5 Great East Village Bars for a Post-Show Drink

Show-Score | By Linda Buchwald | Oct 25, 2016

When looking for a place to get a post-show drink, the main requirements are that it isn't too loud (so that you can discuss the show in detail), that it's not too far from the theater, and that it has decent drinks. And if you find yourself seeing a show at a theater in the East Village, these five places fit the bill.

Burp Castle
41 East 7th Street

The name may not sound all that appealing, but this bar has a unique monastery theme, a nice beer selection, and, best of all, bartenders that shush the room when it gets too loud. So if you're looking for somewhere quiet, this place fits the bill! Just don't get too excited when discussing the show, or you may be asked to lower the volume.

(photo via theregularguynyc.com)

McSorley's Old Ale House
15 East 7th Street

This bar has major historical significance—established in 1854, it is said to be New York City's oldest continually operating bar. Even Abe Lincoln reportedly drank here, and not much has changed inside since those days, except that (thankfully) women are now allowed in... a rule change that was made in 1970! However, the drink options here are limited to light and dark ale, so if you are not a beer fan, you might want to go elsewhere.

(via mcsorleysoldalehouse.nyc)

Death & Company
433 East 6th Street

If you're a cocktail drinker, this speakeasy might be more your speed. The drink menu changes four times a year, with about 50 cocktail options available each time. If you come at a busy time, be prepared for a wait, but you can always leave your number, go to another bar in the area, and come back when you get a text that your table is ready.

188 Suffolk Street

This one is technically in the Lower East Side and not the East Village, but it's close enough and the unusual cocktails are worth the walk. So is the service. And the fact that you will mostly likely get a seat! Bonus: if you are not an alcohol drinker, the house-made sodas are delicious.

(via subject-les.com)

ChikaLicious Dessert Bar
203 East 10th Street

Just as good as a post-show drink, perhaps even better, is post-show dessert to go along with it! At this place, you can do a prix fixe menu for $16, or get individual desserts and/or wine. 

(via dessertclubnyc.com)

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