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On a Clear Day You Can See Forever

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The Irish Repertory Theatre presents a new adaptation of Burton Lane and Alan Jay Lerner's classic musical, a comic drama about love and past lives. More…

Daisy Gamble is a woman of extrasensory talents – she sings and flowers bloom, and she always knows where you’ve placed your keys – but it’s her smoking habit that leads her to Dr. Mark Bruckner, a psychiatrist who will attempt to hypnotize her addiction away. In Daisy, Dr. Bruckner discovers the case – and perhaps the love – of his life as he unlocks Daisy’s past self, an 18th century British aristocrat named Melinda Welles. Mark becomes increasingly enamored of Melinda as he watches her relive her great love affair with Edward Moncrief. All is going well until Mark decides to publish his findings, and Daisy realizes she’s been unwittingly along for the ride.

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Great singing, Entertaining, Delightful, Dated, Quirky
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Absorbing, Quirky, Dated, Entertaining, Well sung

See it if you love musicals. I'd never seen OACD. Wild story is fun, but lacks emotional core. Errico is always worth seeing. Well done projected sets

Don't see it if you want a polished productn. Choreography's lame, book's outdated, costumes meh, some songs subpar, but I enjoyed it! Not mic'ed (a plus).

Disappointing, Insipid, High school, Overrated, Slow

See it if this was a huge disappointment. The story is quite different from the movie in a very inferior way. Such low energy production.

Don't see it if Actors really didn't seem to care. Seemed more bored than the audience. Singing was subpar. Choreography was embarrassing​ at times.

Disappointing, Boring, Low energy, Passionless, Bland

See it if I really tried hard to come up with a reason and I can't. Watch the movie at home instead.

Don't see it if Everything about this production is bland. The leads have no passion or fire. Very low energy. No creativity & completely boring.

Entertaining, Great singing, Ambitious, Lackluster, Odd staging choices

See it if You’ve never seen this show, this is an ok production. If it’s one of your favorites I think you’ll be disappointed. Great singing.

Don't see it if You’re a purist or loved the Harry Connick Jr Broadway version, this falls short of both.

Also Some odd staging choices like why spring for the stage turntable and u... Read more Read less

Ambitious, Refreshing, Overrated

See it if Moore having an orchestra on stage and eliminating two songs has weakened this musical. This show does not fit the is a nice show,

Don't see it if Not a great show,however. If you want a big musical production.

Banal, Disappointing, Quirky, Slow, Indulgent

See it if The well sung score uplifts this curio from the 60's Period psychology is dated; but not necessarily its downfall For completists only

Don't see it if It's the lackluster production that's at fault Moore's bland direction & the leads lack of energy/pinache kills any momentum Becomes a slog

Delightful, Entertaining, Overrated

See it if Always love the Irish Rep. Great singing by Melissa E. and Ben D.. Nice to see the "oldies' come back. Staff is great. SEE MORE

Don't see it if Disapointed with the costumes and the set. Morgan is always clever but???

Also The use of the balcony for the entance and the fade-out was brilliant

Ambitious, Great singing, Disappointing, Slow, Overrated

See it if Melissa Errico fan, curious about the musical and like some of its songs, have never seen the "straight" (non-Connick) version

Don't see it if don't like shows about reincarnation, expect elaborate dancing & sets esp. for flashback sequences, repetitive, too congested

Clever, Great singing, Slow, Disappointing

See it if Rare reincarnation musical. Hypnotist falls for patient's past-life former self and then feels betrayed. Artful set projections=exposition.

Don't see it if Weak female lead with no comic timing can't carry show that rests on her shoulders. ESP/reincarnation/hypnotism might be a stretch for some

Entertaining, Great singing, Slow

See it if If you like classic musical and the music is great.

Don't see it if you want to watch big stage dancing. Remember its not the movie.

Also On a small theater stage, viewing good from any seat.

Entertaining, Dated, Great singing

See it if you like a musical with great singers but a plot that could have been much better. Scenery done with videos.

Don't see it if you like a musical with a great plot and developed characters. I found the ending unrealistic based upon what we know about the characters.

Also Some of the music is very beautiful and the three main singers were wo... Read more Read less

Dated, Insipid, Slow, Unnecessary, Dud

See it if you miss the days musicals were so frequently manufactured they were basically incidental songs shoehorned into sloppy plots on a deadline.

Don't see it if you want entertainment. Not every old find is a gem. 0 interesting songs. Many jokes but few laughs. A rare bomb for Irish Rep.

Also Across the board unexceptional. Directed and designed in ways that don... Read more Read less

Clunky 60s musical gets respectable revival

See it if There are not enough Lane-Lerner songs to make this musical more than ho-hum. Nice performances by Ben Davis and John Cudia.

