Open run Then She Fell 196 reviews
90 Overall Score

An immersive theater experience that involves a hospital ward, the writings of Lewis Carroll, and just 15 audience members per show out in Brooklyn. Ages 21 and over only.

Ends Aug 28 Addy & Uno 53 reviews
90 Overall Score

Through puppets and soaring music, this heartfelt and comic musical for families explores disability, kindness, and resilience.

Open run Waitress (Broadway) 3,865 reviews
87 Overall Score

Inspired by the film of the same name, the Broadway musical 'Waitress' features songs by Grammy nominee Sara Bareilles.

Ends Jul 21 Conflict 131 reviews
86 Overall Score

The Mint Theater Company presents this 1925 love story set against the backdrop of a hotly contested election in London. A provocative romance that sizzles with both wit and ideas.

Previews start Oct 16 School Girls; or, The African ... 146 reviews
85 Overall Score

MCC Theater's buoyant and biting hit comedy returns to New York. An exploration of the universal similarities (and glaring differences) facing teenage girls across the globe. How far would you go to be queen bee?

84 Overall Score

For years a certain boy wizard went to Wizard School. This, however, is not his story. This is the story of the Puffs...who just happened to be there too. A play for anyone who has never been destined to save the world.

Open run Sistas - The Musical 130 reviews
83 Overall Score

A new musical that tells the story of African-American women through Top-40 music from the '30s through the '90s, including hits like "Oh, Happy Day," "Mama Said" and "I Will Survive."

Ends Jul 22 Pass Over (Lincoln Center) 95 reviews
83 Overall Score

Lincoln Center presents this provocative mashup of 'Waiting for Godot' and the Exodus saga, which exposes the unquestionable human spirit of young black men who dream about a promised land they've yet to find.

Ends Aug 24 Valor, Agravio y Mujer 16 reviews
82 Overall Score

Repertorio Español's 50th season kicks off with the U.S. premiere of this 17th-century Spanish comedy, a parody of the erotic myth of Don Juan.

Ends Jul 22 Wicked Frozen 29 reviews
80 Overall Score

'Wicked Frozen' is a musical parody mash-up of 'Wicked' and 'Frozen,' both celebrating and skewering these two wildly successful pop culture phenomenons.

Ends Jul 29 God Save Queen Pam 38 reviews
78 Overall Score

In this new Off-Broadway musical comedy an everyday American bartender is thrust into the British Royal family.

Ends Jul 22 The End of Mermaids 20 reviews
71 Overall Score

This new play invites you to Mermaidland, Florida, the only place on earth where mermaids are real. Part of the second annual Corkscrew Festival of new work.

Ends Jul 22 Field, Awakening 10 reviews
71 Overall Score

A political drama set in Turkey in 2016, where a group of high school friends reunite on the evening of an attempted military coup. Part of the second annual Corkscrew Festival of new work.

In Previews: Opens Jul 23 Straight White Men (Broadway) 89 reviews
67 Overall Score

Obie Award winner Young Jean Lee takes her comic and ruthless look at the classic American father-son drama to Broadway, in a new production starring Armie Hammer and Josh Charles.

Opens Sep 05 Athena 12 reviews
84 Overall Score

The Hearth presents this new coming-of-age drama about two young female competitive fencers.

Ends Jul 22 whatdoesfreemean? 4 reviews
83 Overall Score

This new drama follows an African-American woman named Mary, who after sentenced to prison for a non-violent drug offense, faces the horrors of  solitary confinement.

Ends Jul 29 The Blue Room 4 reviews
81 Overall Score

The Bridge Production Group presents an intimate staging of David Hare's loose adaptation of 'La Ronde' - a series of vignettes that show how chance sexual encounters travel throughout class and power in society.

Opens Jul 20 Pie Shop Play 0 reviews
- Overall Score

Two sisters, Agnes and Kitty, find their big dreams derailed when a disaster strikes their pie shop. Part of the second annual Corkscrew Festival of new work.

Opens Jul 25 delicacy of a puffin heart 0 reviews
- Overall Score

This new drama traces the stories of two pairs of immigrant/first generation women living in the same San Francisco apartment, twenty years apart. Part of the second annual Corkscrew Festival of new work.

Opens Jul 27 Desarrollo 0 reviews
- Overall Score

'Desarrollo' follows three queer and trans Bronx natives as they grow from exuberant 13-year olds to yearning, unmoored young adults. Part of the second annual Corkscrew Festival of new work.

Opens Jul 24 tender of you too 0 reviews
- Overall Score

Hysteria Theatre presents this new comic drama about two high school girls who learn about themselves and each other through rehearsing for their school play.