Love, Love, Love
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Love, Love, Love

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Great acting, Funny, Clever, Entertaining, Thought-provoking

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Roundabout Theatre Company presents Mike Bartlett's new dark comedy about what happened to the free-loving teens of the '60s when they started to face middle age. Directed by Tony winner Michael Mayer.

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650 Reviews | 284 Followers
Should be titled "self-love, self-love, self-love"; devastating send-up/put-down of baby boomer generation

See it if /for hilarious & disturbing portrait of narcissistic, materialistic boomers particularly by Amy Ryan as mother-from-hell w/ fine ensemble

Don't see it if /since predictable criticism of boomers as self-centered parents w/ damaged kids; still expertly and hilariously dissected

677 Reviews | 190 Followers
Entertaining, Intelligent, Thought-provoking, Resonant

See it if you want to see a sharp satire/morality play for baby boomers (and, to a lesser extent, Gen-Xers) wrapped in an entertaining family drama.

Don't see it if you're not willing to see/accept/laugh at the failings of your own generation (be it boomer, gen-x or millennial).

688 Reviews | 116 Followers
Ambitious, Intelligent, Great acting, Resonant, Great writing

See it if Caustic, pitch-black comedy about boomers & their children over three generations. Excellent acting (Amy Ryan!!) with sure-footed direction

Don't see it if Corrosive irony can get to be much by the third act but overall a sharp, insightful satire on the gradual warping of a value system

543 Reviews | 133 Followers
Entertaining, Exasperating, Great acting, Great staging, Abrasive

See it if you want to feel good about your own family dynamics; you enjoy good acting, even if the characters grate on you; excellent third act.

Don't see it if you want to like the characters in the play; you're not interested in the making of a dysfunctional family by me, me, me baby boomer parents Read more

488 Reviews | 316 Followers
Clever, Great acting, Ambitious, Thought-provoking, Intense

See it if You want to see these wonderful actors in a very entertaining play.

Don't see it if Family drama with a lot of fighting is not your thing. It is entertaining but gets dark.

512 Reviews | 79 Followers
Banal, Disappointing, Uneven

See it if you want to wade through 2 acts of overblown overacted junk,to get to 3rd act that actually has something to say.Set is good.Sound is bad

Don't see it if you want a show that entertains & enlightens. This drags with angry caricature characters. In the last act, you actually see one real person

470 Reviews | 91 Followers
Clever, Funny, Great acting, Entertaining, Great writing

See it if you enjoy an absorbing, witty play in which the characters experience different eras of their lives.

Don't see it if you require likable protagonists. These folks swim in the seas of self-involvement.

406 Reviews | 188 Followers
Entertaining, Great acting, Riveting, Absorbing, Thought-provoking

See it if You are a baby boomer who could never figure your parents out; wondered why some siblings were so different;like changing sets

Don't see it if You dislike changing sets;2 intermissions:drug and alcohol use; 60's 70's 80's;parents as the villains Read more

Critic Reviews (36)

The New York Times
October 19th, 2016

"This play rumbles with a sometimes too easy irony...And yet I have to admit I had a swell time at 'Love, Love, Love,' impeccably directed by Michael Mayer and featuring a nigh-perfect five-member ensemble...The greatest joy in 'Love, Love, Love' comes from the chance it affords its stars to conquer the aging process and to demonstrate how people change — or more to the point, remain themselves — over the years."
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Time Out New York
October 19th, 2016

"Although it may sound overly schematic in print, the psychocultural history mapped by 'Love, Love, Love' is filled with interesting detours and switchbacks, abundant humor and a refusal (mostly) to condemn baby boomers outright...Michael Mayer’s fine-tuned and nicely balanced production shows off five actors in top form...It’s a testament to Bartlett’s clever, incisive dialogue that such selfish, limited people should steal our hearts."
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New York Magazine / Vulture
October 19th, 2016

"That the play is little more than a stunt dawns on you only gradually. In the 1967 act, you might be blinded by the brightness and sitcom speed of Michael Mayer’s high-gloss production...Then, when the second act leaps ahead 23 years, the bottom falls out...Craziness is fun to watch, until it isn’t...This is the kind of play that seems to have been written in reverse, starting with a slick structural concept and heading, somewhat haphazardly, back toward human portraiture."
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The Hollywood Reporter
October 19th, 2016

"Bartlett manages the neat trick of making us relate to his characters while not particularly liking them. It's a testament to his gifts for incisive characterization, pungent comic dialogue and astute social commentary...The lead performers skillfully handle the difficult assignment of playing characters over several decades, even if they're not always fully convincing in every incarnation...While 'Love' is not quite as profound as it intends to be, there's an awfully lot in it to, well, love."
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Entertainment Weekly
October 19th, 2016

"The premise and structure of 'Love, Love, Love' is intriguing: In three acts, with an intermission between each, we leapfrog across the decades...'Love, Love, Love' might have redeemed itself if it contained a modicum of the love its title boasts, or if any of these characters had even the slightest bit of an arc, but they don’t...By the end of 'Love’s' two hours, it feels almost as if the play’s four-decade span happened in real-time."
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October 19th, 2016

"A cross between Joe Orton and Kenneth Lonergan, this snappy satire follows the adventures of a young British couple as they meet in swinging London and follow their bliss to 2011, birthing and discarding emotionally stunted offspring along the way. As Bartlett tells it, with searing insight and mocking wit in a flawless production directed by Michael Mayer, this was the generation that grabbed everything with both hands — and then ate their young."
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The Wall Street Journal
October 20th, 2016

"Bartlett has given us what looks on first viewing like the best stage comedy to come along since Tom Stoppard’s 'The Real Thing,' and Mr. Mayer’s production is flat-out perfect...The laughs are piled high atop one another, but they’re bracingly angry...'Love' is, in short, a morality play, but one so well made and pulverizingly funny that it hardly ever feels preachy...It’s gloriously funny, but it’s also an important play, one whose harsh message deserves to be heard far more widely."
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October 19th, 2016

"'What did you stand for? Nothing except being able to do whatever the f!!k you wanted.' Harsh, yes, and let’s admit somewhat broad for a generation that included at least a few societal game changers. Yet still ringing of truth, especially in the performances that Mayer has drawn from this amazing quintet...While it’s great fun watching Armitage and, especially, Ryan age seamlessly from callow youth to shallow middle age, it’s the increasingly commanding Kazan who walks off with the show."
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