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Great singing, Entertaining, Disappointing, Great acting, Great staging

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Before we can save the world, we have to save each other. A new musical from the Tony and Pulitzer Prize-winning composer of "Next to Normal" and the Tony Award-winning writer of "Red."

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64 Reviews | 24 Followers
Great acting, Entertaining, Funny, Enchanting, Clever

See it if You like clever charming funny new musicals and are sick of jukebox musicals.

Don't see it if You prefer boring jukebox musicals to original work.

Also I thought the casting was perfect. The story moving. It has a great message and is very entertaining. I have no idea why the reviews are so bad. I adored everything about it.

94 Reviews | 9 Followers
Entertaining, Great writing, Great acting, Ambitious, Absorbing

See it if you possible can. It is a quirky, entertaining show with terrific performances.

Don't see it if you are Jesse Green, who should never review any theater performance again

231 Reviews | 36 Followers
Lovely show with a good message

See it if you want a sweet show that reminds you of "Dear Evan Hansen." Though, the story isn't the same, it is about a teen and his mom.

Don't see it if you believe the naysayers. I do not know why this show received such poor reviews. The audience loved it.

Also Kate Baldwin (lovely voice), Bryce Pinkham (perfect facial expressions for the part), and Kyle McArthur are perfect for their roles. Yes, the rhymes are not marvelous, but the words convey the right feelings and tell a good story with a slight twist. Bring your teenage child or niece or nephew. Most of the audience was made up of senior citizens when I went, and many gave a standing ovation. Some critics feel the show's story has been told before. That may be true. But that does not mean you cannot enjoy the same story twice or three times. Have they never read the same book twice? At the performance I saw, a good time was had by all.

506 Reviews | 1010 Followers
Great staging, Great singing, Entertaining, Delightful, Absorbing

See it if Great voices by the lead trio. Super set. Special effects on target Projections perfect. Lighting the best.Nice bit re: opening see ALSO

Don't see it if Only negative was the ultra powerful A/C on a cold night see ALSO

Also The opening scene is great 5 red hooded folks gave a great semi- dance touch to the scene. Major item that I am convinced about more and more..It pays to read all the negative reviews pre- show and the expectations are sure to be surpassed. Amazing audience of younger folks at 2nd Stage I have been accustomed to an older audience, The show did appeal to a full house.

217 Reviews | 79 Followers
Delightful, Refreshing, Great acting, Entertaining, Clever

See it if you want to see a surprisingly good, off-beat musical about love, loss, and superheroes.

Don't see it if you need musicals with songs that stand alone. Here the musical numbers simply further the story.

102 Reviews | 46 Followers
Resonant, Refreshing, Great singing, Great acting, Ambitious

See it if you love a quality new musical even if there are a few tweaks that need to be made.

Don't see it if if you only want big musicals and spectacle, or if you hate musicals. This isn't a perfect work, but it's damn good.

248 Reviews | 66 Followers
Intelligent, Edgy, Great singing, Great acting, Entertaining

See it if You like family drama (think Next to Normal, Dear Evan Hansen), whimsy ( Fly by Night), and great singing and acting. It’s a fun, small show

Don't see it if You’re looking for the above. It’s a small show. It doesn’t pack the punch of Evan Hanson, or the pathos of Next to Normal.

Also The show was amazing, and the audience was engaged, and gave it a standing ovation. The chemistry was palpable between Bryce Pinkham and Kate Baldwin, and she can do no wrong. The grade is based on the story (don’t read anything about it before you go) because people will put it in a box, and it doesn’t belong there. It was sweet, enthralling, heartbreaking at times, and entirely unbelievable unless you just go with it. It will be polarizing, when it should just be heartwarming.

54 Reviews | 15 Followers
Great staging, Great singing, Refreshing, Thought-provoking, Resonant

See it if You enjoy stories of realistic people dealing with trauma.

Don't see it if You need your musicals to be flashy and big.

Also Many critics don’t like this show because they compare it to Dear Evan Hansen. It involves a mother trying to connect with her son. That’s where the resemblance ends. The extraordinary thing about this show is that the characters are so normal. Even the one who turns out to be an actual superhero.

Critic Reviews (21)

The New York Times
February 28th, 2019

"'A misfire. Authors with golden track records for serious work have somehow created a musical so lugubrious and underpowered that it never gets off the ground. The problem is built into the low-stakes, high-whimsy concept...Not even as allegory could the fantastical adventure that swallows the second act sustain my interest; its concerns are sketchy, as thin as comic book stock...It does not grant much to 'Superhero' to say that its leads manage to rise above it."
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New York Magazine / Vulture
February 28th, 2019

"A well-meaning, flightless tear-jerker, less cool comic book than Hallmark original...It’s not just that 'Superhero’s' concerns are insistently mundane—it’s that Kitt’s songs fail to strike any new sparks off familiar flint...Ultimately there’s something downright creepy in 'Superhero’s' messaging...'Superhero' isn’t attempting to feed us anything we haven’t digested dozens of times before. It’s feel-good theater, only living up to its title in that it keeps all of us extremely safe."
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February 28th, 2019

"Kate Baldwin is the true hero here. As Simon’s mother Charlotte, she does a heroic job of making a pedestrian character seem like a loving, hurting human being...One predictable moment after another. Superheroes are all very well and good, but it’s those nerds on the ground — the ones who write the words and the music — who do all the hard work for them."
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The Hollywood Reporter
February 28th, 2019

"Only occasionally rises above the level of pleasant or cute...'Superhero's' biggest problem is that soon after a mildly intriguing opening it becomes one-note and whiny...The songs here are pretty enough, but bland and interchangeable...Director Moore keeps the scenes moving and provides visual energy...But 'Superhero' is a wan little musical that has no compelling story to tell. While the show is far from terrible, at its best, it's sweet and innocuous, at its worst, dull."
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The Observer
March 1st, 2019

“Underpowered new musical doesn’t get off the ground...’Superhero’ wants to blend a broken-home weepie with something magical and pop-culture-y...A mediocre musical...I wish Logan and Kitt had delved more imaginatively into the subject...Kitt’s score, while skillful, suffers from too much mid-tempo pop balladry, and could use more variation, weirdness...Through sheer charisma and talent, Baldwin and McArthur may wring a tear or two out of you.”
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February 28th, 2019

"The songs (forgettable ditties) are by Tom Kitt....The charmless book is by John Logan...The combination of their proclivities proves deadly, resulting in the predictable tale of a depressed superhero and his neighbors...The most unlikable musical protagonist in recent memory, making it very difficult for us to invest in his happy ending...Despite a troubled script, Jason Moore directs a competent production that is only hindered by a couple of campy visual effects."
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Lighting & Sound America
March 18th, 2019

"Much of Logan's writing, and the music and lyrics by Tom Kitt, treat this situation with honesty and insight, but the first act is afflicted with a certain drabness...I'm not saying you can't make a musical out of such downbeat material, but the approach here is, arguably, too conventional to pay off. The real superheroes of 'Superhero' are Kate Baldwin and Bryce Pinkham...This is a distressingly monochromatic affair, often humorless and devoted to working a narrow range of feelings."
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Talkin' Broadway
February 28th, 2019

"There are moments that are quite moving, but there are also several tonal problems with Logan's book. First, the supernatural and fantasy elements do not always fit well with the psychological realism in the early scenes...Kitt's songs are better than serviceable, and there are a few small gems...The songs are beautifully served by the fine cast...Director Jason Moore keeps the show moving at a good clip."
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