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New York | 1h 55m | In Previews: Opens Feb 10

The Dance of Death

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Members say: Great acting, Funny, Great staging, Absorbing, Great writing

About the show

Classic Stage Company presents Strindberg's celebrated drama, a bleak examination of marriage and the social institutions governing it. More…

Retired military man Edgar and his wife Alice have given up on any semblance of civility toward each other on the threshold of their 25th wedding anniversary. Due to their isolation, however, they are as codependent as they are hateful. Seething with cruelty, and punctuated by absurdity and humor, Strindberg’s electrifying play was ages ahead of its time in its bleak examination of marriage and the social institutions governing it.

"The Dance of Death" will be performed in repertory with "Mies Julie."

1h 55m | In Previews: Opens Feb 10 | Classic Stage Company (East Village)

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During previews
Great acting, Great writing, Great staging, Director did a great job, Costuming + sound design + sci-fi effects were great

See it if you somehow missed this Strindberg play; you adore superb acting + masterful directing; a surreal, macabre view of marriage interests you

Don't see it if you're not interested in all the ways marital discord & deceit can actually be laugh-out-loud funny; you avoid 19th century plays;

Also The cast is great - especially Rich Topol as Edgar, whose physicality ... Read more Read less

During previews
Funny, Absorbing, Great acting, Thought-provoking, Great staging

See it if You want to see an intense version of a dysfunctional marriage. The actors were impressive as was the staging and direction.

Don't see it if You cannot sit still without an intermission or do not want to see a couple bickering.

During previews
Funny, Clever, Great acting, Romantic, Great staging

See it if You enjoy the pain and joy of marriage. You don’t need a happy show.

Don't see it if You can’t sit still for 2 hours with no intermission.

During previews
Funny, Great acting, Intense, Marital brutality and manipulation

See it if You appreciate fine acting up close. You like relationship-based tragicomedy.

Don't see it if You need action beyond intense conversation and relationship manipulation.

Also A 1900 Scandinavian version of Who's Afriad of Virginia Woolf!

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