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Happy Birthday Doug

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In this new solo comedy, Doug is turning 41. He's visited by friends, nightmares, a few exes, and a ghost. Imagine a gay Christmas Carol/modern day exorcism set in a wine bar in Silverlake. Welcome to the party! More…

From the show:

Drew Droege returns to SoHo Playhouse following his triumphant run of Bright Colors And Bold Patterns (New York Times and Time Out Critics' Pick, now available on BroadwayHD). Doug is turning 41 today. He's visited by friends, nightmares, a few exes, and even a ghost. Imagine a gay Christmas Carol/modern day exorcism set in a wine bar in Silverlake. Welcome to the party!

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Funny, Entertaining, Great acting, Clever, Cliched
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Delightful, Resonant, Insightful, Entertaining, Funny

See it if You want to have some big gay fun! Very dishy! One man plays multiple guests at a gay party. Some actual substance between the laughs.

Don't see it if You can’t find the humor in the obvious gay stereotypes and cliches on parade here. One man show. Pretty well done. Fun.

Also Yes every character is a cliche but you know what they say...stereotyp... Read more Read less

Delightful, Blithesome, Funny, Entertaining

See it if to celebrate Doug's bday in the company of his insufferable, endearing, maladroit & witty gay friends, all played to perfection by Droege.

Don't see it if you don't appreciate/understand/find amusing the stereotypical gay aesthetic; you're looking for a play with depth, gravity or heft.

Also This play doesn't have quite the heart or pathos of Droege's previous ... Read more Read less

Dizzying, Funny, Great acting, Quirky, Ambitious

See it if you like your comedy fast and furious by a great actor who does many roles extremely well. Minimal but effective staging.

Don't see it if you have higher expectations after seeing Bright Colors and Bold Patterns - it is in the same vein but the content is not as strong.

Indulgent, Dated, Disappointing, Great acting, Funny

See it if fan o Drew Droege, enjoy 1-person plays as actor assumes variety of roles, appreciate a gay male sensibility, can laugh at gay archtypes

Don't see it if not a fan of 60-minute, 1 person play, don't like gay content or don't find gay humor or characters funny. want more depth or insight

Ambitious, Fluffy, Entertaining, Cliched, Clever

See it if Multiple one person monologues depicting individuals at a party appeals. Each character is unique in himself and his relationship with Doug

Don't see it if You are hoping for complex interactions or deep insights. Its A party!

Catty, Cliched, Great acting, Clever

See it if Catty boys-only-who-dish hump-day soiree with intelligence:"Hetero-normative monogamy is a weapon of the patriarchy/Loosened my goose"

Don't see it if Like "Boys in the Band" minus the letter "S" for "Sixty-min-solo-show" or "Subtlety." "I know I wasn't invited/I cannot be held hostage"

Also "I like to run up to Billy Eichner and yell at him/Can I smell your dr... Read more Read less

Clever, Quirky, Fluffy, Entertaining, Funny

See it if You want a collection of characters at a party. You enjoy sketch comedy. You want an evening of light, fun entertainment.

Don't see it if You want something serious that deals with important issues. You don't like solo shows. You want a more fully formed show: it's very good...

Also though it has a workshop-y vibe & feels like a precursor to a larger, ... Read more Read less

Raunchy, Indulgent, Cliched, Funny, Disappointing

See it if you are a devoted fan of Drew Droege and are satisfied with a series of impersonations of gay stereotypes that don't add up to much.

Don't see it if you are not interested in the concerns of a bitchy circle of gay LA show biz types.

Also While Droege is a talented performer, this material lacks the social c... Read more Read less

Relevant, Hilarious, Great staging, Great acting

See it if You want to laugh for an hour. Very skillful performance.

Don't see it if If you do not like gay comic performances.

Great staging, Inspired, Breathtaking, Vastly entertaining, Brilliant writing & execution

See it if Gay Sybil doing standup inspired character work in a wine bar with almost every conceivable gay male trope explored, OscarWilde even appears

Don't see it if don't care 4 sorry queens, or wine bars, or drinking or drug use, or dogs named Barbra or Madeline, or gay subject matter, or solo shows

Positive, Refreshing, Great acting, Hilarious, Delightful

See it if Side-splitting solo act paradoxically pulls off 2-way dialogue (no monologues, omniscient narration). At all times wicked, gracious, humane.

Don't see it if you’re a saint; have seen Droege before & know you don’t like his shtick. Sideswipes at married life, prim & “beige” ppl, reverential youth.

Also Pinpoints the uncanny conversation patterns of the usual suspects at a... Read more Read less

Rollicking super gay birthday bash

See it if Drew is hilarious -- caricaturing several guests at an LA 40th birthday party in a bar. Few are sober but all are funny gay men misbehaving

Don't see it if Skillful comic acting by Drew playing several different types with various accents and levels of inebriation, The audience was in stitches.

