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Take One (FringeNYC)

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Members say: Clever, Great writing, Funny, Entertaining, Intelligent

About the show

Part of FringeNYC: Michelangelo, Richard Rodgers and God light up the musical stage in this story of the disastrous first versions of three great things. "Take One" shows that the act of creation is always messy and hilarious -- even for the gods. More…

Categories: Musical/Opera, Comedy, Local. From The Council of Nine. Written by Jeff Ward. Directed by Michael Schiralli.

DC Metro Theater Arts

“In the best Broadway style, Director Michael Schiralli opens and closes the show with a high-energy bang, and everything in between is also fully entertaining, smart, and funny. Each member of the cast plays multiple roles and distinguishes well between the tongue-in-cheek characterizations of the iconic creators...While the premise of ‘Take One’ is that not everything is right the first time around, this show comes pretty close. Let there be a second take, beyond the short run in FringeNYC!” Full Review

Nitelife Exchange

"A laugh-out-loud irreverent trio…There is a good truckload of wit in the rhymes and jokes and panache in the melodies, thanks to the triple-threat talent of Jeff Ward as composer, lyricist, and bookwriter…This show shows much potential as a true audience-pleaser, and with some tweaks and tightening, and getting fleshed out with sets and more choreography and sparkle, we might have a hit…And certainly, clever songwriter/scriptwriter Jeff Ward will be a name to remember and follow." Full Review


"Schiralli helms this ambitious production with a firm hand…The drawback to the production is that it's actually a triptych of musicals that have been shoehorned together a bit too snugly. Each segment, in fact, would come into sharper focus if it breathed in its own dramatic space. That being said, Ward surely knows how to pick meaty material…This new musical, though overstuffed, is one funny look at the great things that have gone awry with masterpieces-in-progress." Full Review

Theatre is Easy

"'The Ballad of God' is interesting, but it’s long and the pace dawdles; the music is chirpy but uninspired…In 'The Ludovico Technique' the music is gorgeous and inspired…It is far and away the strongest and most moving act of the night…The last piece, 'Intervention!' is comical and all too short…I was sorry it ended so quickly…Director Michael Schiralli does a great job with his terrific cast, and has some inventive and quirky staging…All in all, an enjoyable, quirky evening." Full Review

Time Out New York

"A lot to manage, and—despite the efforts of a uniformly strong cast—the struggle shows. The skillful score is full of appealing melodies, interesting harmonies and neatly written lyrics. But Ward is more adept as a songwriter than as a book writer; despite some good jokes, his ambitious musical is unwieldy. Good musicals are all about solid construction. Had the book of this show been Michelangelo’s scaffold, he would have fallen to the Sistine Chapel floor." Full Review

Entertaining, Funny, Great acting, Great writing, Great singing

See it if you like well written musicals (there are 3 here) with actors with great unmiked voices - - hope it gets another life in the near future.

Don't see it if you have no sense of humor and you hate great musicals

Ambitious, Intelligent, Excellent cast, Gentlecomedy /rivetingdrama/greatheart, Glad i spent the time

See it if like musicals sung/acted/written well, experimentally structured [does remind of TheAppleTree] & showing what you haven't necesarily seen b4

Don't see it if don't like musicals, experimentation, or shows in general at festivals = low production values, & thrown together quality

Clever, Entertaining, Cliched, Confusing, Dated

See it if U like old fashioned musicals, good staging, great singing and acting

Don't see it if You want a connective thread between pieces, top notch lyrics or tunes

Clever, Funny, Great acting, Great staging

See it if your god can have a human side and you want quality staging and acting

Don't see it if a coherent and full book.

Clever, Delightful, Funny, Quirky, Refreshing

See it if you want some fun revisionist history, a what if "take ones" about some key human events. I enjoyed the gay elements and sensibility.

Don't see it if you are not open to historical fancy.

Tedious, Slow, Insipid, Excruciating, Great singing

See it if you enjoy simple, sophomoric (at times sophomoronic!) theatre.

Don't see it if you think anything making fun of Richard Rodgers and Oklahoma! is a sacrilege. This was a headache-inducing waste of time. Be smarter!

Ambitious, Disappointing

See it if The script gets a major overhaul. Maybe "Take 5"? Actors were good .Some of the singing was good.Like 3 different plays and 1 was enough!!

Don't see it if It doesn't go back to the drawing board.

Enchanting, Clever, Great writing, Hilarious, Original

See it if You like a musical with major yucks and songs you can hum.

Don't see it if You only like shows where everybody dies at the end.

Clever, Delightful, Intelligent, Original, Refreshing

See it if You've been starved for a sassy show with a melodic score and a very funny script.

Don't see it if you want things dumbed-down. You won't get it.

Clever, Entertaining, Funny, Great singing

See it if you'd enjoy a light, amusing and smart set of 3 musical sketches with a great score and strong vocals, all loosely based around a theme

Don't see it if you're not somewhat familiar with the Adam & Eve/ creation story, Renaissance painters and Rodgers & Hammerstein. I was 2 for 3 and did fine

Great writing, Hilarious, Masterful

See it if you're a sucker for irreverent comedy.

Don't see it if You need a laugh track

Clever, Must see, Hilarious, Entertaining

See it if You want to hear an amazing score and brilliantly funny script. An absolute MUST SEE! I never stopped laughing.

Don't see it if You have have no sense of humor.

Resonant, Intelligent, Great writing

See it if You like smart musicals

Don't see it if You have never heard of God, Michaelangelo or Rodgers and Hanmerstein.