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Company XIV fuses dance, theater, circus, opera, burlesque, and decadent design to create one-of-a-kind theatrical experiences. The work is a unique mash-up of classical texts, baroque choreography, eclectic music, pop-culture references, opera, burlesque, ballet, gender-bending, fashion, and theatrical staging.

Productions (6)

Already closed Seven Sins NYC: Brooklyn
83 9 reviews

Company XIV presents this new  baroque burlesque re-imagining of the creation myth of Adam, Eve, and the fall of man. Note: this performance contains adult content and is suitable for audiences 21+.

Already closed Nutcracker Rouge NYC: Brooklyn
86 267 reviews

Company XIV brings back its modern riff on the classic holiday tale that's a hedonistic fusion of nightlife and theater.

Already closed Queen of Hearts NYC: Brooklyn
88 229 reviews

Company XIV invites you to fall down the rabbit hole with this reimagining of Lewis Carroll’s "Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland" featuring their signature blend of circus, opera, magic, baroque dance, and cocktails.

Already closed Ferdinand: Boylesque Bullfight NYC: Brooklyn
86 91 reviews

Company XIV re-imagines the 1936 classic children’s tale by Munro Leaf as an erotic all-male baroque-burlesque spectacle. 

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