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The Flatiron Hex

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A solo puppet performance that tells the story of Wylie Walker, a contract shaman who works for NYORG—a city in the middle of a swamp.

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Wylie uses his unusual talents to solve problems and do routine maintenance on the city’s interweb bio-technology. Due to the haunted land and sentient mainframes, Wylie faces many occult adversaries. Storms constantly threaten to destroy NYORG, but a secret feature of the Flatiron building keeps the storms at bay, that is, as long as the cloud-code is cracked and the correct ritual procedure is followed. Inspired by speculative fiction & neo-noir, "The Flatiron Hex" is a peek inside a parallel world infected w/intelligent viruses, a contract shaman, a secret in the Flatiron building & paranoia. It’s also a blood soaked puppet comedy about the quest for redemption & occult power.


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The New York Times

"The plot makes very little sense and probably made even less than usual during that preview performance, as Mr. Godwin couldn’t stop inserting jokes and gripes about a blown bulb into nearly every scene. But in full light or half-light or no light at all, 'The Flatiron Hex' is a dauntingly original and possibly hallucinogenic delight." Full Review

Times Square Chronicles

"This could have been great, except its not done like a ventriloquist but some kid trying to entertain. None of the voices were unique and the characters all blended in together. In other words bad acting if you can even call this acting. The story convoluted…bad writing and the puppets amateurish, more like a school art or science project. At one point it was like an alien trying to put hexes on the audience and failing. This is now the worst show I have ever seen bar NONE!" Full Review

The Upcoming (UK)

"The futuristic puppet epic never downplays the End of Days, an annual event in NYORG, but provides it with an irresistible infusion of technology and hocus-pocus...And with all the otherworldliness and outstanding multidisciplinary theatrics going on, “surreal” is uttered only once. The Flatiron Hex has a lot of the familiar, but is ultimately something utterly original and silly. " Full Review

Stage Buddy

"Walking out we weren't exactly sure what we'd just witnessed, but we can't say that we didn't enjoy whatever it was...This crazed second half is what saves the show...One has to admire the precision that goes into such a production. Ultimately this is not a show for everyone, but for those with a taste for the outlandish and weird, 'The Flatiron Hex' is a humorous ride of the imagination." Full Review

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