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The Signature Project

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About the show

A multi-sensory theatrical experience centered around a huge 76 ft x 36 ft mural layered with hidden secrets. For the past 22 years artist Patrick Dunning has toured the United States bringing the mural to life. More…

Dunning weaves stories and images in the great tradition of Irish artists. Now, this play with music and dance comes to New York for its Off-Broadway premiere. A unique blend of art and technology, 'The Signature Project' offers the opportunity for the audience to join over 300,000 people whose signatures already comprise the fabric of this monumental art work. The painting and the play are constantly changing and evolving as people contribute their own signature and story to the larger artwork, adding perspectives and ideas.

Times Square Chronicles

"One of the most unique and exhilarating art displays and performances I have seen. This show will leave you uplifted, in awe and wanting to add your signature to the 76-foot by 36-foot mural, layered with hidden secrets...Everyone has a spark of creativity within them, but Patrick Dunning is a visionary emerged in hurricane of inventive originality...This is a show not to be missed. It will inspire, amaze and bring you to a sense of universal connection." Full Review

A Work Unfinishing

"Each 4x4 square within the work is a tapestry of signatures...Up close, he can tell you the story of individual signatures...Dunning has so many stories to tell. He doesn't know when the work will be finished. He doesn't know where the work will go. But perhaps it is the journey of the work, his travels, his stories, and the stories he collects along the way, which make this memorable: it is a work of memories set to outlive every person whose name is but a piece of its whole." Full Review

The Playfixer

"A brilliant monologue by an Irish artist named Dunning, who has been traveling around the U.S. with an incredible painting incorporating hundreds of thousands of signatures, using the color spectrum we can see and all the rest of the spectrum we can't. When he shines an ultraviolet and ultrared light on it, we see amazing things...There is also Irish dancing and songs by his brother, who appears via skype...One of the most amazing things I have seen in quite a while." Full Review

Theater Pizzazz

"Dunning enchants audience members...This subtle drama feels most like a lecture series....Vitale keeps the entire production on an even keel, making space for the Irish music and dance sections, who are there to bring a mural to life. Step-dancers with glittery costumes parade; choreography by Wright is perfected...With communication zooming forward at the speed of light, these ensemble moments celebrate performance from every angle." Full Review


"Dunning, the painter and presenter of the evening, speaks to us about the many elements that make up the panels and the painting...Dunning is nothing if not a perfectionist...All aspects of the evening partake of this consummate professional care...The journey we are taken on is like a recursive meditation...Like all good art, this presentation summons magic. The real magic of this evening is the transformative effect it has on the audience." Full Review


"Dunning exhibits the intellectual curiosity that one might get from an exceptionally good host of a PBS children's show. He shares his discoveries with gentleness and passion, lightly peppering the evening with dad jokes...It all adds up to an event that is part gallery exhibition, part concert, part TED Talk, and totally delightful...This pleasant evening might outwardly seems apolitical, but its emphasis on the human spirit and its idiosyncrasies represent something important." Full Review

Absorbing, Clever, Intelligent, Masterful, Must see

See it if You like intelligent, thoughtful, unique, and heartfelt entertainment presented by a master.

Don't see it if You like the ordinary play!

Also What a tremendous and moving show on the universe and all the love on ... Read more Read less

Exquisite, Ambitious, Masterful, Thought-provoking, Must see

See it if you want to be amazed at what an extremely multi-talented human being is capable of creating.

Don't see it if you are only looking to see either a traditional musical or a play. This show explores what is important in life and opens ones mind.

Also Like required reading in school, this storyteller's 25 year journey in... Read more Read less

A painting, a performance piece, music, dancing, all showing life's interconnectedness

See it if you like multimedia pieces that expand the concept of theater.

Don't see it if you are looking for a big budget Broadway musical.

Clever, Absorbing, Intelligent, Thought-provoking, Entertaining

See it if You love multi-media, Art, Dance etc.It's an original, Inspirational journey. And my signature is now part of the artwork.

Don't see it if You want a regular play or musical. This is very different.

Enchanting, Thought-provoking, Must see, Epic, Ambitious

See it if you like innovative, unique endeavors. Patrick Dunning is captivating as he transforms & incorporates different art forms into his projects.

Don't see it if you are not a fan of interdisciplinary shows that explore how the fields of art, science, and technology are interconnected.

Surprising, thought-provoking, uniquely entertaining

See it if You like to be challenged, love art, science and heart felt exploration of the human condition, enjoy unique creativity and are an explorer

Don't see it if You want a standard play or musical, have no patience with creative development of a theme, don't like fringe performances

Also I found this to be an extraordinary entertainment, part art, part scie... Read more Read less

Absorbing, Clever, Entertaining, Intelligent

See it if enjoy a gentleman telling his tale with some nice backup Fascinating look at the use of light

Don't see it if you need a big extravaganza.. This 0s like old time storytelling

Absorbing, Clever, Entertaining, Intelligent, Quirky

See it if you have a young adult to take it to. It explores the mysterious ways of creative process, basically a fun entertaining lecture about art.

