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Disco Pigs

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After an acclaimed run at London's Trafalgar Studios, the 20th anniversary production of Enda Walsh's breakthrough drama about two best friends whose lives take a dark turn, comes to New York with its original cast.

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Born at the same time on the same day in the same hospital, Pig and Runt have been inseparable ever since. They speak in their own language, play by their own rules, and create a world for themselves in which boundaries blur between truth and illusion. Until, on their seventeenth birthday, they discover something more. As night falls, and the disco and drink take hold, they spiral violently out of control.

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Time Out London

for a previous production "'Disco Pigs' is a two hander, and a hugely demanding one at that. The acting needs to be precise – or the flurry of words written in local dialect and idiosyncratic syntax will be lost...Neither Campbell nor Lynch feel wired or dangerous enough and the violent explosions, which burst through this play, lack a little heat...John Haidar carves out some nice moments with the canny use of lights, movement, and music...It’s the fleeting moments of hope that really sting." Full Review

What's On Stage (UK)

for a previous production "Pig and Runt's language is part-Cork, part made-up and their conversation is ribald, slang-filled, funny and poetic all at once...The pair's affection for each other, and zest for adventure is so infectious...I was grinning happily along with them...Both actors bring alive the emotional intensity of being a teenager and living for the moment, but also the struggle that exists when who you are is pitched against who you want to become and the two don't measure up. Go see it." Full Review


for a previous production "Walsh’s unique, hugely enjoyable and energetic play is given a high octane and loving production...Here we have two wonderful performances. Campbell is extraordinary as Pig...his muscular physicality and presence sometimes threatening to overshadow Lynch’s Runt, but this is the script. When Walsh gives her the space, she shines, beautifully poignant...Join in with the 'Disco Pigs' and wallow in the wordsmith of Walsh, a true genius and a worthy revival of his classic play." Full Review

Everything Theatre (UK)

for a previous production "'Disco Pigs' may understandably test some theatregoers’ patience...While surprisingly easy to follow, some lines of dialogue will pass even the most attentive audience member by. Personally, I enjoyed this aspect of the play but it may not be for everyone...Campbell’s performance is stronger, his voice carrying better and his portrayal more dynamic but together Campbell and Lynch make an excellent and believable duo...A treat for Walsh fans." Full Review

City AM

for a previous production "Tuning ears into a lingua franca is largely down to how convincing the actors are at using it; in Evanna Lynch and Colin Campbell, 'Disco Pigs' has a pair of effervescent translators...The setting is a nostalgic trap, inviting us to laugh at our younger, stupider selves...Constantly provocative and challenging, 'Disco Pigs' is a thrilling night on the town and a disconcerting dance through all the chaos, frustration and confusion of being a teenager in a small town." Full Review

The Stage (UK)

for a previous production "A tricky machine-gun mix of dialect and secret friend language. It requires two killer performances to make it work. Lynch and Campbell don’t quite manage it – the production takes a good 15 minutes to find its feet but they make an endearing and energetic pair...The actors are slightly hampered by Haidar’s production which is both over-literal...and too genteel to capture the euphoric surge of such a heady relationship." Full Review

London Theatre

for a previous production "It's hard not get muddled in Pig and Runt's sentences...Words fizz as you decipher each sentence. By the quarter-hour mark though, you feel as if you've found your feet and become engorged in this doomed love story...The production is, however, quite choppy...It takes too long to learn about them each as individuals, and discover what's going on inside their heads. Their conflict is the heart of their story, if only there was slightly more of it." Full Review

The Public Reviews

for a previous production "'Disco Pigs' looks as sharp and relevant as ever...The comic escapades are underpinned by Walsh’s firm understanding that childhood never slides neatly into adulthood and the writer finds the play’s most poignant moments from the pieces that do not fit...Both actors bring to fruition such moments of tenderness and internal conflict with immense subtlety...The fact that many specific words are indecipherable enriches rather than diminishes the lyricism in Walsh’s writing." Full Review

The Upcoming (UK)

for a previous production "As Pig, Campbell is an absolute diamond find...For a while Lynch struggles to keep up with her co-star...She does shine, however, in the quieter, sadder moment...For a play that’s 20 years old there is nary a wrinkle on 'Disco Pigs.' That’s in large part because Walsh’s language captures how sacred teen-speak feels to the participants, and how incomprehensible it sounds to most adults...The piece balances the buzz of youthful daring with a shot of emotional nostalgia." Full Review

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