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A long dream-like adventure of a sheep who left home to find his way back home after encountering hardship, solitude, and a friend. 

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An abstract storytelling, 'Sheep #1' is the adventure of a sheep in search of the meaning of life. The performance is in the style of Microscopic Live Cinema-Theatre, where the performer manipulates small characters that are magnified with a video camera and projector, creating an intimate dream-like experience by combining cinematic presentation and live operation.

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“The most poetic hour of theater you are likely to see at the moment. That’s because ‘sheep #1’ is also a trip down the rabbit’s hole into Microscopic Live Cinema-Theater, a sub-genre of puppetry in which tiny figurines are filmed up-close as they are manipulated by a performer and the images are projected...‘sheep #1’ an allegory whose meaning remains as elusive as the sheep that can never be drawn, and the pleasure of lingering in its world is worth every question.” Full Review

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