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Best Life

From 5 critic and 5 member reviews
Members say: Delightful, Great singing, Funny, Clever, Great acting

About the show

A musical comedy about ambition, anxiety and avocados that asks, how do you know if you are living your best life? More…

'Is it too much to ask for everything?!' she shouted drunkenly at a bin. This was the plan: 1) Find dream job. 2) Change the world. 3) Go for brunch. Now she’s broke, overwhelmed by options and in a complicated relationship with Netflix. Part of Soho Playhouse's 2018 Fringe Encore Series.

Edinburgh Festivals

for a previous production "Using an innovative mix of traditional stand-up and musical comedy, this award-winning songwriter cleverly considers what success means in the modern world and asks if the goals we set are truly our own or are they what we fear they should be?...With blistering wit and a 'Glee'-style delivery, Broadbent creates a must-see show that leaves the audience clutching their sides, tapping their feet, and eagerly waiting for more." Full Review

Musical Theater Review

for a previous production "This autobiographical musical hour is a fast-paced, well-delivered take on the generation gap(s), glass ceilings, millennium generational angst, and top-quality humour. Broadbent’s voice has matured beautifully – her soaring notes are exquisite contrast to her lyrics – powerful, witty words with a cut like acid that make you laugh out loud...Consistently funny, this is a fantastic hilarious gem." Full Review

The Peg Review

for a previous production "Broadbent is radiant on stage, and clearly enjoying herself...The audience were laughing from the word go, over the Broadbent’s pressing questions, her confession that she can only cook Bolognese and chilli, and her daring and brilliant songs...The show provokes thinking as much as laughter. Broadbent is wonderfully, straightforward in her discussion of heterosexual female desire...Although Broadbent’s comedy is quick, clever and warm, it is her songs that truly stand out. Full Review

One4Review (UK)

for a previous production "Broadbent has stage presence and all the talents required and then some. She has a great singing voice, she has the ability to write good songs and a wonderful comedic imagination to meld all these talents together and in doing so provides an hour of classy entertainment and laughs...Go see her. You never know it may be your chance to see the next big thing." Full Review


for a previous production "It feels as if she’s covering well-trodden ground, but upbeat, well-written songs and a winning stage presence keep the show surfing a wave of good spirits...Broadbent is a winsome, winning presence, greeting the problems she addresses with a cheery smile. She occasionally lapses into perky musical theatre insincerity but is always warm and engaging. So even if she’s not moving the needle of comedy, she offers a dependable hour’s amusement." Full Review

Funny, Clever, Delightful, Entertaining, Great singing

See it if You like the combination of a great story, comedy and funny songs. The show was excellent and Tamar Broadbent has a beautiful voice.

Don't see it if Don’t like one person shows

Great acting, Great writing, Hilarious, Entertaining, Great singing

See it if you'd like a brief, small-venue, one-woman show that is clever, funny, endearing. You'll laugh and your heart will grow 2 sizes

Don't see it if you want a grand musical or large cast of actors in a big theater, you get bent out of shape by a talented woman in her joyous power

Also So good. Loved it. Go see it!

Funny, Absorbing, Delightful, Great acting, Great singing

See it if Angsty comedic feminist millennial cabaret. Strong independent Brit woman trying to live up to expectations on social media hashtag bestlife

Don't see it if Pre-recorded rhythm tracks, otherwise Casio keys. 65 min. solo show. Cabaret.

Also Tamar Broadbent is a name to watch. Original. A delight.

Clever, Refreshing, Fun easy night out, Great combo laughs & music, Go to it

See it if You are ok with low production values, this is a charming combo of humor & song, a tiny bit raunchy but not offensive, good central theme

Don't see it if You want something serious or polished it or if you can't appreciate a feminist tone

Funny, Clever, Delightful, Intelligent

See it if you are interested in a millennial's comedic view of her life interspersed with original songs

Don't see it if you don't enjoy one-woman shows in a small intimate venue

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