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Sex, Cynicism and Other Small Miracles (FringeNYC)

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Part of FringeNYC: Rent is costing you a kidney. Love is fleeting. Our dependence on pharmaceuticals is killing us. An Australian country-boy and an urban vagrant coax spoken word, rock-n-roll, and theater into a raucous threesome exploring why all these things are beautiful. More…

Categories: Spoken Word/Poetry, Performance Art, National. From Red Lips Woman Productions. Written by Lachlan the Bray and Garrett Riley. Directed by Mia Romero.

In the Prologue, we meet two boys from very different backgrounds and upbringings. In Act One, we hear what gets them off, what they are learning about the world and how they use their words to navigate it. By Act Two, we strip away the city and get into their psyche. Into those deep, sticky, truths. For Act Three, they’ve found a way to combine both — where they’ve come from and what they’ve learned to present a more formed, rooted human, maybe even comfortable enough with himself to just be for a minute. Maybe when we leave them, they’ve finally found their religion. Or at least, how to survive.

Every day at rehearsal when the boys finished and turned to me for notes, I would say, “So what’s the show about?” And their answers always changed, based on where they were at that day: excited, overworked, hungover, inspired, in love. I looked forward to hearing those answers. I loved watching them navigate through their emotions and thoughts to explain why it was important that we shared these pieces. I loved building the language that we now invite you all to hear and translate with us. Our world right now needs language.

For me, this line from “Like a Baby” especially sums it up:

“With no news left to read, they played music. And the music was ancient and divine. Then with nothing left to play, they summarized the day in seizures of reason and rhyme. I sat behind the wheel of a large automobile and listened for a very long time.” When they sing it, loud and true — I hope you do, as well.

Amor por la vida,
Director, Founder of RLW Productions

1h 10m | Already closed | DROM (East Village)

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August 22nd, 2016
"I honestly could not tell you what 'Sex, Cynicism, and Other Small Miracles' is about, other than general themes like disillusionment, disenchantment, social critique…and sex, cynicism, and other small miracles. But I can tell you that I enjoyed every step of the way, and if you like fresh, clev...
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August 29th, 2016
"There was a clear curation to the piece but the trouble is that for the majority of the audience, this is the first time the words are hitting their ear. Clarity was not a friend...Especially in song. That’s not to say the material wasn’t captivating. It was just difficult to grasp. Director Mia...
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