New York | 1h 0m | Ends Feb 24

Odd Day Rain

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About the show

TADA! Youth Theater's new show is a rock musical about a future with no adults and little technology. More…

In 2211, the world isn’t as we know it. Following a big disaster, Aurora and her friends live outside without any adults, computers, running water…or even cellphones. Meanwhile, Claire continues life alone in the confines of her Pod run by Computer and wonders: is there anything more out there?

1h 0m | Ends Feb 24 | TADA! Theater (Chelsea)

Says Me Says Mom

"The songs are very enjoyable, however, although not particularly memorable. As in all TADA Youth Theater shows, and indeed most children's show in general, there is a lesson to be learned in this show. Still, it is nice to see that lesson learned in a less cliched manner than usual. Although this may not be your typical kid's show, it is still lives up to TADA's usual standards of providing great entertainment and the opportunity to see a group of talented kids showing their stuff." Full Review

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