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New York | Previews start Sep 27

Romeo and Juliet: A Queer Female Reimagination

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About the show

Hypokrit Theatre Company presents a female/genderqueer adaptation of Shakespeare’s beloved tragedy, which examines what happens when a new society relies upon the patriarchal structures of the past. More…

The production is set in a not-too-distant future in a society that has been purged of cisgender men. It’s 50 years past the extermination of the male sex and the government is still relying on martial law for order amongst the factions. The Montagues, the militaristic warmongers who executed the extermination, and The Capulets, the controllers of information and media, fight to regain dominance against the tightening grip of the Sovereign State. In this world of turmoil, the heirs of each faction stumble upon each other and fall in unexpected, passionate love.

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