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The Glass Menagerie (Masterworks)

Members say: Clever, Quirky, Ambitious, Intelligent, Romantic

About the show

This beloved American masterwork tells the story of a single mother in the South striving to secure a future for her two grown children.

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While Amanda's cripplingly shy daughter escapes to a world of glass, her aspiring writer son dreams of a world beyond the confines of St. Louis. Any hope of salvation is pinned on the visit of a "Gentleman Caller" for the girl, but it seems he may only shatter their fragile fantasies. This production will feature a multicultural cast and bring the plight of the American Family to a new generation through this exciting and edgy new production. Presented by the Masterworks Theater Company.

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"Students will be able to check 'The Glass Menagerie' off their list of required viewing. Unfortunately, beyond this basic service, the production can hang its hat on little else...It's a moment that should leave you desperate to gather the shards left behind on the Wingfields' living room floor, but instead, stepping over the glass on your way out the door feels like the preferable option." Full Review

Theatre is Easy

"I’m afraid this production falls into some of Williams' traps by largely playing the melancholic, emotional mood of the play rather than the action at hand. Not aided by a rather filmic and melodramatic sound design and an underutilized, fabric-strewn set sans fire escape, we’re offered an unrelatable 'Menagerie' without the necessary heart." Full Review


"The production merits the enthusiasm...The staging makes of 'Menagerie' a real family drama. In some productions, just as Amanda dominates her family, she dominates the stage too, as the dramatic center of gravity. This production is more egalitarian, thanks partly to tightly woven, imaginative staging, and partly to the sensitive and finely tuned performances I will not soon forget." Full Review


"This is a show that takes characters to their breaking points, though it may not appear that way at first...A compelling mixture of the sweet and the infuriating, Masterworks Theater Company's 'The Glass Menagerie' is an engaging new take on the play, and a compelling argument for the teaching of classic plays through live performance instead of simply reading. The best plays deserve to be seen." Full Review

Stage Buddy

"A compelling assemblage of repressed desires and amusing asides with subtly nuanced performances. The set alludes to the elements of loss and obsession while the lighting cleverly guides the audience through various dramatic inclinations...This is a commendable production and a must-see." Full Review

See: Critics' Reviews | Members' Reviews

Ambitious, Clever, Intelligent

See it if you want to see good acting.

Don't see it if you dont want to use your brain too much

Quirky, Romantic, Great staging

See it if You can relate to being a teenager and dealing with family. Really if you enjoy really empathy moments and a struggle within characters.

Don't see it if Show no interest in love stories or get confused on why a brother has to find his sister someone.

Cast & Creatives

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