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Abrons Arts Center presents this New York premiere solo show that offers spectators a ringside seat to a blood-pumping revenge tragedy and intimate tribute to lost love. 

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Once a championship boxer, Dee Crosby was taken down in her prime by her own husband. Now that Charlie is freshly released from prison for her attempted murder, Dee is hell-bent on revenge, no matter the cost. But only Dee's true love, Carmen, can provide her with redemption. Featuring pulse-pounding cinematic design and an original rockabilly score.

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for a previous production "The most intensive and honest character presentation I have seen in a long time...These two brilliant women obviously work together symbiotically, drawing on over a decade of experience...I am sure 'The Wholehearted' is on its way to win even more awards given the incredible talent of these two most creative people...I hope it returns to Los Angeles again soon to entice even more people into Dee Crosby's tale told with skill and heart by Suli Holum." Full Review

San Diego Union-Tribune

for a previous production "One of the most effective aspects of this multimedia-rich show is the way it elucidates the sometimes blurred boundaries between her public and private personas...The two pack a lot into the hourlong, time-hopping play, including country and rockabilly-inflected songs that Holum sings with a soulful passion...There are a lot of thematic threads here that can wind up feeling like loose strings...The play, though, nails the exploitive way Dee has been turned into a commercial product." Full Review

San Diego Reader

for a previous production "Although there’s a sag in the middle, the 65-minute, deliberately hectic piece runs at a 'Breaking News' clip. The quick nonlinear jumps are a strength and a weakness, since they gloss over key information, as if the audience already knew the story...'Wholehearted' has the feel of a work-in-progress, but an important one and definitely worth seeing for its myriad means of communication, and for Suli Holum’s boldly honest, quintuple-skilled performance." Full Review

Los Angeles Times

for a previous production "Sometimes the various formats are woven together into a dazzling tour de force...For all its high-tech, cutting-edge flair, the true pleasure of 'The Wholehearted' is of an old-fashioned sort: Holum’s fearless, fierce, vulnerable performance...The script might benefit from more nuance...The play is so eager to show us the irony in Dee’s story, that it overplays its hand at times. But Dee’s tender recollections of Carmen form the beating heart of 'The Wholehearted.'" Full Review

Stage Raw

for a previous production "An intense, ambitious work in need of finessing...As the feisty Dee, working out in the gym, Holum has power and presence to spare. The problem comes when she’s depicting the other characters, Carmen and Charlie—her transitions are not crystal clear, and the narrative suffers...A very busy production—effective in depicting the forces arrayed against its tough yet vulnerable central character, but requiring some tidying up in its moment-to-moment staging." Full Review

Talkin' Broadway

for a previous production "It is only 65 minutes in length, but co-director and playwright Deborah Stein asks a lot of questions about boxing, domestic abuse and unfulfilled desires. There's a lot to take in during the one-woman show. Yet, she accomplishes her goals with growing intensity...Occasionally, the use of video is excessive...Holum is so compelling to watch that her amorous speeches don't need the extra visuals...A well-crafted and cerebral story. Be prepared for a complicatedly dark character study." Full Review

See: Critics' Reviews | Members' Reviews

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