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Pss Pss

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Inspired by the silent film era, this clowning couple fumbles through merry mishaps, absurd antics and priceless pas de deux. A presentation of The Victory Theater for ages 4 and up. More…

They snicker and stumble, squabble and make peace, all without a word (but with a little help from the audience!). Slapstick at its sweetest, this timeless performance celebrates the clumsy connection we make when we meet our match.

1h 5m | Already closed | The New Victory Theater (Midtown W)

Broadway Baby

for a previous production "A lovely, moving hour of acrobatics and theatre, and will keep you on the edge of your seat with simple childish joy. This show is not to be missed. 'Pss Pss' is brought to life by the terrific duo of clowns Fassari and Pessi...Together, they weave an event that is an absolutely charming sight to witness – their show is an utter delight...This is fun for the whole family...It’s beyond amazing what the duo are able to do onstage...It’s fantastic and certainly required viewing." Full Review


for a previous production "The most joyous, funny, physical theatre Nelson has ever seen. The duo of Fassari and Pessi woo children and adults alike with their love story told through the universal language of mime, acrobatics, and burlesque...Artfulness, subterfuge, trickery, and oodles of charm. These two performers have the wow factor...They create an engaging amorous affair in which love wins out...The most sophisticated, delightful and awe-inspiring performance to come out of the arts festival. Bravo." Full Review

Fringe Review (UK)

for a previous production "An intricate, textured clown piece that ranges from powerful comedic minimalism to elaborate aerial theatre and circus...Members of the audience gasped...and often found themselves clapping in delight or appreciation at the drama and power...A narrative that is confusing in places, but for good, designed reasons...The more subtle comedy interplay was always at the centre, with the circus elements serving that energetic effect. That’s unique. That’s outstanding." Full Review

Plays to See

for a previous production "I dare you to go and resist the charms of 'Pss Pss'...By the end of the show, these pint-sized performers have filled the entire space, including the auditorium, with their antics and terrifyingly brilliant acrobatics...Part of the joy of watching them is their uninhibited childlike desire for contact and for play, often very simply communicated through outstretched arms...This is a show of delightful one upmanship between a pair of awkward friends." Full Review

The Georgia Straight

for a previous production "Switzerland’s Compagnia Baccalà combines clowning, physical theatre, and acrobatics in this two-person show...Fassari and Pessi are not only skilled; they’re extremely charming clowns...And the chemistry between them is terrific, whether they’re clawing at each other or wrapped in a prolonged hug. This is one of those shows with broad appeal...'Pss Pss' is worth catching—and bringing the whole family along." Full Review

Fest (UK)

for a previous production "Fassari and Pessi are a double-act in the mold of Chaplin – and are simply the best mime artists...A show of comedy-driven feats that beguile rather than strut...The show’s success lies in Fassari and Pessi’s onstage rapport and fluid expressivity...Sometimes 'Pss Pss’s' general air of whimsy becomes a little too much, tipping over into being cloying. And the low-key pace won’t be for those seeking flashiness. But this is a gem of a show, abundant with gentle wit and buckets of charm." Full Review

The Scotsman

for a previous production "From simple exchanges, some seriously clever clowning is born. Occasionally it strays into the territory of very high calibre children’s party entertainment, but mostly their interactions highlight the duo’s formidable talent – which becomes more and more apparent as the show develops...Equally impressive is the fact that neither of them speaks at any point. Who needs words when you can communicate everything that needs to be said through two wonderfully expressive faces?" Full Review

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