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New York | In Previews: Opens Jan 22

Eddie and Dave

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About the show

Atlantic presents this raucous retelling of the rise and fall of Pasadena’s most groundbreaking 80s rockers told through the foggy lens of a lonely, out of work MTV-VJ. More…

"Eddie and Dave" is a gender-bending new play by Amy Staats ("Miles for Mary," Atlantic’s Tow Playwright-in-Residence) about hubris, friendship, family, fame, musical genius, and what happens when the person you need is the one you find most irritating.

In Previews: Opens Jan 22 | Atlantic Theater Stage Two (Chelsea)

During previews
Exuberant rock band bio of.van.halen

See it if Loved it even though I'm no Van Halen fan. Eddie is well played by author Amy Staats. Alex & David Lee Roth also played by women. It works!

Don't see it if Loads of fun. A must-see for Van Halen fans. Valerie B is played by a man -- a hoot! A clever look at the personal side of rock stardom.

During previews
Funny, Clever, Indulgent

See it if You are a Van Halen fan able to laugh at their absurd status as rock icons.

Don't see it if You worship at the altar of David Lee Roth. It’s likely to offend you.

Also The whole premise is wacky and Ms. Aspillaga and Mr. Salem elevate thi... Read more Read less

During previews
Clever, Intelligent, Quirky, Entertaining, A must for van halen fans

See it if you are a VanHalen fan & aware of their rise and history. I was lucky enough to be educated by my seat mate who flew in to see from Detroit

Don't see it if you have no idea of who these characters are or their history. While an interesting play, hardly relevant to non fans.

During previews
Funny, Quirky, Fluffy

See it if You would enjoy a comical perhaps fictional origin story about the band Van Halen and if you always imagined they were really women

Don't see it if You have no interest in the band Van Halen and don’t want to see Valerie Bettinelli played by a man -or if you are a fan of Michael Anthony

During previews
Clever, Quirky, Fluffy

See it if you want to get behind the scenes for these rock icons, it's amusing having roles played by actors of opposite sex

Don't see it if you have no idea of who these rock stars are, it's interesting, but not really relevant to most people

During previews
If you're really into van halen, david lee roth & the mtv scene, you can get into this show; otherwise turn off your mtv!

See it if u want to go behind the scenes 4 these rock icons; enthusiastic performances; amusing having roles played by actors of opposite sex

Don't see it if dull; only playing snippets from hits, fails to demonstrate why group was so popular; devoid of irony, humor esp re narcissistic Roth

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