Don't see it if you are not into perceptive talks, study of art, and would rather have a straightforward narrative.

Also Highly recommended to take older (9-18) kids to. It’s a fun conceptual... Read more Read less

Ambitious, Clever, Entertaining, Edgy, Quirky

See it if You enjoy out-of-the-box theatrical experiences and a thought-provoking experience.

Don't see it if You only enjoy culinary theatrical outings.

Delightful, Great staging, Intelligent, Quirky, Entertaining

See it if want a different theatre experience and open to expanding your horizons

Don't see it if you want to see traditional theatre

Clever, Ambitious, Refreshing, Surprisingly moving, Entertaining

See it if you want a multimedia and emotional peek at one man's ambitious vision for an art project 25 years in the making and still in progress.

Don't see it if you prefer conventional dramatic storytelling. This is basically a one-man show, w/ occasional help from visual FX, musicians & dancers.

Ambitious, Intresting

See it if interested how a modern artist come up with an idea and how he implements it.

Don't see it if you are not into modern art.

Informative art piece, Different, Ambitious, Entertaining, Intelligent

See it if You'd like 2 experience/be part of art experiment. Dunning educates & entertains us. Learning (from Irish life to the Theremin) is big part~

Don't see it if Ur seeking play or straightforward piece. This is more of lecture-though 1 you're sure 2 come away from feeling better & part of the whole~

Absorbing, Creative, Great story telling, Entertaining, Ambitious

See it if you want to experience a multi-sensory happening that includes art, Irish music, and dance woven together with delightful story-telling.

Don't see it if you prefer more traditional theater and are not receptive to an exceptionally creative, unique, once-in-a-lifetime, absorbing happening.

Also Patrick Dunning is not only an imaginative, creative artist but he is ... Read more Read less

Not exactly theater, Multi-layered, Unique, Thought-provoking, Profound

See it if you are open to art forms that defy easy categorization. Some hokey elements but mostly it works to create something very special & unique.

Don't see it if you don't like storytelling/performance art type experiences. If you are looking for a traditional theater piece.

Intelligent, Thought-provoking, Engaging, Unique, Delightful

See it if you want to see a uniquely constructed tapestry of work being built with layers and layers of music, code, colors, technology, and more.

Don't see it if you prefer a standard play as this is a multi-sensory experience that requires your attention for a better understanding of the connections.

Also While I was watching this for the first time on Friday evening, I thou... Read more Read less

Brain-tickling, Imaginative, Thought-provoking, Ambitious, Entertaining

See it if every once in a while you need to see something that is like a gymnasium for your brain. This is like nothing you'll ever see again.

Don't see it if you need a predictable presentation to make you happy, or if you're not willing to go with the unexpected.

Also This piece is perfect for tweens and teens -- it clearly demonstrates ... Read more Read less

Enchanting, Delightful, Dizzying, Profound, Relevant

See it if You love to connect with humanity and love good story telling and great ART!

Don't see it if You want to miss a great show!

Delightful, Absorbing, Enchanting, Clever, Refreshing

See it if you want to see an artist speak wonderfully about his work, going deep into the concept behind his piece, whilst being truly delightful

Don't see it if you want a high budget fast paced spectacle, or a traditional play - this is more like a wonderfully well done school assembly

Also Patrick has been touring his work The Signature Project for over 25 ye... Read more Read less

Clever, Thought-provoking, Delightful, Entertaining, Intelligent

See it if you'd enjoy learning of one man's journey, now 25 years long, in creating a massive piece of art with many messages contained.

Don't see it if you are not interested in listening and learning or if you feel that one person's perspective may be a little preachy.

Entertaining, Profound, Intelligent

See it if You like autobiographical style performance art. The show is about the fascinating creation of an artwork based on signatures and technology

Don't see it if you are not adventurous about what theater can be. This is not really scripted theater.

Delightful, Clever, Absorbing, Entertaining, Unique

See it if you enjoy a multi-media performance sharing one man's long creative journey over many years. He invites you to be part of this process.

Don't see it if you prefer more traditional theater and don't have the patience nor desire to participate fully. You'll be rewarded if you become involved.

Intelligent, Unique, Thought-provoking, Slow

See it if If you enjoy contemporary art talks...The artist is an engaging speaker, and the music is a great addition.

Don't see it if You don’t like contemporary art. This is not really a play, more of a studio tour or artist retrospective.

Absorbing, Clever, Enchanting, Edgy, Great staging

See it if You want to see a show behind a show or a painting behind a painting. The show went into many topics. Loved the presenter.

Don't see it if You don’t like audience participation or shows that go behind the scenes.

Clever, Delightful, Quirky, Great staging, Entertaining

See it if You enjoy multi-discipline shows. You like shows about the process of creation. You would like the opportunity to be part of the art.

Don't see it if You prefer a purely theatrical show with a traditional plot & structure. You dislike process shows.

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