Original Sound
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Original Sound

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Absorbing, Entertaining, Great acting, Great staging, Relevant

About the Show

A young Nuyorican beat maker calls out a rising pop star for ripping off his track. "Original Sound" is a fierce, funny, musical journey through the heart of an unforgiving industry.

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Well acted, Terrible seating, Entertaining

See it if Interesting entertaining story with some twists. Good performances.

Don't see it if You want to sit comfortably. Seats are extremely narrow w/ NO space between them. You are smashed up against those next to you. Read more

Great staging, Absorbing, Cliched, Entertaining, Great acting

See it if You want to see a show that keeps you entertained-enough surprises and plot twists that it’s easy to overlook the cliched characters.

Don't see it if You want a perfect, big budget show. This felt like a gem in such an intimate space like The Cherry Lane. Well worth my time!

Absorbing, Refreshing, Entertaining

See it if You’d like to see a well acted, contemporary story with solid twists. A solid show that I enjoyed very much.

Don't see it if You don’t like tight spaces. Seating is very tight.

Sad, Creative, Intelligent, Entertaining, Absorbing

See it if Coming-of-age story of a young man trying to make it in the music business, while eventually facing his own faults. Intense & sad.

Don't see it if You don't enjoy coming-of-age stories. You would like a light, happy experience.

Resonant, Cliched, Absorbing, Great staging, Great acting

See it if Well played by leads & sharply staged in a recording studio, 'Sound' charts the price paid for gaining and keeping success in music biz

Don't see it if Sadly, drama slips into bathos when backstory slowly shows itself; its the usual abusive father, suffering mother, venal handlers, blah blah

Well-played, A bit formulaic, Intimate, Fun

See it if you like immersive theater: Here the audience feels like they are in a music studio right with the actors.

Don't see it if you don't like plays that sound like TV drama. Read more

Thought-provoking, Relevant, Entertaining, Delightful

See it if Fantastic new set at the Studio Theater. New star rising a Sebastian Chacon. A tale worth telling. Most cordial staff.

Don't see it if The "ALMOST" theater in the round is our favorite but not for all. Great history at Cherry Lane but not great public transportation.

Great music, Ambitious, Thought-provoking, Intelligent, Entertaining

See it if you appreciate the ironic twists of a well made play. As each character approaches a goal something pulls from an unexpected direction.

Don't see it if you like to see what's coming in advance. There are a lot of surprises for the characters both good and bad.

Critic Reviews (13)

The New York Times
May 13th, 2019

"Flawed but promising 'Original Sound,' the rare new play that pays attention to how the modern pop-culture sausage is made...From what we can hear in the show, the song is the rare piece of fictional art that is as good as everybody says it is, so much so that the 'Original Sound' producers might consider making a video for it. The show is on wobblier footing when it comes to the underdeveloped supporting characters."
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New Yorker
May 23rd, 2019

"The exploitation theme is a lot more compelling than the selfishness theme, which plays out too familiarly in situations with Danny’s sister and with his roommate. But the best scene is about neither: at the center of the play is a gorgeous extended musical sequence between Danny and Ryan that captures the magic moment when a collaboration clicks."
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May 9th, 2019

"Enthralling new play...A former music journalist, Seidel thrillingly dramatizes contract negotiations and jam sessions, making them accessible and exciting for the lay viewer...Under the nuanced direction by Elena Araoz, we watch as Danny slowly cracks her shell, transforming 'Original Sound' into something more complicated...Both of these musicians emerge as distance swimmers, paddling across a sea of failed ambition and trying not to drown."
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May 12th, 2019

"A fresh and frenetic take on the promise and perils of guarding intellectual content in the music industry...Araoz directs a top-notch cast through 17 choppy scenes. I longed for more time with the members of Danny's family...'Original Sound' avoids tripping over itself by staying out of the courtroom and focusing on what's behind the music...Critical to keeping 'Original Sound' in tune are the generous notes of authenticity along the way."
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May 10th, 2019

“The eternal heartbreak of show business is given a fresh spin in playwright Adam Seidel’s exhilarating contemporary drama, ‘Original Sound’ that skewers the music industry. Mr. Seidel’s scenario has many familiar elements, but the writing is impeccable, the performances are superior, and it’s electrically presented...’Original Sound’ skillfully dramatizes the toll that following one’s dreams takes on personal relationships with sour honesty.”
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Front Row Center
May 10th, 2019

“When someone we are rooting for gets their big break...we jump to our feet...That’s what makes reality TV so compelling, and also what makes ‘Original Sound’ so exciting...The original music...is wonderful and sublime...The cast, across the board, spot on...A cautionary tale of what happens when we justify our every move with motivated reasoning – adapting all reasoning of our actions to meet our needs. It is the play that resonates our time now in history.”
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Front Mezz Junkies
May 19th, 2019

"The drama finds a harmonious rapport within the pairing of the young and enthusiastic musician and songwriter Danny Solis...and the struggling-to-remain-relevant pop star Ryan Reed...The combativeness and conflicts sometimes feel like one too many instrumental layers on a track...but when the former music journalist Seidel aims at the creation of a momentous sound, the play works intrinsically, building a compelling and thoughtful song and story forward for us all to engage with."
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May 19th, 2019

"It seems like a simple story, but it gets a bit complicated with some twists and turns that can keep you intrigued throughout the ninety minutes...The entire cast does a remarkable job juggling the small space and emphasizing the ever-changing locations under the meticulous direction of Elena Araoz. The production is clean, lean, and smart, drawing the audience into the story with words and music supported by raw emotion and transpicuous vulnerability."
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New York Theater
May 18th, 2019

"In its own low-key entertaining way, 'Original Sound' forces you to think not just about the music business, but about the nature of the creative process...There is a twist near the end that might have seemed too far-fetched if the actual stories of musical collaboration and conflict weren’t themselves so over-the-top...Part of what makes 'Original Sound' so entertaining is the dialogue."
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Times Square Chronicles
May 18th, 2019

"Elena Araoz’s direction helps us see Danny’s relationship first with his sister and Kari, to the breaking down of walls between the star and what lies beneath...Seidel, a former music journalist, seems to know this world and his dialogue sounds real. He brings us into the world of recording and all the traps the lie beneath wanting to be in the spotlight...I look forward to seeing more of these talented actors, Araoz and Seidel’s work. In the meantime this play is a refreshing breath of fresh air.”
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Off Off Online
May 28th, 2019

“Deftly written by Seidel...Araoz’s direction keeps things moving and only occasionally does an actor end up with a back to the audience...Sometimes the music between scenes takes on a life of its own and, caught up in the groove of a song, it takes a moment to shift attention to the next scene as it gets under way. Luckily, a strong cast doesn’t let that happen completely, and with each scene a new problem unfolds.”
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The Unforgettable Line
May 25th, 2019

“An engaging and emotional play with music...The strong back beat of the plot is built atop the complex relationship that develops between Danny and Ryan...The supporting characters each heighten important story elements...Araoz generally keeps the energy high, all the better to shock the audience with quieter moments...But it is the music that appropriately takes center stage...A stirring experience for lovers of emerging works.”
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May 19th, 2019

"The intimate feeling of being steps away from the action enhances the collaborative nature of the story and enables the crowd to take part in the give-and-take of the plot...The play attempts to analyze the difference between real and fake and, in doing so, shows that both are inherently complex. 'Original Sound' is a take on what it means to 'make it' and the moral constraints that accompany a rise to the top."
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