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St. Ann's Warehouse presents the US premiere of Enda Walsh's ('Once') enigmatic two person drama about two men whose lives unravel quickly over the course of 90 minutes.

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Where are these men? Who are they? What room is this, and what might be beyond the walls? Equal parts comic and achingly poignant, 'Ballyturk' scratches beneath the surface of rural Ireland and Walsh’s worlds of 'Misterman' and 'The Walworth Farce.'

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Irish Times

for a previous production "The play is closer to a meditation on death; that undiscovered country...Fouéré’s is a fascinating performance...The manic energy of 'Ballyturk’s' routine, excellently delivered by Murfi and Murphy’s double act, stills with her arrival and a proposal: It’s time for one of them to leave. What they would be departing in 'Ballyturk' is a world of cartoonish exaggeration, tumbling with madcap fictions, avalanches of props and shrieking impersonations - in short, an Enda Walsh play." Full Review

The Arts Review

for a previous production "Wild, zany, dark, and hilarious, 'Ballyturk’s' march through the mayhem of Walsh’s imagination boldly goes where other scripts fear to go. And when it gets there it is very, very good indeed. But when it misses the mark, it can be something of a struggle...You may not always know where it’s going, but that’s okay...It’s still more potent than many other works out there...Theatrical poetry steeped in sense, nonsense, image and metaphor...A uniquely powerful theatrical experience." Full Review

Irish Examiner

for a previous production "The play is essentially a piece of meta-Walsh, a comment on his own writing practice, one that cannibalises his earlier themes, characters and motifs. At times, it’s a riot...The plot twist in 'Ballyturk,' which ruptures the hermetic world of 1 and 2 and their exuberant storytelling, comes via a deus-ex-machina moment when another character enters, like Death come, or Godot...Fouere plays it straight and humourless. Again, it’s simply not as effective this time round." Full Review

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