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Group .BR’s mission is to present Brazilian culture through the performing arts to the Brazilian community and multicultural, and physical theater enthusiasts. By presenting the plays in Portuguese the group offers an opportunity to the audience to artistically connect with the language. The non-Portuguese speakers can benefit from the warmth and musicality of the Brazilian language while reading the subtitles in English. As the only Brazilian theater company in NYC, Group.BR is the voice of the yet unknown Brazilian dramaturgy in the city.

Productions (2)

Closed Inside the Wild Heart (2018) NYC: Gramercy
88 5 reviews

Group.BR invites you to an immersive theatrical experience based on the works of Clarice Lispector, Brazil's most acclaimed female writer.

Closed Inside the Wild Heart (2016) NYC: Gramercy
74 18 reviews

Group.BR presents a site-specific, fully immersive and participatory theatrical experience that transports audiences directly inside the world of celebrated 20th-century Brazilian author Clarice Lispector’s fiction.

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