Don't see it if The "past-life" story is silly but the change in costumes and tone is interesting and well-staged. The hypnosis and ESP angles seemed dated,

Great singing, Slow, Fluffy, Disappointing, Dated

See it if you enjoy fluffy, occasionally humorous musicals. The two male leads were good singers when given opportunity to shine.

Don't see it if you can't get past cheap-looking uninspired production/set. Slow & dated. Nice jazz song that opens 2nd act—wish rest of score was like that

Great singing, Romantic, Entertaining, Fluffy, Weak plot

See it if you like musicals. The songs are great and the singing is terrific. Melissa Errico is worth the ticket price.

Don't see it if you expect a meaningful story and a broadway caliber production. Minimal sets make the show intimate, more like a reading.

Great singing, Dated, Quirky, Romantic

See it if to see Melissa Erriico and Stephen Bogardus and hear some beautiful music. The book is and always has been the problem.

Don't see it if you don't like old fashioned musicals.

Enchanting, Delightful, Funny, Great singing, Romantic

See it if you enjoy a classic show with familiar music and talented voices to perform them. Not up to Broadway standards but still very enjoyable.

Don't see it if you don't like older shows or you have seen this on Broadway and anything less leaves you disappointed.

Slow, Insipid, Disappointing, Ambitious

See it if and only if you don't own a DVD player.

Don't see it if you have a DVD player of have a friend who owns a DVD player because the movie version starring Barbra Striesand is so much BETTER!!!!!!!!

Also Even though I am a fan of Melissa Errico, this DUD of a show was not w... Read more Read less

Fabulous singing, Simple staging, Somewhat wacky plot, A throwback

See it if You enjoy seeing revivals of rarely produced musicals.

Don't see it if You get impatient with something that isn't perfect.


See it if My s2nd time seeing it. Love musicals of late 40's thru the 60's, you will love the music, the lyrics, the voices, especially male leads.

Don't see it if You prefer jukebox or rock music with amped voices. Story is quirky, vague at times, but the lyrics, which are clearly sung, are wonderful.

Great singing, Slow, Cliched, My esp fair lady, Beautiful music

See it if You want to hear the beautiful music in this show. The singing is terrific and the small orchestra quite talented

Don't see it if You need a strong and coherent story line with a basis in reality. This is goofy My Fair Lady with ESP and hypnosis.

Dated, Great singing, Silly plot, Classic songs, For musical lovers only

See it if You love Lerner and want to hear these song sung with natural voices, not miked.

Don't see it if Plot and characters are important to you.

Also I wanted to like this more than I did. The enthusiastic performances h... Read more Read less

Great singing, Slow, Confusing, Banal, Disappointing

See it if you want to hear these song sung very well by a small ensemble.

Don't see it if you're expecting a comic tour-de-force. This production doesn't try to push the comedy.

Charming, Sweet, Dated

See it if you are up for an off-Broadway musical that has some nice music & an energetic cast.

Don't see it if you have recently seen a brilliant Broadway musical.

Clever, Enchanting, Refreshing, Disappointing, Dated

See it if You want a nice time-capsule of a musical with some really wonderful numbers. Enjoy chamber versions of musicals a la the new Carmen Jones.

Don't see it if You dislike shows steeped in misogyny. This show makes My Fair Lady look like The Feminine Mystique. You dislike orchestral reductions.

Also "Oh, God, why didn't you make woman first when you were fresh?" - Dr. ... Read more Read less

June 28th, 2018
"It can’t be fixed. The pleasures of 'Clear Day' are so intertwined with its absurdities that no theatrical version can separate them. You have to enjoy it for what it is, or not...'On a Clear Day' doesn’t want your helpful interpretation. It’s truly about what it says it’s about. Nor does the Ir...
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June 28th, 2018
"It’s a love triangle with two sides and no point...But the songs are worthy of resurrection...They’re all beautifully delivered by Errico, Bogardus and the small but big-voiced ensemble...Errico’s performance initially seems strained...but she’s wonderful as Melinda, and her Daisy gains strength...
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June 29th, 2018
“The thirty-year-old Irish Rep is particularly well placed to tap into the magic necessary to make a musical soar. That flight begins about fifteen seconds into the director Charlotte Moore’s revival of this 1965 Broadway show, as the chorus launches into a richly harmonic rendition of the title ...
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June 28th, 2018
"The abridged, scaled-down production helps one overlook the sheer clunkiness of Lerner's book...This rendition also serves as a valuable reminder of the quality of the show's melodic score...Moore has tightened the book considerably...but there's little she can do to make the proceedings any les...
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