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Science Fair: An Opera With Experiments

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About the show

HERE presents 'Science Fair,' a live science show with lessons and lectures delivered through song. More…

An opera singer’s love song to science, this unique production was conceived by mezzo-soprano and star, Hai-Ting Chinn. 'Science Fair' uses demos and experiments, a libretto created from the words of scientists, and original music to illuminate our current understanding of the natural world. Celebrating curiosities like the formation of our solar system, the structure of the atom, and the ancient legacy of DNA, 'Science Fair' pairs lighthearted humor with luscious operatic vocals.

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Quirky, Funny, Ambitious, Clever, Intelligent

Clever, Ambitious, Funny, Intelligent, Quirky

See it if You enjoy science and the arts combined.

Don't see it if If you have younger kids with you.

April 20th, 2016
“'Science Fair' is an entertaining, sometimes poetic and unapologetically didactic concoction made up of song, science lectures and demonstrations…A handsome production directed by Lisa Rothe, with the precise and lucid Erika Switzer at the piano…The accessible but never ingratiating music echoes...
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April 19th, 2016
"Chinn and Rothe take extraordinary care with every facet of the production: 'Science Fair' gleams with polish…Chinn's infectious delight in each aspect of her project keeps us spinning with her, a kind of giddy intellectual whirl. For all her warmth and mischief, Chinn is serious about the scien...
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April 15th, 2016
"I felt like I had a very informative evening, observing innovative ways to present complex concepts. Here, education is served with entertainment. I very much appreciated the playfulness with which she approached each lesson/song...Even with this production being prop heavy, the transitions are ...
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April 18th, 2016
“There is almost no foul in 'Science Fair,' a captivating opera with experiments...Director Lisa Rothe has smartly incorporated movement. Rotation of the planets presents like a balletic fantasy. Moments succeed with a light, clever spin...With the entire classical composition on an electronic de...
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