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Hunger Theatre is an NYC-based theatre group, small but relentless in our pursuit of excellent story telling.

Our mission: to produce great plays, new and old, with simplicity, playfulness, and daring. To conduct emotional electricity. To serve the human truth of each story above all else.​

Previous work includes the premieres of several new one-act plays, as well as an Off Off Broadway production of Mark Schultz' "Everything Will Be Different."

Productions (2)

Already closed The Crucible (Hunger Theatre) NYC: Soho/Tribeca
84 46 reviews

Hunger Theatre presents Arthur Miller's classic 1953 drama, which tells the (partially fictionalized) story of the Salem witch trials of 1692-93. 

Already closed Everything Will Be Different: ... NYC: Midtown W
72 34 reviews

In this unsettling, bitingly comic drama, a young girl embarks on a strange journey to regain everything she’s lost by becoming someone she’s never been.

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