Hold on to Me Darling
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Hold on to Me Darling

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Funny, Great acting, Great staging, Entertaining, Great writing

About the Show

The Atlantic Theater Company presents this world premiere from award-winning writer Kenneth Lonergan, about a country-western singer who tries to find his way by returning home.

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186 Reviews | 33 Followers
Disappointing, Great acting, Indulgent, Overrated, Slow

See it if you're a Lonergan fan. I didn't like it as much as others have. It could have used some editing, IMO.

Don't see it if don't like slow moving plays.

57 Reviews | 18 Followers
Confusing, Well acted, Funny

See it if you somehow figure a way of skipping out before the last scene and are good with a well acted, somewhat humorous play that skims the surface

Don't see it if you don't want to be disappointed by Lonergan who is a talented playwright but needed someone to sit him down and say "rewrite!"

27 Reviews | 22 Followers
Confusing, Entertaining, Disappointing, Funny, Great staging

See it if You love romantic comedy. The best part was the ending, best writing and best actor.

Don't see it if You want a riveting, thought-provoking story the whole way through.

12 Reviews | 5 Followers
Banal, Disappointing, Insipid, Quirky, Slow

See it if You can get involved in a play where the lead character is a stupid, hollow, shell you couldn't care about in a million years.

Don't see it if You are the least bit intolerant of abject stupidity.

11 Reviews | 6 Followers

See it if you can't pass up a chance to see Timothy Olyphant--and don't mind being disappointed by Timothy Olyphant.

Don't see it if Olyphant is amazing on Justified; see that. Here, it's as if he hasn't recalibrated his acting from film sets. Stiff, waiting for "Cut!"

8 Reviews | 3 Followers
Delightful, Confusing, Disappointing, Hilarious, Average

See it if You enjoy brief moments of comedic outburtsts

Don't see it if A confusing ending

100 Reviews | 66 Followers
During previews
Cliched, Indulgent, Great staging, Great writing

See it if you want beautiful and innovative staging, and 'slice of life' theatre/writing

Don't see it if you hate southern accents, and you cannot watch an asshole-y protagonist that's only ready to change at the end of the play

Critic Reviews (29)

The New York Times
March 14th, 2016

"You might expect Mr. Lonergan to have a natural affinity for obsessive, self-sabotaging people. And so it proves with 'Darling,' a poignant comic study of the bad faith and bad behavior of a narcissistic celebrity and those around him...all given vibrant life by the director, Neil Pepe, and a cast that finds the individual quirkiness in everyday stereotypes...Although this production could still be trimmed by 10 or 15 minutes, the strength of 'Darling' is in its loquacity."
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Time Out New York
March 14th, 2016

"'Hold on to Me Darling' is almost defiantly overwritten and leisurely in its handling of character and plot...But even when Lonergan’s not sure of the way, he’s so damn fun to follow. His dialogue is sharp and funny, and his characters slip easy judgment...Neil Pepe’s perfectly balanced production on a revolving set by Walt Spangler makes virtues of the script’s woolier byways, and he gets rich, firmly grounded work from the ensemble. Strung out though you may feel, you won’t want to let go."
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New York Magazine / Vulture
March 14th, 2016

"Very little of 'Hold On to Me Darling' is funny, though, and not just because these subjects are so well picked over; the tone is too wobbly, and the pace too languorous, for its teeth to gain any purchase on skin...Olyphant has the requisite charm and muscles but spends most of the play leadfooting the accelerator, trying to make it go. Despite this, and the valiant work of the rest of the cast, it doesn’t. I can’t think that’s because the play needed more thought; probably it needed less."
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The Hollywood Reporter
March 14th, 2016

"There's a much better play nestling in the almost three hours of 'Hold On to Me Darling', but Lonergan seems unwilling to find it, leaving most of the poignancy buried between his disjointed scenes...The chief compensation in this premiere is very funny dialogue performed by a fine cast. Neil Pepe's direction brings a light touch to the material that maximizes the laughs, but it also confines this portrait of a crossover country superstar's existential crisis to shallow depths."
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Entertainment Weekly
March 14th, 2016

"With Timothy Olyphant anchoring a pitch-perfect cast, and with Lonergan’s absolutely uproarious script, it’s the farthest thing from tragedy...Olyphant exudes palpable charisma...Act I carries the audience on such a grand wave of laughter that the momentum slips a little during a slightly too long Act II—and the ending feels a bit anticlimactic. But the only real downside of this utterly delightful show is that C.J. Wilson’s Duke doesn’t have enough stage time."
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March 14th, 2016

"If he wasn’t played with such honeyed charm and awe-shucks sincerity by Timothy Olyphant, this show, clocking in at 2 hours and 45 minutes, would be one long, achy-breaky night. But Olyphant’s return to the stage is a stunner, striking just the right notes of guilelessness, obliviousness and narcissism...The play is entertaining and engaging, performed by a top-rate ensemble and directed with finesse by Neil Pepe, but its long reach for political and social resonance is a stretch."
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The Wall Street Journal
March 17th, 2016

"Exceedingly well directed by Neil Pepe, in which Lonergan blends satire with strong, straightforward emotion to complex and poignant effect...Mr. Lonergan knows what he’s doing, and by evening’s end he has successfully negotiated the tricky transition from raucous comedy to total sincerity...Lonergan’s ear for dialogue is, as always, eerily true, and so is his knack for leavening dead-serious moments with touches of dry comedy...Beautifully performed."
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March 17th, 2016

"Remember the scene in Robert Altman’s 'Nashville' when Keith Carradine sings 'I’m Easy' and the camera cuts to the faces of every woman in the audience certain he’s singing it to her? That’s Strings...Pepe has staged the longish evening with an ear for the nuance of Lonergan’s speeches that keeps the whole thing from collapsing. It’s all very funny, but Altman accomplished much the same impact in that single, memorable sweep of another unwitting Nashville fan base."
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