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Black Light

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Daniel Alexander Jones returns to Joe’s Pub as Jomama Jones, his critically-acclaimed alter-ego. Commissioned as part of Joe’s Pub’s New York Voices program, 'Black Light' is a musical revival for a turbulent time.

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Jomama leads an intimate journey – through the darkness of personal and political upheaval, and the shards of shattered illusions – illuminated by spontaneous humor. Set to pop, soul, rock and disco, this immersive performance piece strives to remove the barrier between artist and audience through inquiry, story, and song.

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Talkin' Broadway

for a previous production "Jones is a human fireball, emitting charisma, witty bon mots, stunning vocals, and sex appeal...Jones is passionate about pushing his community to resist cynicism and nurture hope...Through Jomama's eloquent persona, he presents this message without mentioning any particular political leaders or parties, policies or agendas. But the message is delivered, wrapped in beauty, sex, wit, humor, and abundant artistry." Full Review


for a previous production "Jomama stands tall and offers stories from her youth, flirts with men in the audience, offers a 3-step plan for getting us through these tough times—and sings up a storm...She has a larger-than life diva personality with a bit of humor thrown in—however, she’s less campy and more real...Jomama’s musings often make telling segues into her songs. Jones is credited with helping to write all of the numbers—featuring some likable melodies and intriguing lyrics." Full Review

Star Tribune

for a previous production "'Black Light' looks loose and improvised on the surface. It has spoken word, music and bible-style parables drawn from Jomama’s childhood...The music itself spans genres...These head-bobbing numbers invite participation...The show functions more as a healing tonic, offering soulful reassurance and helping to center listless souls...In Jones’ case, his storytelling art is not so much a lie as a dream—one that confronts fear and fright with a show radiating gorgeous light." Full Review

How Was The Show

for a previous production "More than just a fun night out...Jones, who created the show and inhabits the lovely and astute Jomama, offers the audience both solace and a proposal for the next four years...The show is anything but glum agitprop theatre and Jomama is no cold, unapproachable diva. She’s a muse, an inspiration and she knows how to amuse. Vibrant songs and funny stories abound in the 90-minute show...Jones shines a light into the dim corners of the future." Full Review

Cherry and Spoon

for a previous production Jones in 'Black Light' was exactly the balm I needed at this moment in time. Telling stories, singing, and performing, she made me laugh, she brought tears to my eyes, she made me believe, at least for a little while, that there is a light at the end of this tunnel...She's a marvelous performer, but her greatest talent is as a storyteller, captivating the audience with stories from her childhood...In just 90 minutes, Jomama entertained the crowd and took us on a journey." Full Review

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