Just Opened (10)

Ends Aug 12 Trump Lear 11 reviews
95 Overall Score

From the team behind 'David Carl's Celebrity One-Man Hamlet' comes this new Shakespeare-inspired solo show, with Carl forced to play Trump as King Lear—for Trump himself!

Ends Jul 26 The Shakespearean Jazz Show (N... 1 reviews
95 Overall Score

Part of the New York Musical Festival: The Nine Worthies provide a parade of Shakespearean sonnets, songs, and scenes set to original New Orleans-style jazz.

Ends Jul 23 Me & Ella 43 reviews
81 Overall Score

Broadway veteran Andrea Frierson celebrates the late great singer Ella Fitzgerald in this solo musical.

Ends Aug 06 Arcadia (PTP) 49 reviews
79 Overall Score

Potomac Theatre Project presents Tom Stoppard’s acclaimed play, a comic drama whose many elements include Byron versus science, the Enlightenment versus the Romantics, and pure reason versus sheer randomness.

Ends Jul 23 Temple of the Souls (NYMF) 14 reviews
75 Overall Score

Part of the New York Musical Festival: An award-winning contemporary pop musical of secrets, lies, and forbidden love. 

Ends Aug 06 Pity in History 39 reviews
74 Overall Score

Potomac Theatre Project presents Howard Barker's 17th-century British civil war drama updated to the present day. A sexy, brazen, and funny examination of a society rife with competing ideologies.

Ends Jul 23 Numbers Nerds (NYMF) 13 reviews
73 Overall Score

Part of the New York Musical Festival: A tale of girls becoming women, conquering both anxiety and rivalry, and finding a way to affirm themselves both as individuals and team members so they can win at math…and at life!

Ends Aug 05 Bullet Catchers 6 reviews
73 Overall Score

Set in the not-too-distant future, Women in Combat Theatre Project's new drama follows the first official mixed-gender infantry unit in the U.S. Army from training to deployment.

Ends Jul 23 The Fourth Messenger (NYMF) 14 reviews
71 Overall Score

Part of the New York Musical Festival: This new show wonder, what if the Buddha were a woman living in our times? Featuring Nancy Anderson.

Ends Aug 05 Navigator in Love 3 reviews
69 Overall Score

Red Lab Productions presents this high-tech love story about a man whose GPS leads him in some very unexpected directions.