Open run Hadestown (Broadway) 300 reviews
90 Overall Score

This new Broadway musical by celebrated singer-songwriter Anaïs Mitchell and innovative director Rachel Chavkin is a love story for today…and always. 

Ends Apr 28 Steel Magnolias 23 reviews
84 Overall Score

"Steel Magnolias" examines the relationships between a tight-knit group of Southern ladies in a small-town beauty parlor, who witness the milestones in each other’s lives. 

Ends May 12 All Our Children 42 reviews
83 Overall Score

Stephen Unwin’s new play is set against a forgotten chapter of the Holocaust: the murder of disabled children and young people.

Ends Jul 21 Hillary and Clinton 270 reviews
80 Overall Score

Lucas Hnath's ("A Doll's House, Part 2") new work examines the politics of marriage, gender roles, and the limitations of experience and inevitability. Starring two-time Tony winners Laurie Metcalf and John Lithgow.

Ends Jul 14 Burn This 153 reviews
77 Overall Score

Three-time Emmy Award nominee Adam Driver ("Star Wars: The Last Jedi") and Golden Globe Award winner Keri Russell ("The Americans") star in the first-ever Broadway revival of Lanford Wilson’s acclaimed play.

Ends May 19 Socrates 53 reviews
76 Overall Score

The Public offers a new play drama about a complicated man who changed how the world thought. "Socrates" is a tribute to the man who continues to inspire us to question authority and defend freedom of belief.

Ends May 12 17 Border Crossings (NY Theatr... 59 reviews
73 Overall Score

Based on Thaddeus Phillips’s actual adventures, "17 Border Crossings" is a harrowing, comical, visually surreal and engrossing look at the imaginary lines that divide up the world and the very real barriers they create.

Ends May 12 Instructions for American Serv... 36 reviews
72 Overall Score

In this new comedy, it’s 1942, and a horde of Yankee servicemen have just arrived in England where the locals speak a strange dialect, boil all their food, and talk endlessly about the weather.

Ends Aug 04 Gary: A Sequel to Titus Andron... 253 reviews
64 Overall Score

Three-time Tony Award winner Nathan Lane and Tony nominee Kristine Nielsen star in this world premiere comedy by Pulitzer Prize finalist and MacArthur Fellow, Taylor Mac.