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Poor Sailor

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'Poor Sailor' is a multidisciplinary fever-dream about a man who goes out to sea. More…

A short duet turned epic voyage about a man who bucks tradition and leaves his wife to go to sea, and the adventures and tragedy that follow. It is also a group’s meditation on the nature of isolation and the search for the true self, anywhere but here, with anyone but you. Featuring eerie lights among the rocks, sea-shanties, sirens, pirates, kraken, and gnawing doubt, Poor Sailor wonders where in heaven’s name we went so very wrong.

1h 15m | Already closed | The Brick (Brooklyn)

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June 1st, 2015
"The play loses scope within its conflicting components...the combination of emotive minimalism and frenetic movement becomes fractured and bewildering...Overall, this is an inventive and appealing production, let down in part by direction that every so often, sets the story adrift."
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June 1st, 2015
"The piece dips in and out of rowdy vaudeville, unison dance, startling quietude, and epistles, but you hang on with pleasure. You might not understand exactly what transpires, but you welcome the delirium, because it is precise, engaging, and, well, gorgeous...Only a few times do you feel a litt...
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