Cliched, Super gay, Funny

See it if Satire of so-called friends who may be cis-gay men archetypes, often stereotypical and problematic, but they're still friends.

Don't see it if Flat portrayals of stereotypical gay men annoy you. Short and entertaining but less content.

Also Diversity: all characters seem to be gay cis-White men in the LA area,... Read more Read less

Pretension-spoofing, Great writing, Great acting, Hilarious, Energetic

See it if you need a really good belly laugh or just need to witness this high-powered energy on stage. It's clever, stinging at times, but honest!

Don't see it if you don't appreciate gay humor or gay themes in general.

Also The clever lines keep coming so fast that I thought I would overdose o... Read more Read less

Refreshing, Great acting, Entertaining, Clever, Absorbing

See it if You want an enjoyable evening of belly laughter and remarkable comedian actor. Drew Droege has proven that he is here and presence.

Don't see it if You don't like LGBT humor, this won't be your kind of show.

Intelligent, Great writing, Great acting, Funny, Clever

See it if you're a fan of gay comedy and Drew Droege.

Don't see it if jokes about LA gays are too niche for you.

Great acting, Hilarious, Funny, Entertaining, Clever

See it if if you just want to LOL. If you've seen Bright Colors & Bold Patterns. To see brillance on stage with a dash of attitude & multi characters

Don't see it if You don't like one man shows, are stuck up or homophobic. If you don't like to LOL at shows. If you don't celebrate birthdays & are sad.

Also I am such a fan of Drew Droege. Seeing him on stage perform different ... Read more Read less

Quirky, Relevant, Entertaining, Funny, Cliched

See it if If you’re a fan of solo shows or solo performers acting out multiple characters; there were 9, altogether, in this hour-long piece. It is an

Don't see it if Older space, with uncomfortable seats 💺, and it took awhile for entry, but, the performance was quite enjoyable, especially coming from me,

Also Who rarely likes solo pieces. The characters were clichéd- “Jason”, “B... Read more Read less

Great writing, Simplistic, Great acting, Hilarious

See it if You're a fan of Drew Droege or plays that skewer the gays.

Don't see it if You don't like solo shows or understand how to laugh at gay men.

Slow, Quirky, Fluffy, Cliched, Ambitious

See it if you want to see an actor/writer portray 8 characters in one hour. Or if a portrayal of various gay stereotypes at a party sounds like fun.

Don't see it if You don't like bare-bones one-person shows. Or if the drunk gay guys at a party idea doesn't appeal to you. I didn't find it much fun.

You'll love it - or - you'll hate it, Cleverly staged and directed, Well acted, Funny, gay, camp

See it if you enjoy well done one-man shows - gay camp - and laughing.

Don't see it if you don't appreciate gay humor or want a musical

Also A note about the theater itself - Until this afternoon I though the Jo... Read more Read less

Fluffy, Insipid, Indulgent, Great acting, Cliched

See it if you want to spend an hour with every gay cliché. It is expertly acted but still a collection of stereotypes

Don't see it if you are not a fan of one man shows

Gay af, Funny, Great acting, Great writing, Hilarious

See it if you enjoy laughing your a$$! Droege’s gaggle of gays is a riot making you wonder "who invited her?" Three words FAB U LOUS!

Don't see it if you don't like solo shows. TBH if you're not gay or close to us, you'll miss some jokes. But his performance slays all guests Okurrr?

Well acted one person show, Cliched, Funny

See it if Funny monologues at a party are amusing and cleverly portrayed. As he moved on to next attendee I was ready to move on too. He’s talented.

Don't see it if There would have been more depth in interactions than one sided speech. Audience seemed very happy to be at this party.

Quirky, Funny, Indulgent, Entertaining

See it if you enjoy comic solo shows with multiple characters drawn from common types of gay male characters.

Don't see it if you are looking for something more substantial both in terms of content and running time. This show is barely 60 minutes.

February 16th, 2020
for a previous production "Here’s a Vodka Stinger.: Drew Droege’s solo show is a laugh-out-loud funny social sendup, but it doesn’t add up to more than a series of vignettes."
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February 13th, 2020
for a previous production ...
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February 16th, 2020
for a previous production "As an actor, the animated and immensely skilled Droege is peerless. Without any costume changes, by just utilizing his own talents and with the aid of artful strategic lighting fluctuations...Droege manages to continually look and sound totally different during this hour-long tour de force."
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February 13th, 2020
for a previous production Best Bet. "Both a scathing take-down and sweet celebration of white gay male culture, 'Happy Birthday Doug' is an uproarious gathering…execution is everything. And this is where the show shines…most important is Droege's expertise with a character's energy."
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