Brooklyn | 1h 30m | Opens Apr 24

The Franca Rame Project

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About the show

Part of Irondale's "On Women" festival, "The Franca Rame Project" explores the texts of Italian playwrights, actors and activists Franca Rame and Dario Fo at the height of the second feminist wave in the 1970’s. More…

While the work is a satirical depiction of past and present conditions of women, the texts frontally address pressing women issues of sex, politics, motherhood, prostitution, abortion, abuse, rape, and dependence, both financially and psychologically. Originally written in Italian, Rame and Fo’s texts will be reimagined by five female and non-binary people in English, with selected passages in French, Spanish, Arabic, and Chinese to showcase the depth and breadth of impact across cultures. 

1h 30m | Opens Apr 24 | Irondale Center (Brooklyn)

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