13 DIY Last-Minute BroadwayCon Cosplay Ideas

Jan 23, 2017

BroadwayCon is days away—and you still don’t have a costume. (Or you don’t have enough costumes—what’s a convention for theater people without a couple of quick-changes?) No sweat! Here are a few ideas that don’t require a wardrobe team to get you Broadway-ready.

"Phantom of the Opera" cosplayers at BroadwayCon 2016 "Phantom of the Opera" cosplayers at BroadwayCon 2016 | By MagicCatJenny via YouTube

    1. Elphaba

    With or without the witch’s hat, just wear all-black and paint your face green. Add some green gloves, and alakazam! You have been changed… for good.


    2. The Phantom

    You’re gonna need a big black cape—or substitute the cape for a long coat and/or black sheet. Wear a button-up shirt and vest underneath, if you’re feeling fancy, and cut a half-mask out of a paper plate or piece of white cardstock. Don’t want to tie cardboard to your face for an entire night? Paint the shape of the mask onto your face in white!

    The Phantom

    3. Elder Cunningham

    All you need is a short-sleeved white shirt, a tie, and black pants, and—of course—belief. Add a book (you know the one) and you’re good to go!

    Elder Cunningham

    4. Waitress

    Jenna has a darling collared uniform, but you can take any A-line dress and add a white apron. Make a cute little name tag with your name in cursive, and if you’re looking to make some new friends at the convention, don’t forget a pie! (Want to give everyone a toothache? Bring a buddy dressed as a doctor!)


    5. Sally Bowles, Roxy Hart, or Thoroughly Modern Millie

    Give yourself a little faux bob, throw on a short dress and pearls, and paint the town! Go for a little period makeup and add a simple prop if you can—some handcuffs, a long cigarette holder (paint a solid straw black), or some lacy garters are a great start.

    Sally Bowles, Roxy Hart, or Thoroughly Modern Millie

    6. Hamilton

    Tuck light-colored pants into tall boots and top with a light top or vest and a long blue coat. Tuck a white scarf into your neckline for some ruffles and tie your hair back into a ponytail, and you’ll be ready to go non-stop.


    7. Fun Home

    Start with the Converse, then, pick your size—Small Allison, Medium Allison, or Big Allison? Big Allison wears black-frame glasses and a red t-shirt, while Small and Medium Allison wear striped shirts (collarless and polo, respectively). A ring of keys on your belt wouldn’t go amiss!

    Fun Home

    8. Rocky Horror

    If you don’t have a black leather or gold sparkly bustier, never fear—a pretty pink dress and sweater (with a white bra and slip, of course) or a stiff button-up under a sweater (with tighty-whities, obviously) are all you need!

    Rocky Horror

    9. Newsies

    Wear tall socks under rolled-up light-colored pants and top with a button-up and/or vest. Practice high-jumps and pack a bag of newspapers! Bonus points for a newsboy cap—or make one yourself.


    10. Sweeney Todd

    A button-up, suspenders, some spooky under-eye circles, and a good dose of crazy-eyes are all you need for the demon barber! Pack a switchblade comb for extra spook-factor and bring along a Mrs. Lovett with two messy buns and a frumpy sweater-apron combo to kill the partner cosplay game.

    Sweeney Todd

    11. Cats

    There’s nothing scarier! Form-fitting clothing goes a long way for this one—the stripier, the better—plus a little striped face paint, a cute kitty nose, and as much hairspray as you think your hair can take.


    12. The Sound of Music

    How do you solve a problem like a convention without a costume? Put a white shirt under a simple black dress and pack your guitar. This one’s perfect if you’re leading a team of little convention-goers—just remember to have them break out the lederhosen.

    The Sound of Music

    13. Aladdin and/or Jean Valjean

    A vest and a loaf of bread are all you need to dress up as either of these lovable rogues.

    Aladdin and Les Mis

    • Which Broadway character would you like to cosplay as for BroadwayCon? Tell us in the comments!