Last chance to catch these shows before they shutter.

Ends Sep 23 The Naturalists 47 reviews
75 Overall Score

Set in a rural hamlet in County Monaghan, Ireland, this world premiere is a story of secrets and atonement.

Ends Sep 23 The Other Day 10 reviews
79 Overall Score

In "The Other Day," after four characters lives intersect, each embarks on a personal journey that will redefine their relationships, and themselves, in surprising ways.

Ends Sep 23 Danny and the Deep Blue Sea (T... 33 reviews
82 Overall Score

A new production of John Patrick Shanley's comic drama, an explosive, affecting study of alienation and the redemptive power of love.

Ends Sep 26 Van Gogh Find Yourself 17 reviews
88 Overall Score

Walter DeForest's interactive solo show about legendary artist Vincent van Gogh includes art-making experiences for the audience.

Ends Sep 28 Dickie in the House 27 reviews
75 Overall Score

The energetic, two-woman theater company Liv & Mags presents a new comedy, the possibly true, entirely fabricated, probably wrong story of Watergate as told by two girls who don’t know what happened.

Ends Sep 29 Heartbreak House 90 reviews
72 Overall Score

In this new adaptation of Shaw’s play, it’s the first days of the London Blitz. With the performance interrupted, the cast and audience have joined together to seek shelter in the theatre’s basement. 

Ends Sep 29 Agnes 16 reviews
81 Overall Score

Lesser America's world premiere drama explores vulnerability, our limited understanding of Asperger's, and how we strive for human connection, even when it seems impossible.

Ends Sep 29 Scraps 31 reviews
81 Overall Score

This world premiere drama from The Flea explores the immediate anger, residual grief and inherited trauma of four black teenagers whose friend is shot by a white police officer. 

Ends Sep 30 The Emperor 33 reviews
72 Overall Score

This adaptation of Ryszard Kapuściński‘s celebrated and controversial 1978 book of the same title is a parable about power set at the downfall of Ethiopian emperor Haile Selassie.

Ends Sep 30 The Conduct of Life 30 reviews
74 Overall Score

Boundless Theatre presents María Irene Fornés’ critically acclaimed drama, which presents an unflinching portrayal of the intersection between political and personal violence.

Ends Sep 30 Separate and Equal 14 reviews
81 Overall Score

This new drama explores the emotional violence of segregation through the playing of a forbidden basketball game between black and white teens in the pressure cooker of 1950's Jim Crow Alabama.

Ends Sep 30 Vitaly: An Evening of Wonders 167 reviews
82 Overall Score

Blending art and illusion with his captivating style, master illusionist Vitaly Beckman’s new theatrical experience retraces his journey from a boy with a dream to a man with a vision.

Ends Sep 30 Be More Chill (Off-Broadway) 232 reviews
83 Overall Score

This New York premiere musical is an edgy, comic look at coming of age in the digital age, through the lens of sci-fi films of the 50s, horror flicks of the 80s, and teen movies of the 90s.

Ends Sep 30 A Chorus Line (Gallery Players) 36 reviews
86 Overall Score

This musical classic is a celebration of those unsung heroes of the Broadway musical: the chorus dancers–those valiant, underpaid, highly trained performers who live in the background of the limelight.

Ends Sep 30 Hamlet (What Dreams May Come) 13 reviews
88 Overall Score

Four performers embody all of the characters in The Secret Theatre and Ript Theater Company's fast-paced, non-stop whirlwind production of Shakespeare's classic tragedy. 

Ends Oct 03 Tevye Served Raw 24 reviews
85 Overall Score

An evening of stories by renowned Jewish writer Sholem Aleichem, the creator of the Tevye stories which became the basis of 'Fiddler on the Roof.' 

Ends Oct 06 The Revolving Cycles Truly and... 58 reviews
70 Overall Score

Princess Grace Award-winning playwright Jonathan Payne makes his New York debut with this story based on his experience as a social worker for Playwrights Realm.