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Members say: Great acting, Thought-provoking, Absorbing, Relevant, Intense

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Branden Jacobs-Jenkins makes his Vineyard Theatre mainstage debut with this new play about young coworkers in a fierce work environment all vying for top status. More…

An ambitious group of editorial assistants at a notorious Manhattan magazine each hopes for a starry life of letters and a book deal before they turn thirty. But when an ordinary humdrum workday becomes anything but, the stakes for who will get to tell their own story become higher than ever.

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Great acting, Thought-provoking, Absorbing, Relevant, Intense
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Ambitious, Thought-provoking, Intelligent, Good script, Relevant

See it if you like intelligent theater on topical subjects, in this case how society responds to violence. Interesting, unusual premise, well-executed

Don't see it if you want a perfect piece. Set-up in the office went on too long and wasn't funny enough. Violence was shocking; its aftermath fascinating.

Also I'm catching up on reviews from before my S-S membership. I didn't lov... Read more Read less

Clever, Funny, Resonant, Middling show, Entertaining

See it if Interesting concept. Could be better acted.

Don't see it if don't like slower pace

Intense, Great acting, Relevant, Resonant, Thought-provoking

See it if You like dark dramas with stories that move.

Don't see it if You're turned off by violence.

Entertaining, Surprising, Great writing, Compelling, Refreshing

See it if you like being surprised at the theater; you want to engage in a complex story about ambition in our contemporary society.

Don't see it if you don't like putting in the effort with a play.

Great acting, Great staging, Great writing, Intense, Original

See it if You want to see superb acting and to be transported to the world in the play. It was theater at its best. So shocking and visceral.

Don't see it if You don't like upsetting topics

Absorbing, Clever, Intense, Thought-provoking, Relevant

See it if You want to see an important new play by a major new voice in American theater.

Don't see it if You can't handle anything too intense.

Thought-provoking, Absorbing, Intense, Resonant

See it if tragic situations, office politics, socially disadvantaged

Don't see it if violence, office politics

Ambitious, Scary, Disturbing, Surprising, Intense

See it if You love ambitious, bold, intense new writing about big, taboo ideas.

Don't see it if You are jumpy with guns or prefer light and easy theater. This show is very upsetting.

Great acting, Great staging, Great writing, Thought-provoking, Relevant

See it if You are interested in learning some history provided in a pleasant form

Don't see it if You like musicals

Edgy, Hilarious, Profound, Riveting, Absorbing

See it if great performances in a funny yet shocking play about the intricacies of office life.

Don't see it if you don't like surprises.

Absorbing, Great acting, Great staging, Funny, Eye-opening

See it if You want to see an original, shocking, brilliant satire with some amazing ensemble acting.

Don't see it if Modern-day satire among the silliest and most terrifying aspects of our society don't interest you.

Intelligent, Must see, Resonant, Thought-provoking, Great acting

See it if You want a truly modern and bold piece of theater, one that perfectly blends comedy and drama - and one that you will never forget.

Don't see it if You don't want to be shaken up. The play is surprisingly uplifting, but it's not without its grim view of humanity. But read it at least!

Great acting, Great writing, Thought-provoking, Relevant, Riveting

See it if you want a smart, thought-provoking drama that makes you look at our world in new ways. Fantastic play and production.

Don't see it if you're squeamish about violence.

Absorbing, Intelligent, Intense, Relevant, Thought-provoking

See it if You're a woman. You're a man trying to understand women. You have engaged in political debate or struggle.

Don't see it if You have no interest in progressive politics and no patience with protesters of any stripe. Or maybe you should....

Edgy, Great acting, Great writing, Profound

See it if you want to see an incredible piece of theatre that is hilarious, shocking, disturbing, sad and thought provoking.

Don't see it if you cannot handle shocking and intense violence.

Also Just saw it at the Goodman in Chicago in January 2017. Same cast, but ... Read more Read less

Clever, Great acting, Great writing, Must see, Relevant

See it if Fresh-in-your-face-theater is what you're about. The best play I saw in 2015.

Don't see it if Controversial topics are the main focus.

Ambitious, Intelligent, Thought-provoking, Shocking, Riveting

See it if Smartly written and thoroughly engaging. A powerful emotional force of nature. One of the best things I saw in 2015

Don't see it if You don't want to see a show addressing heavy topics

Must see, Great writing, Great singing, Great acting, Entertaining

See it if You enjoy Gloria Estefan music, musicals and biographical shows.

Don't see it if If you don’t like musicals or Gloria Estefan music.

Absorbing, Clever, Exquisite, Great acting

See it if extraordinary - years later I can't stop thinking about it. I wish it came back to Broadway.

Don't see it if You don't like good plays and good acting/directing.

Absorbing, Clever, Delightful, Enchanting, Entertaining

See it if Love her music

Don't see it if Enjoyed the show

Enchanting, Exquisite, Clever, Dated

See it if Guac

Don't see it if Mole

Exquisite, Delightful, Clever, Entertaining, Absorbing

See it if An excellent show - increibly inspiring! I recommend it for everyone - both women and men

Don't see it if You are not interested in the women's movement

Great staging, Delightful, Enchanting, Great singing

See it if Liked it more than I thought I would. Had me dancing in the aisles.

Don't see it if You don’t like her songs.

During previews
Ambitious, Edgy, Great acting, Intense

See it if You have ever worked at a soul-crushing cubicle job and wished revenge on your coworkers

Don't see it if you get impatient with talky (but well-written and acted) set-piece monologues

June 17th, 2015
"'Gloria' is a straightforward, sharp-toothed comic drama, rather in the acidic vein of Neil LaBute, Bruce Norris and Theresa Rebeck...I don’t want to make excessive claims for 'Gloria.' It isn’t written in the immortal, self-defining, action-shaping language of similar skewering comedies in whic...
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June 17th, 2015
"The play's satirical streak—its sic transit gloria mundi attitude toward the media and the way it distorts us into frenzy—is accented (and sometimes stressed too hard) in Evan Cabnet’s direction. But the play has powerful things to say about how we tune in and tune out. After the shock, it’s the...
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June 17th, 2015
"In 'Gloria' especially, he toys with audience expectation as a form of drama in itself, regardless of content; indeed, much of the content is of very little consequence...How Hollywood degrades the event further is not only disappointing as a dramatic device but also just plain stale. It may wel...
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June 17th, 2015
"The playwright handles his serious themes in a thoughtful, provocative manner, displaying his penchant for meta-theatricality with the startling device of having nearly all of the performers take on multiple roles that playfully comment on the others...A rare example of a contemporary play that ...
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