This HERE Dream Music Puppetry Presentation takes you to a small community of eccentric characters in a pretend outcrop on the side of a mountain far far away. 

Opens Dec 05 AMP 0 reviews
- Overall Score

Written and performed by Jody Christopherson, this multi-media solo horror piece is based on the creation of Mary Shelley’s 'Frankenstein,' Luigi Galvani’s discovery of “animal electricity,” and the birth of modern…

Ends Nov 26 Scraps for a Crazy Quilt 0 reviews
- Overall Score

Theater for the New City is pleased to present this kaleidoscope of New York characters and scenarios from the not-too-distant dystopian future of America, a dystopia that is already upon us.