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Dogs of Rwanda

About the show

Urban Stages presents this dark New York premiere, about a man who finds himself haunted by his experience as a young man with the Rwandan genocide.

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16-year-old David finds himself in Uganda as a church missionary. He follows the girl of his dreams into the woods as the Rwandan genocide erupts. 20 years later and half a world away, he still can’t escape what happened and publishes a book on the events. When a note arrives reading, “There are untruths here,” David finds himself back in those woods with the boy he tried to save, in a journey towards redemption and forgiveness.

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Philadelphia Inquirer

for a previous production "This play is a fascinating and exhausting hourlong monologue, performed with great power and subtlety by Dan Hodge. The gruesome details and the action-filled chronicle are riveting — an enormous challenge in a solo show...Hodge, master of the sickly smile, never simplifies or illustrates; this is acting that refuses to be seen as acting...Lewis’ 'Dogs of Rwanda' is filled with small motivic links that knit the play together, far more complex effects than I could catch in one viewing." Full Review


for a previous production "A gripping solo play that deals with loss, grief, and truth...Under Maura Krause’s precise direction, Hodge holds the audience in the palm of his hand throughout. What seems like innocuous banter can segue effortlessly into a gut punch...The play and the performance are both deeply unsettling, precisely because Hodge fosters such a precise level of intimacy...This is a refreshingly honest way to handle a story that centers around a perceived transgression...'Dogs of Rwanda' demands to be seen." Full Review

Broad Street Review

for a previous production "Through the character of David, played convincingly by Dan Hodge in this 70-minute one-man show, we see ourselves...Hodge's performance is extraordinarily genuine and personal...'Dogs of Rwanda' becomes an immersive and intense experience, a well-crafted play that goes beyond cataloging atrocities to investigate how and why they're committed and how we might somehow, someday, recover from them." Full Review

See: Critics' Reviews | Members' Reviews

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