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Hot L Baltimore (T. Schreiber Theatre)

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Members say: Great acting, Funny, Quirky, Delightful, Dated

About the show

T. Schreiber Theatre presents Lanford Wilson’s award-winning comedy about misfits living in a once elegant hotel. More…

The Hotel Baltimore used to be the swankiest place in town - now it has a date with the wrecking ball. Eviction notices just went out to its residents, who live on the fringes of society and call the seedy hotel home. When they learn the hotel is scheduled for demolition, the residents and employees must contemplate the loss of their home, the family they have become, and their futures.

Let's Talk Off-Broadway

"As an ensemble play, 'Hot L Baltimore' with fourteen characters, several things happening at once, and some loose ends is a challenging and ambitious project. We are fortunate that T. Schreiber Studio has given us a fine staging of this complex, resonant, play...The play leaves us with hope ahead for more enjoyment, or just for the more that’s life, for most, if not all, of the characters." Full Review

Talkin' Broadway

"As members of the audience, we are privileged eavesdroppers...That is what Lanford Wilson has given us with 'Hot L Baltimore', a play that reveals much about a certain segment of the population, even if it deliberately fails to satisfy any desire we might have for the normal arc of drama, including a resolution...Peter Jensen does a fine job of maneuvering the 15 cast members in their various permutations. The actors all do quite well with their respective roles." Full Review

Front Row Center

"How will it stand up after 42 years? Answer: it stands up very well indeed. It is not freshened up or updated. It remains wonderful... Act 1 roars along like the freight trains referenced throughout. In Act 2 the pace slackens a bit and not to advantage. Even so, there is more than enough to intrigue and delight." Full Review

Theater Pizzazz

"Their interactions, their glances, their physical and vocal ticks and their continuous comings and goings keep 'Hot l Baltimore' interesting. There are a few lulls in this staging and some overacting, which will probably be worked out as the cast continues to work together during the run of the show. Overall, this 'Hot l Baltimore'—the acting, directing and production values—makes a strong case for re-visiting what has become a minor classic." Full Review

A Seat on the Aisle

"The play wasn’t big on plot structure when it was first produced and, not surprisingly, it isn’t any bigger on plot structure in this latest incarnation...This would have been a much better play, I believe, if Wilson had allowed his plot ideas to evolve and then resolved them, instead of just leaving them out there as unresolved background issues, focusing solely on his characters’ emotional reactions...Given the play as it has been written, however, the cast has performed splendidly." Full Review

Great acting

See it if You enjoy an incredible theatrical experience with great acting (it's been extended)!

Don't see it if You don't.

Entertaining and intelligent but could have been more interesting

See it if You want a very conventional take on the story. I think the set should have been simpler. A few very good actresses and rich writing

Don't see it if You don't like big ensemble casts. Lots of characters to follow, which is definitely part of the fun.

Delightful, Cliched, Dated, Funny, Quirky

See it if You enjoy a show that you dont have to put too much thought into

Don't see it if You like more intelligent and intense shows

Absorbing, Delightful, Funny, Great acting

See it if You love laughs that catch in your throat and life being lived on stage

Don't see it if You are easily offended

For a previous production
Clever, Confusing, Dated, Edgy, Quirky

See it if you enjoy plays about the human experience, with little to no plot!

Don't see it if you are looking for something fun and silly.

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