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I'll Never Love Again

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Members say: Entertaining, Original, Delightful, Funny, Ambitious

About the show

Bushwick Starr presents a new play based on the playwright's high school diary, complete with music from the Wenatchee High School Choir. More…

The Wenatchee High School choir sings out about the rapture and tedium of first kisses, first heartbreaks, and first cups of coffee. A play created from the actual 16-year-old diary of playwright Clare Barron, recent recipient of the 2014 Paula Vogel Playwriting Award.

1h 40m | Already closed | The Bushwick Starr Theater (Brooklyn)

New York Theatre Review

"Nostalgia at its finest, a detailed and unflinchingly honest account of the wild joy and inescapable pain of first love. Fourteen ensemble members of different ages, races, and genders breathe an overwhelming amount of life into this piece that might have you remembering in detail the sharp pain of your first heartbreak...Clare Barron’s new play is a special piece that simultaneously highlights how exhilarating, rotten, and embarrassing each moment of being a teenager feels." Full Review

The New York Times

"The exciting young playwright Clare Barron has come up with a new work with which anyone who struggled with the anguishing mysteries of sex and love during adolescence is guaranteed to identify. That’s everyone, right?...Ms. Barron has the rare gift of being both oblique and perfectly clear...As 'I’ll Never Love Again' suggests so compassionately, the enigmas of the hearts and loins persist throughout our lives." Full Review

Time Out New York

"'I'll Never Love Again' is a structurally adventurous fugue that moves through iterations of theatricalized confession. The theme is Barron's awakening sexuality. Her variations on this theme move from genre to genre with a kind of dramaturgical drunkenness...As the three movements lock together, they assemble into a kind of machine for empathy...The work uses 'the real' to do something subversive inside of realism itself, which is an elegant trick indeed." Full Review

Village Voice

"Despite its title, you might be inspired to passion while watching Clare Barron's shape-shifting meditation on teenage love and sex...Even if it doesn't awaken outright romantic feelings, 'I'll Never Love Again' will at least renew your affection for theater's ability to reveal things regular life obscures...Theater's creative capacity, Barron suggests, is like our own, conjuring new realities from memory, imagination — and yes, even love." Full Review

Delightful, Original, Profound, Intense, Resonant

See it if Experience the aches & joys of love with the vividness & urgency of youth. Hip but sincere. Hilarious, devastating, gorgeous, raw. Unique.

Don't see it if It's unconventional. It's sexually frank/explicit. It might break your heart. But shows like this are why I go to the theater. Don't miss it

Delightful, Entertaining, Original, Great acting, Great writing

See it if you're looking for a show unlike anything you've seen before, you were ever a teenager

Don't see it if you were never a teenager, you're looking for a straight-forward narrative

Beautiful, Raw, Funny, Unique

See it if you like adventurous theatre that transcends the concept of a musical. The Starr continues to amaze me but it's not for everyone.

Don't see it if you're with a small child. Actually, do take them, as the sex scene in this show is one of the best and most real I've ever seen.

Clever, Enchanting, Entertaining, Ambitious, Edgy

See it if you like the Bushwick Starr, enjoy edgy and innovative new work, want to be surprised and delighted as the narrative shifts and changes

Don't see it if you would have trouble watching someone have non-consensual "sex" onstage; some in the audience found this quite disturbing


See it if ok

Don't see it if you don't like plays

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