Members say: Ambitious, Indulgent, Creative, Bit of a lorca/ modern mash-up, Docu-drama about police killings

About the show

This new performance piece is set within six giant-scale pop-up book constructions, through which we reflect on the lives and deaths of six victims of police violence.

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'There's Blood at the Wedding' employs large-scale puppetry and documentary narration to articulate the grievances of the victims through the suffering and strength of their mothers. Fragments of Lorca's masterpiece 'Blood Wedding' connect the 'Circle of Mothers'--the mothers of the American victims--with the grieving mothers of the classic Spanish play. 

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The New York Times

"Rage runs throughout 'There’s Blood at the Wedding,' and it’s an anger that both energizes and overwhelms this hourlong mixed-media show...Audience members unfamiliar with Lorca’s plot might get lost...Still, even as the piece puts message before stagecraft, its best segments stir emotions, particularly when the script uses the words of those who knew the dead...If the production doesn’t stick in the mind, the cast and musicians help it live in the moment." Full Review

L'idea Magazine

"Some of the visuals work much better than others...Yes, certain effects here are arresting, well-conceived, and heart-breaking...But what does 'There’s Blood at the Wedding' have in common with Lorca’s 1932 tragedy 'Bodas de Sangre'? Not much...Taken all together, these near-misses illustrate the hazards of justifying what might sound amazing on a grant application versus the challenge of presenting it successfully to a live audience." Full Review

Creative, Ambitious, Thought-provoking, Docu-drama about police killings, Bit of a lorca/ modern mash-up

See it if you'd enjoy a creative re-telling of police killings using puppets, poems, songs, life-size books & props to focus on each victim's last day

Don't see it if you admired Lorca's "Blood Wedding" [1932] because the sad stories of 5 Americans gunned down by cops have little to do with Lorca's play

Also At the performance I attended, the video was not working & the cast ha... Read more Read less

Ambitious, Indulgent, Earnest

See it if You are unaware, or need to be reminded of the shameful stories of inexcusable police killings in our recent history.

Don't see it if You would like think that art can change the world. Very competent, but not powerful, preaching to the converted as here, doesn't do it.

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